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What does the distinction of acne and blain blain have? What distinction do acne and blain blain have?

In the life the disease has a lot of, different disease has distinct effect effect, dermatosis also is a kind of very serious illness, just do not affect apparent Yan Zhi, great also influence is healthy, return the psychology that can affect people, exceeding self-distrust. Acne and blain blain are a kind of very common skin disease, then you know acne and blain blain what to have after all however.

What does the distinction of acne and blain blain have? What distinction do acne and blain blain have? (1)

1, the distinction of acne and blain blain

1. category feature differs

Main component is acne hoary head acne and blackhead, it is white of a bead commonly or of black small protuberant, the amount is more; and blain blain is general redder, one appears or can appear pieces alone, blain blain still can be divided for red model whelk, cyst whelk and group get together model whelk.

2. causes a reason to differ

The cause that causes acne has cleanness of genetic element, skin not complete, sebaceous glands is secreted exuberant, stay up late, the cause that wait for reason; and causes blain blain has climate of damp and hot oily skin, grease secretes overmuch, environment to pollute serious, food to slant acrimony and fat and prophylactic of profess to convinced, stay up late wait a reason a moment.

3. problem limits differs

Because accumulation of much leather fat, trash brings about pore to jam,the formation of acne is, after the bacterium is decomposed, form, the word of the processing when if be,trying to reach becomes blain with respect to joint performance. In other words blain blain and acne can appear at the same time, and the next that blain blain is acne develops level. Should treat acne ability to go thoroughly quite at the same time when treating blain blain blain.

4. treatment method differs

The remedial method that acne cent is more slant overweight is clean to cutaneous. Fixed chamfer is for instance qualitative, do good cutaneous to accuse oily filling water, depth cleanness waits; a moment and the remedial method of blain blain accuses oily clean cutaneous to notice to undertake composed diminish inflammation to the skin even at the same time in the attention, eliminate the respect such as bacterial infection.

2, go correctly acne blain

1. finds out a reason

Must find out the reason that acne blain blain grows on the face. The thing that has suffer from excessive internal heat for instance grows acne blain blain to if be the bang on forehead,should drink the disappear fire; such as gram soup, Xue Li more longer if growing blain blain, comb bang go up show forehead to wait a moment

2. is correct clean

No matter be long,acne or blain blain should pay attention to pair of cutaneous cleanness, than consistent weather should morning and evening washs a face and use what do not stimulate blandly to wash grandma to undertake cleanness, but should notice the frequency that wash a face is unfavorable more than 3 times Facial mask; does not want the deep-seated cleanness that; can do 2 times or so every week to be felt with the hand, crowded, lest cause the skin to affect situation of acne of aggravating blain blain,catch acne blain blain.

3. is discharged in time poisonous

Toxin accumulation can be exposed in skin surface, cause long blain blain, long acne. The method that discharge poison is very much, can drink water of a cup of honey, nurturance everyday on time the habit of defecate, much exercise perspires platoon poison is waited a moment.

4. adjusts undesirable work and rest

Body endocrinopathy can pose a lot of problem, treating acne blain blain so while should notice to adjust undesirable work and rest. Avoid to stay up late for instance, avoid smoke alcoholic drink, avoid to eat fat, exciting, hot food to wait a moment.

5. is used correctly protect skin is tasted

Last pace, prevent blain blain acne to want to notice to choose to suit what skin pledges to protect skin to taste. Have commonly usedly contain accuse oily, filling water, diminish inflammation to fight bacterium, composed wait effect a moment protect skin to taste. When other explicit option protects skin to taste, its quality of a material should be relaxed model, protect skin fatly to taste circumstance of acne of blain of can aggravating blain.