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What to let protect skin effect to turn over the time place of times to have? When to shield an eye best?

support of the people of alleged climate favourable geographical position, the time with different basis paragraph will nurse oneself skin, can harvest the distinct effect that protect skin, our human body suits to protect skin more in certain hour, in these time paragraph inside protect skin, the effect that protects skin also is met double, so, what to let protect skin effect to turn over the time place of times to have? When to shield an eye best? Will look.

What to let protect skin effect to turn over the time place of times to have? When to shield an eye best? (1)

1, protect skin optimal time

The bright look of Point1 get twice the result with half the effort membrane method

Gold hour: When breakfast

A lot of people are used to in the late evening apply Facial mask when conveniently is worn one case apply eye film, want to choose apply eye film actually, optimal time should be a morning after waking up 7: 30~8: Inside this paragraph of time of 00. The activity is in cellular second birth to fall right now to the nadir, because moisture accumulates within the cell, lymphatic loop slows, so most person morning can have the case of eye dropsy, the apply after waking up piece eye film, can enhance eye ministry loop, decompose eye ministry toxin and tighten up pouch.

The rehabilitate after Point2 is basked in also wants to pay attention to time

Gold hour: Insolation that day

The specific aim product of the rehabilitate after thinking on the belt one bottle is basked in can everything is just fine, repair the after basking in skin that comes back from the seaside, must hold the gold rehabilitate that day period. After just insolating, skin still is inside aglow time, do good conciliation to nurse first, do not be eager to putting apply and beauty on the ice white, with contain silicon acerbity salt to wait to protect wet sparge minerally to drop in temperature, restrain inflammation not merely, more let melanin have not enough time to arise! Next frost of a rehabilitate after basking in, the deep-seated agnail of calm skin is organized.

8~10 nods Point3 to be protected effectively in the evening wet the most appropriate

Gold hour: In the evening before 8 o'clock

Japan considers to point out, 8~10 dot is called in the evening " demon sex time is taken " , this is the time with skin defense the weakest force, skin is protected in this moment, skin and cannot utmost absorbs active ingredient, the effect can sell at a discount greatly of course! Because this is used to the ability before sleeping to bathe, the person that discharge makeup maintains, it is as far as possible please before 8 o'clock discharge makeup, advanced travel keeps wet job simply, stop skin harm caustic answers archives, depth of travel of the reentry before sleeping is repaired protect!

Poin4 night is skin builds the gold period of time that protect

The metabolic speed of human body can chase decrescent delay to in the evening. Insecurity shrinks by day the pore that shut can be loosened gradually stretch, the absorption of skin ability is strengthened greatly accordingly, protect skin to taste just about absorb when the effect is best. The enroach on of undesirable without all sorts of outsides such as ultraviolet ray and air pollution element, skin can undertake interior is repaired centrally protect second birth, stimulate the DNA of collagen albumen renascence and repair damage. So, it how ability makes full use of is good how ability makes full use of Where is time of this paragraph of gold?

Elite fluid overlay: To the exceeding and dry flesh that lack water, can achieve concentration to ensure wet result with elite fluid addition method, the state that for instance the basis skins, every one hour daub protects wet elite, next again rub heats up both hands, with impose lukewarm kind your elite is absorbed.

2, the precaution of nose black head

1, on time cleanness is facial

Morning and evening should use the grandma that wash a face clean and facial! Best choice contains the part such as salicylic acid, the clean face product of grease of can effective clean skin (sensitive flesh careful with) , after washing a face, remember filling on time water, let pore keep clean, water oil is balanced.

2, dietary health, law work and rest

Eat vegetable of fresh melon and fruit more, do not look for excuse to say to do not have time to do not have energy, without what more important than health. After the body discharges poison, normal metabolization effectively, pore also can metabolize normally, cutin won't pile up block pore, water oil is balanced, black head stays for a long time in pore very hard.

3, choose suit oneself cosmetic

Although cosmetic can be masked, a few inadequacy that build facing department, but without what cosmetic better than skin a copy kept as a record more useful. Handle the relation that make up and protects skin correctly so, do not attempt blindly to mask, a face powder on a past face. The skin cannot get breath, easier water oily unbalance makes black head organic can be taken the advantage of.