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The blain that how eliminates bigotry imprints? How to do the blain that decides hard pass the time in a leisurely way to imprint?

Blain imprints is long blain blain later, the skin that left is harmed, the elimination that blain imprints the process is very hard, because eliminate blain to imprint,not be short-term inside can see the effect, blain imprints the rate that needs to see individual cutaneous metabolism just knows to whether be eliminated next, so, the blain that how eliminates bigotry imprints? Actor or actress accordingly below actor is young make up will see an article solve.

The blain that how eliminates bigotry imprints? (1)

1, the method that eliminates blain to imprint

Skin difficult problem 1: All ages not disappear blain imprints

The abhorrent place of blain blain is not only when erupting red, still be pacified stays quite or it is very difficult also that deep or shallow blain imprints eliminate. The blain Yin Caigang here is weak go down, the new blain blain there appears again come, this kind of Bei is urged is to be in hard Yan Yu.

Analysis of cause of formation: Blood-vessel is outspread + pigment is ad cool-headed blain of = hard pass the time in a leisurely way imprints

The formation that blain imprints, because blain blain is erupting,be mostly did not get controlling cure in time in the process, local inflammation brings about skin organization to be destroyed. If inflammation is more serious, dermal layer produces cave in to be able to stay cave model scar, generation pigment is ad cool-headed the blain that can form palm black imprints, and raised model scar, it is hyperplasia of organization of skin of one seed coat.

Solve measure:

1, fountainhead proceed with, reduce hair blain. If be durative hair blain, must make clear the reason that send blain, adjust the plan that protect skin or habits and customs, avoid to stimulate skin to send the element of blain.

2, as soon as possible nurses, prohibit squashing. The initial stage that send blain undertakes blain is changed to more serious skin problem nursing can avoiding blain. The proposal is sending blain initial stage, the product that uses those who contain the part such as tea tree, mint to have antiseptic and antiphlogistic effect undertakes nursing.

3, fruit acid is updated, albumen rehabilitate. Those who contain fruit acid, salicylic part maintain article can promote cutin to fall off, accelerate skin to update, the blain that because pigment is ad cool-headed,be eliminated and forms conduces to imprinting on certain level.

Skin difficult problem 2: What wash ungodliness forever is black first

On nose ala small macula, it is the mixture of the solidify skin fat that block is in in pore mouth and ageing cutin actually, because of contacting air be oxidized, formed black head. General clean face product mostly the bilge of can clean pore, and do not have however to black head " pull out " effect.

Analysis of cause of formation: Clean and undeserved + pull out bigotry of = of not do one's best is black head

No matter you choose why to be planted,go the means of black head, if do not have preferential the grease contamination that skins all round ala giving bazoo, by " protection " rise black head is taken out very hard. Additional, original after black head is kept clear of, if did not do good cleanness and chamfer in time to nurse character, new black head can be formed again, black head problem is not clean 9 absolutely can of get sth done once and for ever.

Solve measure:

1, nurse prevenient, cleared after. Go must be in when black head the skin bate of fat of wet, skin when undertake, can use mud to cream first kind clean Facial mask, or after using face of vapour sparge evaporate, undertake black head nurses going again.

2, use a tool to realize deep-seated cleanness. Use dynamoelectric clean face to brush kind nurse tool, it is better to can make the nose ala area of not easy cleanness gets nurse. Also can avoid grease contamination and old useless cutin to jam pore, reduce the odds that produces black head and hair blain.

3, avoid to jam, instant dredge. In nursing daily, any products do not want to get queen mother in T area besmear, this is met not only block up pore breathes normally, still can make grease of the excretive in pore all pile goes out in pore mouth, form black head more easily.

4, thoroughly deliquescent black head. Want to keep clear of thoroughly black head, still had better use appropriative black head to derive product, cooperate cleanness at the same time, will black head is complete disintegrate.

