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Is skin dry how is filling water good? What to skin dry expression has?

Skin is dry it is a kind of particularly uncomfortable symptom, dry skin can make your skin tight stretch tight, of aculeate keenly feel, be in especially Qiu Dong is seasonal, our skin lacks water more easily, and form dry skin, so, is skin dry how is filling water good? What to skin dry expression has? There are these two issues below, actor or actress accordingly actor is young make up read an article together.

Is skin dry how is filling water good? What to skin dry expression has? (1)

1, skin is dry how to do

Symptom one: Exceeding lack water, skin dry desquamate

A. The color of skin after getting up in the morning not all, stretch tight closely sense is clear, have desquamate symptom

B. After making up, canthus, expression can see on corners of the mouth and bridge of the nose grain

C. Fill makeup when, the skin absorption to cosmetic force abate

Appear the skin of afore-mentioned symptoms, show the skin has entered very serious dry state. Wait for the influence of the reason as a result of the environment all round and pressure, let the skin become exceedingly flimsy, because this must want undertake aggrandizement to the diaphragm of skin, the trivial that raises skin oneself is hydraulic.

Autumn filling water suggests: Use those who contain sweet composition aing kind of sweet grass and mineral part to protect skin frost, can help alleviate the pressure of skin and nervous feeling, still can promote the loop of the dark metabolization of skin and airframe at the same time, realize the abiding moist of skin. Additionally the proposal uses tall pH indicator to protect wet elite to help moist skin.

Symptom 2: Flimsy and sensitive, lack elastic force

A. Passed at 5 o'clock afternoon, all round T area and nose with respect to glossy flush

B. Dry air, air or when weather changes, what the skin changes is sensitive, often extensive is red

C. Change protect skin is tasted or when cosmetic, the skin becomes sensitive unwell

This kind of skin can await compatibly because of external environment affect and become sensitive, and facial ministry is different water oil of the position distributings also is to having bigger difference. This moment should want in order to enhance cellular vigor, we need the better protective screen that builds a protective skin, be far from allergic worry.

Autumn filling water suggests: The filling water with use gentle nature keeps wet product, emphasize the function locking up water that sees this product, the Li of lightsome quality of a material and protect wet cream to be able to form a diaphragm in skin surface, can let moisture truly stay on skin, the skin that is far from the outside to pollute air to cause is sensitive worry!

Symptom 3: Oil field is flush, pore bulky

A. Wash a face to still be less than 1 hour, whole face begins to go out again oily

B. Blain blain and acne often grow on the face, the pore all round nose is bulky apparent

C. Take off easily makeup, go up makeup hind before long skin becomes dim do not have light

To outside for the dry skin inside oil, when skin occurrence grease is secreted overmuch when, the skin lining that shows you namely lacks water already badly, skin can prevent skin to be damaged further through secreting grease. Normally the skin of this type becomes easily pore is bulky, classics regular meeting causes acne and whelk.

Autumn filling water suggests: Be aimed at afore-mentioned circumstances, should want to wear attention replay is in maintain skin water oil to go up evenly. Filling water should lock up water more. Everyday clean job is very main, the besmear on the horse wants to go up to be protected efficiently after clean face wet make up water, use temperature of the centre of the palm to press pressure cause its to be able to penetrate skin interior better, besmear again next on quality of a material is more relaxed protect wet breast to be added have it is OK to prevent those who bask in the effect to protect wet cream.


2, go the error of red blood silk

Error one: Fast and cleared red blood silk

When there is red blood silk on thin face, eliminate its what we think most as soon as possible namely, change skin a clean environment. Although, the cause of formation of red blood silk has a lot of kinds, but investigate because corneous layer is caused injury, blood capillary by unusually outspread place,its germ is. So, the red blood silk is the most effective method on remedial face has treatment from germ namely, ability gets elimination the effect of red blood silk truly. And the buildup of the refreshment of corneous layer and ability of blood capillary dilate is not kick and a few can achieve, need a more lengthy process. So, any trying that keep clear of quickly the method of red blood silk on the face is the bottom that compare thorough, leave sequela easily.

Error 2: Cosmetic is OK purify is red hematic silk

Be aimed at red blood silk technically it is OK to protect skin to taste rise to alleviate the action of red blood silk on the face, but cannot accomplish thoroughly eradicative red blood silk. The external application that we use daily protects skin to taste can have problem of keep out skin only, although some can restrain the generation of red blood silk, but also can give skin bequeath a few harm at the same time, cause the problem such as skin occurrence stain. Accordingly, cosmetic can not keep clear of from germ red blood silk.