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How to make water of hand ministry skin tender? How to let both hands become is water tender tender?

The skin of both hands whether water is tender, also can affect feminine figure, both hands is coarse, to the woman, the impact is very big still, if the skin of both hands is not delicate, can let a person feel this woman is not delicate, so the woman wants to nurse well in daily life of oneself both hands, so, how to make water of hand ministry skin tender? Will look.

How to make water of hand ministry skin tender? How to let both hands become is water tender tender? (1)

1, the methodological introduction that protects a hand

, prepare frostlike powder of 3 embellish hand

The office: In fact, the one frost that raise a hand is used quite far from! Above all, in the drawer that you must be in the office standing frost of hand of a bottle of high grade embellish, after washing his hands every time during office on seasonable besmear, can complement moisture and nutrient;

Vanity: There also should be the white protecting a hand of outfit of a packet in your vanity, with the untimely needs when equipment goes out;

In the home: Last are of course in the home wash one's hands on the stage, in every time clean face and seasonable daub wants after washing one's hands, lest both hands skin is dry coarse!

Small stick person: Daub wants after washing his hands every time moist the frost that protect a hand. Insist to do can be far from a hand to crack a problem. Skin uses greasily sex toilet soap as far as possible or autumn is protected is to contain the oily grandma that wash a face to wash one's hands, after washing one's hands, wipe with towel instantly, hand frost is protected on besmear.

2, bate cutin

Layer of hand ministry cutin is thick, can let skin look extremely coarse. The proposal enters right amount olive oil in the drop in Wenshui, the both hands immerge that finish, maintain 15 minutes, ameliorable skin is dry and coarse phenomenon, make corneous bate, next but the alimentary frost of even daub specially good effect, massage adequately, so OK more sufficient bate is corneous.

3, once a week hand ministry SPA

Do hand ministry to nurse regularly every week, can let you be far from a hand to crack not only, the hand ministry skin that also can let you is more slippery tender.

Before sleeping in the late evening, put both hands in hot water to immerse 20 minutes, undertake 10 ~ 20 minutes next massage, quicken haemal circulation, stimulative sebaceous glands is secreted, put embellish hand frost or latex inside microwave oven again, with low degree heat slightly, besmear is on both hands, wear thin cotton glove to sleep.

4, feed vinegar to protect a hand Xiao subtle move

Dry a hand everyday, dip in in feeding vinegar next, can make skin surface forms an acidity diaphragm, the protective action of adversary is very good. Knock promotes haemal circulation: Type, play musical instrument or beat the blood that conduces to stimulative both hands to circulate gently on the desktop with finger, same method, also apply to the cure of chilblain.

5: The ministry that make a hand strong and handsome hold

The method is as follows:

Raise one's hand. Spread out the five fingers, hold high both hands overdoes, such doing can reduce blue veins to show.

Extend of make a fist. Clench fist first, spread out next, as far as possible extend the five fingers, do 3 ~ 5 minutes forcibly everyday, this is to remove insecurity and fatigue tweak.

Imitate play piano movement. Make the same score both hands put on mesa, blandly is pressed downward, raise a finger every time next, lift as far as possible tall, resemble practicing playing piano same. Its action is extend palm and finger, make your hand light and acute.

Loosen hand ministry. Put both hands in the height that keeps balance with ancon turn first, loosen an artifice next, make a hand lop come. Have this action repeatedly, conduce to alleviate nervous, make hand ministry does not have inflexible feeling.

6: The natural hand film that contain

More than it is film of facial need aspect nurses, the hand also needs sometimes " fragile " the ground maintains. Wait for a few natural material like citric, albumen, honey, have blanch reach tighten up cutaneous action, the both hands that makes look weather-beaten, afresh light slippery white for the moment.

1, honey albumen hand film

addend of protein of an one spoon honey, egg drop olive oil is mixed a few flour mixes and hit to bubbly, next apply is controlled about 5 minutes on the hand, reoccupy lukewarm bath is clean. This hand film can tighten up the skin not only, cannot add cutaneous flexibility.

2, yoke honey hand film

a yoke and blending of one spoon honey mushy apply is on the hand, wash with Wen Shui after 15 minutes, adversary has moist effect.

3, citric albumen hand film

Drip an albumen into several lemon juice to mix, next apply is on the hand, after waiting for 10 minutes abluent, this hand film can be tightened up reach blanch the skin.

2, small doohickey of dispel spot life

1, face of bright grandma apply

Prepare one cannikin delicacy to suckle, with steam evaporate face, will make up cotton sucks full bright breasts, apply is controlled in on the face 15 minutes, get off, the milk that gets on the face with clear water is abluent. Hold to for a long time, can make color of skin fair and clear and even.

2, tomato is beautiful white

Tomato half, honey is right amount. Agitate of right amount honey can be joined to come after the tomato agitate becomes tomato juice mushy. Face of even Tu Yu or hand ministry, wait for about 15 minutes of scour off.

3, banana Facial mask

Become banana flay pound mushy hind apply face, 15-20 the scour off after minute, insist for a long time to be able to make facial ministry skin delicate, relaxed, special apply to drying or sensitivity cutaneous facial hairdressing, weekly, but skin of bate cutin clean Bai Pi.

4, apple perhaps potato Facial mask

the apple or potato flay stripping and slicing or pound mud, besmear next at facial ministry, 15-20 protects film of wet, filling water, beautiful flour to be able to be done every day, a week is done go dying film of deep-seated and skin, clean face. Wash clean with hot towel after minute can. Lie between a day, a period of treatment is 20 days, have make the skin slender, moist, white the action of be bored with, still can eliminate the symptom such as skin dark sore, fleck, shading.

5, milk adds vegetables and fruits

Occurrence erythema nods the skin that has basked in, will face of milk put on the skin reachs the place that be basked in, can make the skin contractive, reoccupy is citric an apply face one week later stain decrescent, reoccupy joins arrowroot pink and right amount honey put on the skin a few times after cucumber pound, stain can be eliminated.