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What does the little secret of dispel spot have? What does the method of spot of the dispel in the life have?

Believe everybody hopes he can have Bai Xi's smooth skin, but in the life, a lot of people appear not little skin problem, can hope without the person on oneself face imperfect, what do you know the small subtle move of dispel spot has after all then? Reckon a lot of people want to know exceedingly, below, introduce the method of dispel spot to old furniture body.

What does the little secret of dispel spot have? What does the method of spot of the dispel in the life have? (1)

1, the small subtle move of dispel spot

1, use towel gourd dispel spot

A variety of vitamins, microelement, protein, carbohydrate and ascorbic acid are contained in melon, have stronger blanch the effect, especially the content of phosphor, calcic, iron is richer, still contain xylose glue and plant mucus to wait, these material all are having wonderful sanitarian effect to the skin, use for a long time, ameliorable skin skins exquisite degree, effectively in vain completely.

Clean towel gourd clean, extract juice hind and a few honey to mediate together, daub is on the face, after ten minutes, reoccupy warm water is cleaned clean, but the full of stains or spots dot on purify furrow and face, the effect is admirable. Can do every week, hold to period of time, stain can have cutaneous to decrease apparently.

2, use aubergine dispel spot

Aubergine is daily life in again common what do not pass is vegetable, aubergine contains vitamin P, but bate cutaneous is imperceptible and hemal, also contain vitamin C at the same time, prevent the synthesis of melanin, have whitened effect to the skin, can do place of daily clean white skin to use. Extract aubergine juice directly, honey of mixture a few, daub is on the face, after ten minutes, wash clean with Wen Shuiqing, insist to make aubergine Facial mask twice every week, hold to for a long time, purify stain is very effective.

3, spot of use lemon dispel

Rich vitamin C is contained in lemon, every 100 grams contain vitamin C to be as high as 50 milligram among lemon juice, in addition citric still contain calcic, phosphor, iron and B a group of things with common features the vitamin, citric and OK white tender skin, prevent skin blood-vessel ageing, eliminate facial pigment speck. So, use lemon comes dispel spot, the effect is first-rate. Extract lemon juice directly, join a few honey, daub is on the face, after 5 minutes, reoccupy warm water is cleaned clean can. Can insist to make citric Facial mask every week, purify stain, your skin rises in vain gradually. Those who need an attention is, citric acid sex is stronger, sensitive skin and irritability skin Ying Shen are used.

4, use wax gourd dispel spot

Use wax gourd protects skin, can the shading with facial purify, but short-term use, the effect may be not apparent, need holds to ability for a long time to look so that see effect. Beautiful eyebrow people extract wax gourd juice, mix with a few honey, direct daub is on the face, after ten minutes, reoccupy warm water is cleaned clean, hold to such doing for a long time, the shading that can help purify face go up, Huang Ban.

5, use the dispel that feed vinegar spot

Use feed vinegar to come dispel spot, be in the light of fleck, blob character commonly, should use white vinegar, white vinegar has desalt stain and effect of clean white cutaneous, can be in white vinegar daub directly skin flecked place, when also can washing a face, drop of will white vinegar enters the water that wash a face in the center, no matter which are planted method, the effect of purify skin fleck and blob is first-rate, hold on, dispel spot effect is more apparent.

6, use white tuckahoe dispel spot

The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks tuckahoe can dissolve shading, with honey collocation is used, already can nutrition skins can desalt pigment spot, direct will white tuckahoe smashs show end, as harmonic as a few honey, daub is on the face can.

2, how dispel spot is the most effective

In our reality life, having a lot of people can be long spot. That how dispel spot is ability the most effective? We look together below.

1, citric dispel spot law

Citric, everybody knows, contain rich vitamin C, OK and very good cleared cutaneous is corneous, stimulative cutaneous is metabolic, the mainest is can purify melanin, stain of can effective desalt, also melanin accumulation creates spot. The simplest is to use lemon juice to wash a face, water is warm had better be Wen Shui, too hot water, can decompose the vitamin C in lemon, need half to go only every time.

2, liquor lemon

In liquor, put whole lemon, liquor is best mergence is citric, bubble night, the following day, with make up cotton, touch take citric wine besmear to be on the face, 15- - after 20 minutes, abluent, a week comes down, you can see surprise effect.

