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How does endocrinopathy grow blain to do? What does the reason of endocrinopathy have?

Internal system is human body secretes the system of hormone, adjust all sorts of physiology activities, when endocrinopathy when, to the body experience has a few harms, because,some people long blain is endocrinopathy, need notices to recuperate the body, avoid endocrinopathy, so how does endocrinopathy long blain do? What does the reason of endocrinopathy have? Everybody introduction is below.

How does endocrinopathy grow blain to do? What does the reason of endocrinopathy have? (1)

1, the reason of endocrinopathy

Physiology element: The endocrine hormone of human body can maintain physiology to be in a balance, but these growth conditioning agent can follow the age to grow commonly and maladjusted, this namely why age is smaller, endocrine Yue Shaocheng is the topic that perplexes us, can grow as the age, give it more attention with respect to need. The endocrinopathy of some people comes from at heredity.

Nutrient element: Human body maintains normal physiology function, must have enough, proper nutrition, otherwise, the problem such as endocrine can appear one by one.

Mood element: Psychology also is a main reason. The male should bear the pressure that comes from each respects, the drive that which kind of pressure need to hit an extremely will answer, loosen thoroughly hard come down. This kind of nervous condition and mood change reflex arrive neurological, can cause hormone excretive disorder, the endocrinopathy that says normally namely.

Environmental element: Serious environmental pollution escapes hard to endocrinopathy responsibility for an offence. A few chemical material in air, after entering human body through all sorts of channel, through a series of chemical reaction, bring about endocrinopathy.

2, how does endocrinopathy long blain do

One, want the habits and customs with good nurturance.

The attention is facial the sanitation with hand ministry, commonly used Wen Shui washs a face, avoid to use alkalescent big soap, need not much oil and excitant cosmetic, lest bursa of farther ram wool, make blain blain aggravating. Should be not squeezed more with the hand, hold, clutch, easy phlogistic sex bacterium develops to deep.

Produce acne to should reach a hospital in time dermatological department make a diagnosis and give treatment, follow doctor's advice, take drug seriously, expensive holding to. Ability of enough period of treatment gets effective, do not buy medicaments oneself, cannot use the external application that contains hormone absolutely medicine, lest the illness is aggravating. Had better not abuse cosmetic, go to work to should notice wholesome pattern more, do not wear heavy make-up, weak makeup more natural, more appropriate.

2, notice food: Food is reasonable when allocating very important, can " three little " make.

1, much zinc: Zinc can increase strength, stimulative cut cicatrizations, zincic food is very much, wait like corn, hyacinth bean, soya bean, turnip, dawdle, nut, hepatic, scallop.

2, much more vitaminic: Vitaminic A has second birth effect to skin. The food that contains vitaminic A includes liver of red turnip, spinach, lettuce, apricot, mango, animal, cod-liver oil to wait. Greenery vegetable, fish contains some vitaminic B2 and B6, can participate in metabolization protein, and promote adipose metabolization, be pacified dark sore. Vitaminic C can be effective the organization that repair is injured by dark sore, eat fresh vegetables and fruits to be able to be absorbed. The hairdressing action prep let alone of vitaminic E.

3, much crude fibre: Its stimulative intestines and stomach wriggles, accelerate metabolization, make outside spare grease eduction style. This kind of food has whole wheat bread, soja, bamboo shoot to wait.

Above is the remedial method of the endocrinopathy blain blain that is everybody introduction, we hope to be able to need according to our, the selection goes best the method of blain blain, the help loves beautiful woman to model perfect skin, let you have charm more, hope females can have beauty at an early date.

3, eat a vitamin more food

Vitamin E has the effect that blood of stimulative extreme blood-vessel circulates, return OK adjustment to be secreted of hormone normally. Achieve thereby alleviate the food that the state of endocrinopathy contains a lot ofvitamin E includes to oil of seed of cabbage, beautiful dish, rapeseed oil, sesame-seed oil, sunflower waits. It is OK to be returned appropriately edible is kidney of liver of many somes of animal, much drink soya-bean milk to wait. Vitamin C has certain effect again to treating whelk. Return what can restrain melanin to generate. The food such as green vegetable, tomato and orange, wild jujube, citric, hawkthorn contains a lot ofvitamin C.

3, create the food with disorder endocrine

(Porky is 1) beef, red the flesh

Can promoting Gao ketone excretive is animal sex protein, and these flesh kind it is the food that contains a lot ofanimal sex protein.

Among them, reach part of porky red meat to contain rich animal sex protein and zinc with beef again, can promote Gao ketone generate. Should avoid most so and far.

(2) on the west orchid, cauliflower, Gao Li dish

Be considered as " healthful reach hairdressing " vegetable, excessive edible also does not have advantage.

These meetings that feed capable person are reduced have the estrogen that reduces body hair effect (the female is hormonal) secrete, also be equal to the negative essential factor that restrained Gao ketone to generate.

(3) oyster

Of Gao ketone generate, those who secrete an integrality to be short of is zinc. Oyster is actually medium zincic content, be in all feeding also is count as one of the best in material.

(4) green, garlic, leek

The place in green, garlic and leek contains some garlic element, have the effect that enhances action of ketone of the Gao inside body.

(5) candy

Of fructose and dextrose excessive use up the gene that can close control hormone level.

The content of this kind of material in the food such as the candy cent on daily table, soda water, beverage that contain sugar is higher, when be being absorbed accordingly had better read nutrient label carefully, avoid to had absorbed polysaccharide to divide.

(6) alcohol

A few research discover, alcohol can bring about estrogen to increase.

Right amount the progestational hormone level of the woman before drinking to bring about menopause possibly also falls, because this must be written down, the intake of alcohol is lowered in daily food.

(7) deepfry kind food

Potato with other deepfry kind contain in food, biscuit, Qu Ji instead type is adipose.

The fatty acid that return form can increase human body " bad cholesterol " , increase the risk that contracts heart disease. In the meantime, the fatty acid that return form still can decrease hormonal secrete.

(8) caffein

Coffeine can increase certain hormone, especially the exudation of coriaceous alcohol, can stimulate adrenal secrete, generation should stimulate hormone.

Absorb coffeine when you, these hormone can are as long as inside your blood 18 hours.

(9) pluck

Contain more cholesterol, and the important recipe that cholesterol is synthetic sex hormone.

In addition, splanchnic contain adrenalin and sex hormone, can promote the dissension of sperm former cell and maturity, enhance action of ketone of the Gao inside body.

(10) is arrogant liver

The fleshy toxin that bovine liver contains is alkaline can promote Gao ketone secrete with adipose metabolization.

Make the same score what often can absorb constantly to feed material can be controlled unexpectedly secrete hormonally, still meet those who affect miscellaneous wool grow. Besides feed capable person beyond, the habit of the accumulation of pressure, smoking also is NG etc. To have slippery tender skin, please must once more him postmortem habits and customs!