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What does useful beautiful white method have? What does effective beautiful white method have?

For nothing the skin is every girl it is special want, because white cutaneous girl is very welcome, get not only the man's jubilation, and also get of a lot of women like, the person that has a lot of so wants the United States white, so after all what does useful beautiful white method have? What does effective beautiful white method have? Everybody introduction is below, the hope can help great master.

What does useful beautiful white method have? What does effective beautiful white method have? (1)

1, practical beauty's white method

Beautiful white method 1, after washing a face every night, recuperate is happy making up more on cotton, direct apply is in two buccal, connect forehead, the lower jaw even, also but incidentally on apply, not only go spot holds the United States concurrently white, every time dosage has 1/6 bottles only about raise happy much.

Beautiful white method 2, it is the cheapest to before sleeping, be used make up cotton is added make up after water is soaked completely, apply is in 20 minutes on the face, every week 3, your skin can have the Shui Liangqing that cannot think of to appear!

Beautiful white method 3, when wanting to sleep, take small cucumber to cut hail to place a face to had gone up a few minutes to be taken, your face meets a month white tender.

Beautiful white method 4, segregation frost must be brushed to reach before going out prevent bask in breast, return the home to remember the discharge on the horse makeup.

Beautiful white method 5, wash a face to be able to let skin with cold water of Wen Shui reoccupy first already clean and wool stoma is met decrescent.

Beautiful white method 6, must drink water not to stay up late more, eat deepfry less kind thing, maintain skin cleanness.

Beautiful white method 7, get up everyday drink 2 cups of water, among them one cup adds some of salt, can clear intestines and stomach.

2, the United States' white Facial mask

1, wax gourd yellow rice or millet wine creams wipe a law

Take stripping and slicing of flay of fresh wax gourd, add yellow rice or millet wine and clear water to boil to into boiler cream shape, bask in cool hind put into freezer to save, take every night right amount wipe the skin, the eliminate after 1 hour, the skin after January is apparently whiten after using!

2, melon seeds egg is green law of to be taken orally

Take on the west triplet of melon seeds benevolence, orange and sweet-scented osmanthus each minute, will 3 person after mixing mincing and abrade, add rice water smooth, take new egg, knock one small hole, in making egg blueness flows into mixed liquor, heat cool cold hind take, have the United States' white effect!

3, the tomato adds honey

After becoming tomato agitate tomato juice, join right amount honey smooth into mushy, besmear it at facial ministry again, it is OK to wait for about 15 minutes bathe is clean, hold to a week to do 1 arrive 2 times, OK and effective purify is fat, prevent to affect, make skin Bai Xi, meticulous oh.

4, banana union yoghurt

The effect photograph of banana compares everybody should be understanding just a little, that is the effect that has mind of composed Qing Dynasty, preventing the pop chart that bask in frost also have the introduction, the clear mind effect of banana is apparent still, half banana dolly joins yoghurt agitate next even can, next apply is facial probably 20 minutes can, clean clean, the effect after holding to a month is apparent, the fleck that can discover those make you vexed disappeared.

5, strawberry Facial mask

Strawberry is a kind of food that is liked by most belle, in strawberry not only the effect that contains rich vitamin C to still have bright eye to raise liver, still can clear at the same time intestines and stomach, so the film of uses strawberry and yoghurt to be made namely a kind of face that we say this, get ready above all 4- - 5 strawberry, dolly, next the yoghurt that add enters a few, mix is even can! Next face about cleans apply 20 minutes clean to hold to a month to come down so, can prevent the skin effectively dry, ageing, make skin burnish, wet, exquisite.

6, licorice + nucleolus + film of green bean flour

Licorice, nucleolus and gram also are the good stuff that hairdressing protects skin, them pulverize finally joins right amount honey smooth, next apply at whole face, wait for clear water is used after working abluent can, proposal a week is done 1 to 2 optimal, not only whelk of OK and effective purify and contractible wool stoma, and still can make the skin whiten tender, the effect is very distinct.

7, cucumber Facial mask

Cucumber Facial mask also has very good hairdressing effect, its method that make is quite simple, should wash cucumber clean only cut one small chip next, cucumber piece apply is in facial ministry, wait for 10 minutes or so, it take out changes new melon again piece, change a few times more, rinse clean with clear water finally, substantial and simple effective.