3, law of spot of dispel of egg white vinegar

It is egg bubble in white vinegar, all the time bubble arrives till chorion molten, the daub after purify egg white is later on the face, clean after 20 minutes probably, this method insists to use the result that can achieve dispel spot already.

4, potato chips apply face

Also have very good dispel spot effect tomato patch, cut potato thin thin piece, apply is in spot place, often do, need to hold to, can see very good effect.

5, go frequently cutin

Want to go spot, have to clear first the ageing on the face is corneous, if the cutin on the face does not clear, can accumulate thicker more, skin can become dark heavy, clear regularly corneous but can let skin restore metabolism. Hold to OK and effective desalt splash for long.

6, prevent bask in it is a key

Chamfer is qualitative outside, how does dispel spot still have the most effectively the most important prevented namely bask in, had done all the year round prevent bask in the job, especially the summer, more want rigor to prevent bask in, let skin avoid the harm that suffers ultraviolet ray, can reduce the occurrence of stain, 20 minutes of Tu Hao before go out are prevented bask in frost, use sunshade to wait.

7, hold to honey water fruit juice

In juicer is being put after the pear that tell snow and sugar cane and grape are cleaned clean, undertake extracting orange juice, after undertaking mediating with honey later, everyday morning and evening is drinkable 10ml, long-term and drinkable the result that can achieve dispel spot.

8, contain film

malic flay stripping and slicing, hit into slimy shape, join honey to mix divide evenly, even daub is after clean face on the face, wash clean after 20 minutes, insist to use everyday, can discover splash becomes weak after period of time, skin also becomes Bai Liang was appeared.

9, artful eat Bai Luobo

Bai Luobo contains many vitamin C, it is natural antioxidant, can increase skin fight oxidation ability, defer consenescence effectively, and still can restrain melanin, prevent the precipitation with the qualitative brown that bask in fat, often eat Bo Ke of white trailing plants effective desalt splash.

10, good habits and customs

The mainest still is, everybody at ordinary times the habits and customs with good nurturance, do not stay up late, notice food, do not use cosmetic in disorder, protect skin to taste, should distinguishing his is what skin pledges, in choose those who suit oneself to protect skin to taste.

3, small doohickey of dispel spot life

1, face of bright grandma apply

Prepare one cannikin delicacy to suckle, with steam evaporate face, will make up cotton sucks full bright breasts, apply is controlled in on the face 15 minutes, get off, the milk that gets on the face with clear water is abluent. Hold to for a long time, can make color of skin fair and clear and even.

2, tomato is beautiful white

Tomato half, honey is right amount. Agitate of right amount honey can be joined to come after the tomato agitate becomes tomato juice mushy. Face of even Tu Yu or hand ministry, wait for about 15 minutes of scour off.

3, banana Facial mask

Become banana flay pound mushy hind apply face, 15-20 the scour off after minute, insist for a long time to be able to make facial ministry skin delicate, relaxed, special apply to drying or sensitivity cutaneous facial hairdressing, weekly, but skin of bate cutin clean Bai Pi.

4, apple perhaps potato Facial mask

the apple or potato flay stripping and slicing or pound mud, besmear next at facial ministry, 15-20 protects film of wet, filling water, beautiful flour to be able to be done every day, a week is done go dying film of deep-seated and skin, clean face. Wash clean with hot towel after minute can. Lie between a day, a period of treatment is 20 days, have make the skin slender, moist, white the action of be bored with, still can eliminate the symptom such as skin dark sore, fleck, shading.

5, milk adds vegetables and fruits

Occurrence erythema nods the skin that has basked in, will face of milk put on the skin reachs the place that be basked in, can make the skin contractive, reoccupy is citric an apply face one week later stain decrescent, reoccupy joins arrowroot pink and right amount honey put on the skin a few times after cucumber pound, stain can be eliminated.

6, pot marigold foliaceous juice

pound of pot marigold leaf, take juice to brush besmear face ministry, can eliminate fleck already, can relaxed with white skin.

7, dandelion is beautiful water

Take a dandelion, enter one teacup boiled water, refrigeration hind filters, spend water morning and evening to wash a face with dandelion next, can make facial cleanness, suffer from dermatitis less.