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How does dry skin defend wet filling water? What does dry skin filling water protect wet method to have?

Drying skin needs filling water to protect more wet, be in especially dry Qiu Dong season, skin more dry, the taste that the sort of skin lacks water or some are afflictive, because the skin can become tight,stretch tight, so, how does dry skin defend wet filling water? What does dry skin filling water protect wet method to have? There are these two issues below, actor or actress accordingly actor is young make up how do reading an article together say.

How does dry skin defend wet filling water? What does dry skin filling water protect wet method to have? (1)

1, drying skin protects wet skill

The feature with drying the most apparent skin is: Leather fat is secreted little, the skin dry, Bai Xi, lack luster, pore is petty and not apparent, produce petty furrow easily, blood capillary table is simple, easy burst, more sensitive to outside stimulation, the skin gives birth to erythema easily, its PH value is 4.5~5 about between, can divide be short of water and drying to be short of oil for drying two kinds.

Drying cutaneous nurses method one: Oaten bubble bath

Water of its complement skin is divided, although also can protect wet pore and skin when bubble bath.

According to " elegant " magazine story, dr. Fahlen holds with American Illinois dermatologist with oaten will bathe, alleviate the problem with dry skin. A variety of oaten fiber have very good absorbency, because this is clean action is very strong, can keep clear of especially the bilge in deep-seated skin. The nutrient part that it contains is very much, especially amino acid content is highest, this is the main agency that chains water is divided, accordingly, moist effect is distinct.

Drying cutaneous nurses method 2: Olive oil is washed

Protect wet and won't privative cutaneous is natural grease, return can complete cleanness.

Go up in the face with olive oil gently hit a circle to massage, the place of the nose rubs a few time more, let black head gradually soft dissolve at oil, later the olive oil on the hand is again beautiful hand, two tactics across massages control, the back of hand, fingernail. Pour a few grandmas that wash a face to wash a face directly, it is good to the skin to want, use the grandma washing a face with low gentle bubble all the year round, after be being washed, rush with clear water clean, feel very comfortable oh!

Drying cutaneous nurses method 3: Diligent apply moisture Facial mask

Film of tea face of blade

Tea can make the skin moist. Tea of young Hua Gong contains rich vitaminic C, have combat anile effect. black tea leaf and cane sugar of each 20 grams enters dissolve of agitate rolling water, hit into into right amount flour again mushy, apply is on the face, after 15 minutes abluent, every week two, do not give a month, your skin can appear young much more slippery.

Drying cutaneous nurses method: Banana Facial mask

After banana flay, stripping and slicing smashs slimy record. After adding bright milk, mix mushy, apply is on whole face 5 to 10 minutes, wash with clear water next clean can.

Effect: Banana has natural fruit sick at heart, have the beautiful skin effect that protects wet moist, what suckle plus delicacy is harmonic, can have ensure wet result well.

Drying cutaneous nurses method 4: Banana cream

Material: Banana 1, milk 2 spoon, strong tea 3 spoon

Practice: First banana pound. Join milk and strong tea respectively, slowly mixture smooth to mushy.

Usage: Use department of face of clear water cleanness first, again banana muddleheaded go up in the face, wash with Wen Shui after 15 minutes clean.

Small write secret: Strong tea should wait for the ability after refrigeration to use, butter replaces milk effect much better, want more when the province, usable beater rots banana agitate.

Drying cutaneous nurses method 5: Much drink water

Drink water or the metabolism that aqueous solution drink can accelerate human body, eliminate toxin, can reduce weight quickly already, still can solve the skin effectively dry problem. Drink enough water, the metabolization that can help the body circulates. But, attention, do not drink carbonic acid beverage model water, it can let the body absorb overmuch quantity of heat.

2, skin goes the method of black head

STEP1 is in the smear with generous vaseline nose go up

Take the common vaseline in the home above all (request! Do not say with me your home does not have vaseline. )

And it thick apply go up 2.3 layers in nose (do not let off any corners) .

STEP2 lasts film is deep apply 30 minutes

Catch a common kitchen last film is taken, cut to cover quite the rectangular size of whole nose can.

Will last film is stuck closely on nose, await a 15-30 minute.

Club of STEP3 use cotton gives stubborn acne jog come

Eventually, so magical that the thing was about to happen! Prepare 2 cotton club at once.

Will last after film gets off, take pily club down nose gently slippery past (not too squeeze energetically, lest hurts the skin) , acne comes with respect to head of smell of a bead.

Saw! It is very simple! Say a principle a little, actually vaseline bases is mineral oil, acne also is a kind of grease, dissolve so with it the black head on nose, can let acne bate easily, crowded come out to become arduous not at all.