Skin difficult problem 3: The dropsy that makes a person be at a loss what to do

The bearing throat by force dry cough before sleeping, it is only when facing a mirror in the morning, won't appear face of terrible steamed stuffed bun. However, the face that comes out in the mirror the following day still makes a person acedia.

Analysis of cause of formation: Circular metabolization is poor + moisture stops = dropsy of facial, body

Dropsy often happens on the person with circular metabolization poor ability, additional, what appear continuously inside a paragraph of period is bloated, concern with bad habits and customs mostly, before sleeping for instance, drink in great quantities water, sedentary do not move, often stay up late etc.

Solve measure:

1, wash a face with cold water, in addition, optional still lustre those who contain the part such as 7 Xie Shu, ginkgo, the seed of Job's tears, red pomegranate protect skin to taste, help catchment discharges poison.

2, fixed perspiration, solve dropsy. Give the perspiration that oneself arrange at least 3 times time every week, kubla khah dripping wet when it is good that you can discover the effect that solves dropsy is special, and metabolization circulates accelerate also conduce to improvement skin is dark heavy, defer ageing.

3, aggrandizement kidney function, quicken body systematic circulation. The kidney can divide the old old trash in blood, redundant water establish outside body of eduction of the careless fluid that become make water. Once kidney function ebbs, the redundant trash inside body, moisture gradually stockpile, can form dropsy.

2, fight furrow food introduction

1, cherry -- cherry juice can help facial skin tender going knitting clear spot in vain is hairdressing fruit from of old. Cherry juice can help facial skin tender Bai Gongrun, go knitting clear spot, be many beautiful white products love most. Cherry contains a lot ofvitamin C not only, and contain iron to be abounded extremely, it is 13 times of hawkthorn, 20 times of the apple. Besides containing iron to measure Gao Zhi, it still contains a balance coriaceous secrete, the vitamin A that defers ageing, help skin of activation cell, beautification.

2, carrot -- contain rich pectic material carrot to be known as " skin food " , can moist skin. Carrot contains rich pectic material, can be united in wedlock with mercury, make the harmful composition in human body is gotten with eduction, skin looks more exquisite and ruddy. It contains β carotene, can fight oxidation and beautiful white skin, prevent the precipitation of melanin, the much complement of OK and cleared skin is qualitative. It also is contained fight oxidation cannot little vitamin E.

3, pomegranate -- have very strong fight oxidation, take a skin to extract juice effect more delicate and charming the red pomegranate that is about to drip has been confirmed to have very strong fight oxidation. It contains the part with a kind of acerbity flower calling tan, can make the cell avoids the harm of ray of the pollution in the environment, UV, alimentary cell, the consenescence of slow down human body. Research makes clear, tan beautiful acid compares the much phenol that contains in red wine and green tea in radiation-proof respect more " fierce " .

4, Chinese olive -- enroach on of outside of antagonism of cell of skin of conduce of elite of Chinese olive leaf is in early Gu Xila times, olive is life and health is indicative, besides can regard healthy food as edible besides, have outstanding hairdressing effect more. Arrive by the leaf fructification, olive whole body can abstract an elite that protect skin. Cell of skin of conduce of elite of Chinese olive leaf defies pollution, ultraviolet ray and pressure bring the oxidation that send; And another powerful effect is contained to refuse oxidation class status in Chinese olive fructification -- phenolic compound, after it and olive bitter element are united in wedlock, can offer double fight oxidation to repair protect.

5, apricot -- the appearance that a variety of vitamins contain to have Ming Yan not only in apricot flesh, and contain a lot ofthe mineral element such as C of material of acid of carbohydrate, fruit, prandial fiber, yellow ketone, vitamin and iron, phosphor, zinc, vitamin B17 content is abounded especially. Almond also contains a lot ofthe nutrition such as C of vitamin of protein, adipose, carotene, B a group of things with common features, vitamin and calcium, phosphor, iron composition. Those who abound is mineral reach plant sex not saturated grease, have good Rou Runzi to raise the effect.