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How to let skin be full of moisture? How to let the skin more water embellish?

The skin if if moisture is insufficient, can appear so of all sorts of afflictive symptoms, because moisture is the important material that manages skin kilter, if cutaneous water content is insufficient, pore also can become bulky, to the skin filling water is protected wet, want to master accurate method above all, so, how to let skin be full of moisture? How to let the skin more water embellish? Will look.

How to let skin be full of moisture? How to let the skin more water embellish? (1)

1, skin defends wet method

1, the morning converts cold bath face

Wash a face for a long time with cold water, the ability locking up water that can enhance film of flesh skin fat greatly, preserve the flexibility of pore. And the rehabilitate that passes one night sleep, the surface layer of skin is met new student film of fat of a natural skin, dispute often gives the lock of force water diaphragm. After the habit is getting up in the morning, you should use cold bath face gradually, unless you are super lard face, otherwise need not any clean face products, the purpose withholds film of this one crude oil namely, because of it can daylong locking skins in-house water is divided, can say any protecting maintain wet function that what wet cream cannot achieve this highest quality.

2, daub makes up water resembles take hand

Mr. Niu Er tells us, daub makes up must learn to use whole and shut finger and palm to flap after daub when water facial, include the detail such as forehead and chin, had better want to pat a noise, can promote skin cell so more imbibe, still start the store water of skin, ability that defend water effectively.

3, oil of essence of life is spent water at any time gush

Be in " gone sparge is more dry " in sound of a doubt, suggest use essence oil spends water to serve as instant filling aquatic product, should feel skin has only stretch tight closely unwell, with respect to gush one, filling water, slow, because of,still can alleviate dry the heart that cause makeup card pink. Oneself allocate beautiful water very simple also, 2~3 drop is joined to have oil of slow or the rose of filling water effect, foreign Gan Ju, lavender essence in clean water, the proposal adds two white vinegar to increase water and the confluence with oily essence to spend.

4, heating power fills water is more effective

Weather gradually cool, you can feel apply absorbed force to drop apparently when filling surFacial mask, right now, film giving a side adds bit of Wen Fei constant necessary, can be added after film of the paper on apply with the palm lukewarm, if want to enhance filling water result further, can enclothe with hot towel in Facial mask outside, come SPA of filling water of a vapour.

5, love Morpheus Facial mask greatly

A lot of people think the ability of quality of a material of water water provides skin generally one night moisture, actually otherwise, arrived especially dry Qiu Dong is seasonal, thin thin Li of a is met very quickly dry, realize one night filling water very hard, because lock up water,meet even adverse and cause lack water. In dry Qiu Dong season we more the film of face of frost shape Morpheus that suggests the choice is moist, perhaps add one level frost after Li is fully dry.

2, what to eat to protect wet accuse oil

1, lettuce

Between all vegetable, of lettuce ensuring wet result is first-rate, in the meantime, lettuce still is having the first-rate effect that causes skin pore, moist skin closely, so, lettuce is the skin is protected wet control the food option with first-rate oil. No matter you are,fried lettuce eat, still extract juice to drink, still be apply face does Facial mask to use, it is to protect wet control the choice with right oil. Extract lettuce juice, after adding water dilute next, can serve as make up water will use, can help the skin tighten up water of pore, effective lock to protect so wet.

2, milk

Milk is beautiful eyebrow people the very commonly used raw material that protect skin, milk is OK the beautiful white skin, melanin precipitation that restrains skin, small microgroove that eliminates facial skin, tension that heightens skin have first-rate effect, in the meantime, milk also is the good provision that defends wet skin. Now and then will wash a face with milk, massage the skin adequately, wash clean skin with Wen Shuiqing after that, and the moist bright skin water on daub and latex, such protect doing that what can strengthen skin wet with reduce furrow to cause, the small method that goes to the lavatory very simply, those who keep thick line of wet effect bar.

3, celery

We know celery fall blood pressure effect is very powerful, in the meantime, celery still is having the first-rate effect that protect skin, a lot of beautiful eyebrow do not understand this. The effect protecting skin of celery depends on it consenescence of skin of OK and effective antagonism, prevent furrow to cause, protect wet skin effectively, the grease that controls skin is secreted. After extracting celery juice, undertake dilute with right amount clear water, can regard as make up water will use, have the first-rate effect that accuses oil to protect wet skin. Do such nursing every week, can make skin water embellish a lot of cleaner, look greasily no longer.

4, cucumber

Cucumber is hairdressing is raised colour reduce weight the food with thin first-rate body, the water content of cucumber taller, quantity of heat is inferior, so, often eat cucumber to won't grow adipose, can have wonderful effect reducing weight. Cucumber is beautiful white diminish inflammation, composed protect wet accuse oil relaxed first-rate choice, the needle is fat to skinning the surface is compared, dry be short of the condition such as water, can try to improve with cucumber. Beautiful eyebrow people can extract cucumber juice, join dilute of a few clear water after that, again apply is in skin surface, after 15 minutes, reoccupy clear water is cleaned clean can. Make cucumber surFacial mask every week, hold to period of time, skin is fat can get clear improvement with the issue that lacks water.