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Does the operation go what method does scar have? Does mark of dispel blain disappear have He Fang way?

Blain scar is the nightmare of men and women of a lot of adolescence, because long blain leaves scar on the face and men and women of a lot of adolescence becomes sensitive, self-abased, the adolescent men and women that wants long blain so can body and mind is healthy, be about the blain scar with aggravating dispel. Actually blain scar can choose to the operation is treated and be not operation cure. So does the operation go what method does scar have? Does mark of dispel blain disappear have He Fang way?

Does the operation go what method does scar have? Does mark of dispel blain disappear have He Fang way? (1)

1, the operation goes scar has what method

1, photon is tender skin is treated

Treatment of photon tender skin basically is to improve splash of cutaneous of the person that love the United States, furrow, pore bulky wait for a problem and be born, can have effect of very pretty good beautiful skin tender skin, also have certain curative effect to blain scar of course.

2, treat like element laser

Like element laser cure will promote the growth of cell of blain scar skin, make blemish skin rejuvenesce, increase skin bounce and vigor, blain scar nature is met desalt, the skin restores evenness gradually.

3, microcrystalline cure of the art that wear a skin

Microcrystalline the art that wear a skin is to pass special microcrystalline particle to chafe skin surface layer, destroy skin former cell first, promote its renascence again, achieve the effect of dispel blain scar and beautiful skin, after cure is finished, the skin of the person that love the United States will have the feeling that look brand-new.

2, mark of dispel blain disappear has He Fang way

1, adjust endocrine

Endocrinopathy often is one of main reasons that cause blain blain to cause, the lady that often sends around of Yu Qing's teenager, period, mood is flabby rise and fall on large personage body. Want to improve habit of food, work and rest only, increase take exercise, rest sufficient and maintain after the body, endocrinopathy circumstance can get ameliorative, blain blain nature and you say to do obeisance to did obeisance to.

2, do good antiphlogistic work

When blain blain agnail, you do very antiphlogistic work certainly, besmear obliteration protects skin phlogisticly to taste for example with ointment, do not use hand lay a finger on or extruding blain so, avoid to use any dispel blain products that contain hormone to wait a moment. Want antiphlogistic job to had been done only, dispel blain is met more fast, reduce pair of cutaneous harm, blain mark also can disappear more quickly.

3, wash a face to want thoroughly

The grease on the face can jam too much pore, form a bacterium, cause blain blain to raid, should from go up at all put an end to blain, you are about complete cleanness your facial ministry, the grease with the redundant purify when washing a face, bilge and colour makeup.

4, discretion selects dispel blain product

Believe flesh of every blain blain the personage can have or the dispel blain product of much money protects skin, but the amount is not equal to quality, when selecting dispel blain product you want special caution. The dispel blain product that fits blain blain personage most should be property gentle and have accuse oily, cleanness, ensure wet result.

5, attention food

On food, you answer deflection the delicate, food that contains a lot ofvitamin, cellulose, eat the food of acrimony, high adipose, high oily volume, tepid sex less. Eat the food such as fresh vegetable, fruit, honey, scented tea more with respect to conduce beauty skin dispel blain oh!

3, go what should scar notice

1, the 3 ~ after been treat inside 5 days, can have local ooze blood and tissue fluid generation, it is normal phenomenon.

2, the contact avoids to use water commonly before further consultation with a doctor, can asepsis cotton club and physiology salt water are cleaned, besmear apply antiphlogistic salve or stick artificial skin dressing.

3, more deep-seated cut needs to be enclothed with artificial skin, cicatrization in order to quicken cut astringent.

4, day of the 7~8 after art can with at ordinary times means washs a face, do not exert oneself to do sth. with towel rub is washed.

5, remedial place can arise scabby, make an appointment with 5 ~ 7 days or so to be able to fall off by oneself, can not use hand cut absolutely, in case scar forms the mouthfeel that reach an injury to catch.

6, cure should notice the skin is prevented afterwards bask in, in case pigment precipitates.

7, excitant food should avoid after art, be like smoke, wine, reach photosensitive food, wait like caraway, celery.

8, more deep-seated pigment and scar require above treatment 2 times, treat every time need interval two months left and right sides.

9, avoid to use spirituosity or excitant maintain taste the cosmetic with etc unidentified composition, lest excessive stimulation produces melanin.