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Protect skin what kind of is correct flow? How to protect skin to fight allergy?

Of skin nursing is to have accurate method and move, wanton absurd is not, the skin that protects skin to want to join self undertakes character, and still should master the accurate method that protect skin, the wrong method that protect skin can harm your cutaneous only, so, is protecting the measure with true skin what kind of? How to protect skin to fight allergy? Those who read an article will solve below.

Protect skin what kind of is correct flow? How to protect skin to fight allergy? (1)

1, the true measure that protects skin

Add add decrease those who decrease is sensitive come raid

● is added --

1. is weak acidity clean face is tasted

Gentle and slant acidity, especially the clean face product of low bubble is beautiful. Sensitive skin is on cleanness head heavy " not excessive cleanness " , reduce the number of daily cleanness, morning and evening 2, do not exceed 1 minute every time. Brush in addition less with clean face, sponge lest be caused because of grinding sensitive.

2. defends wet filling water amply homework

Health just should be when skin water oil is balanced, the skin with enough moisture can resist with best condition explicit harm, otherwise healthy skin also can become sensitive and flimsy. To sensitive skin character, oiliness is divided and do not fill highly wet recipe is right choice.

● is decreased --

The frequency that 1. chamfer pledges

The corneous layer of sensitive skin is thinner, excessive emphatic is massaged reach grind arenaceous particle bulkily to be able to cause harm to skin. Want purify much complement to pledge, biweekly or every are mensal OK, the depth that chooses clay shape as far as possible is clean kind of product.

2. contains the product of alcohol, flavor, antiseptic

The following and chemical material is easy in protecting skin to taste composition to express cause sensitive: Alcohol(alcohol) , Shan Li of Bronopol, Sorbicacid(is acerbity) , Parabens(antiseptic) , Fragrance(flavor) .

Add add decrease decrease explode all over the face blain

● is added --

1. is small the element keeps wet part

Although acid of Bo make water ensures wet result good, but pore of because the member is old easy choke up. Suggested to grow blain you are chosen contain glycerine or extraction from element of floral much carbohydrate, protect wet and without the burden. Remember please, it is wet composition, easy to always contain macromolecule to protect of frowsty blain protect wet article, do not have oil normally it seems that, sticky like appearing isinglass to pledge be bored with, slippery egg white resembling chicken slips since daub.

2. is fought oxidize kind of product

What blain blain flesh should use most is to fight the freedom radical, product that fights oxidation, can help blain blain avoid worsen at diffusing, enhance the counteractive ability of skin.

● is decreased --

1. synthesizes ester IPM and IPP

Examine your figure that protects skin to taste composition the outside and the inside to have them. The cheapest, use feeling is more relaxed kind in regarding synthesis as ester, they give the shrink with not high now price normally the makeup oil, frost that protect skin and prevent in basking in breast in order to reduce cost, but once recipe scale exceeds 10 % to explode easily blain.

2. black kind or bubble wash grandma

Destroy leather fat film, bring about skin to secrete more grease because of be short of oil. Convert gentle the cleanness of low bubble is tasted, fixed chamfer is qualitative, use mud to cream every week Facial mask or contain cutin to decompose enzymatic Facial mask, help clean pore.

Add add decrease decrease suntan repair

● is added --

1. vitamin C reachs derivative

The commonnest the gentlest also beautiful Bai Cheng 1/0, improve color of skin and prevent melanin to generate, have fight oxidation well. Defect is this composition oxidizes easily, best use date is new, open one bottle hind to give out as soon as possible.

2. is fought oxidation + prevent bask in

The United States fights oxidation ability to resist at the same time in vain of freedom radical invade, let beautiful white composition more effect is developed. Prevent basking in is the thing that must do all the year round, otherwise all beautiful white homeworks were done in vain.

● is decreased --

1. is sticky stiff beautiful white cream

The elite of on the high side of macromolecule glue scale, cannot let beautiful Bai Cheng divide effective bring into contact with to skin fast adsorption and permeate. When buying beautiful Bai Jinghua so, if sticky sticky like glue, what return meeting rub mud with much dot even is best careful buy.

The beauty with 2. complex recipe is white product

Do not have an insatiable desire for much, if a beautiful white product is so-called,contain numerous part, that was about to take care, because every are planted,the PH of beautiful white composition is worth limits each are not identical, put together cannot achieve the status with every kinds of stable composition, cannot achieve first-rate active and result more.

Add add decrease decreased pore is bulky

● is added --

1. final discharge makeup

Should use powdery bottom, segregation only frost or prevent bask in frost, be about every night serious discharge makeup. Discharge makeup tastes quality of a material of best choice latex, massage softly, emulsification hind is multi-purpose clear water is rinsed (at least 2 minutes of above) , prevent to have not abluent dead space.

The clean face after 2. bathes film

Go up normally makeup time jumps over long, skin to give oil more or use base makeup it is better that cover is spent, should use clean Facial mask to do general cleaning to pore regularly more. If the home has facial suffocating opportunity, can be in evaporate face 5-8 uses clean Facial mask after minute. If do not have, the apply when the move is facial and wet is taken the advantage of after bath above film, the result is euqally right.

● is decreased --

What 1. protects skin to taste is phyletic

Protect skin every time, the phyletic control of the product is in 3 kinds of less than. Be like soft skin water, elite, latex, or soft skin water, tall function water, latex. Maintain the too much, total paint that uses a product measures measure too much, pore is outspread instead become bigger.

The powdery bottom of 2. massiness, segregation frost, prevent bask in breast

They are belonged to jam easily pore, let pore cannot breathe even the product that grease secretes metabolization not to come out, use for long can maintain pore bigger more, want to be used less so. Prevent those who bask in frost to choose SPF30/PA+++ the following multiple as far as possible, because defend the meeting that bask in frost times higher a lot of prevent bask in composition overlay to arrive one case, cause easily sensitive and jam pore.

2, skin fights anile method

Skin (the skin) the health care that fights consenescence

One respecting skin how health care nurses, everybody often thinks of to prevent only bask in, a lot of people always think that is feminine thing, especially the thing of young female brethren. Actually, want to notice the skin nurses to the child from the old person, otherwise, the skin also can bring endless trouble to people, skin health nots allow to ignore.

Nurturance good habits and customs

Pleasurable, the mood is stable: Skin character gets neurological control, free from worry mood and stable mood can restrain parasympathetic nerve excitement to make pigment is generated decrease, skin blood stream carries oxygen quantity to increase, the skin appears ruddy, Bai Xi; And not stable, pessimistic sadness can affect long-term sentiment gastric bowel function, restrain nutrition absorb, bring about the skin to break nutrition and make the skin dry, countenance is gaunt, because this is in daily life and job,should maintain good mood, reduce thought burden.

Enough sleep: Daily 22:02:0 of 0 ~ morrow0 it is cell of skin base layer updates the most exuberant time, the Morpheus with sufficient reason is right of skin cell normal newer, exercise is normal function, safeguard the skin strong and handsome for crucial; At the same time coriaceous layer is in the cerebra when Morpheus check status, conduce to eliminate exhaustion, regain energy, make the skin appears burnish, ruddy. Adult should maintain at least everyday 6 ~ Morpheus time of 8 hours, excessive overworked or insomnia person because the skin cannot get normal rehabilitate, conserve, often skin colour and lustre is dim.

Insist to exercise: Physical training if the mountain-climbing, absorption that swims to all can enhance the skin to wait for good part to oxygen, anion with measurable physical labor, accelerate what wait for trash to carbon dioxide to excrete, make skin blood stream carries oxygen quantity to increase, be beneficial to skin health.