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What disease can discharge poison? What food can discharge poison?

Discharging poison to to the body very big gain believes everybody know, but does everybody know those who conduce to a poison to there are a few diseases also is? For instance cough, diarrhoea conduces to a poison etc. The platoon is poisonous to female friend be necessary exceedingly, what because discharge poison,be beneficial to a female is healthy. So what disease can discharge poison? What food can discharge poison?

What disease can discharge poison? What food can discharge poison? (1)

1, what disease can discharge poison

1, cough

Cough is very common, it is the measure of a kind of protection of human body actually, conduce to eliminate the foreign body that invades respiratory tract from the outside or secretion, eliminate respiratory tract to stimulate factor. If cough to be used,relieve a cough medicaments, meet what stay in the dirty stuff of aggravating inflammation in respiratory tract to go against inflammation eliminate.

2, vomiting

Vomiting is for the material with harmful to human body eduction, absorb in order to decrease, it is the reflex of a kind of defence of airframe. If use medicaments to stop right now,spit, can make harmful material stops inside body, the harm is healthy. If vomiting is turned over,companion has abdominal pain, have a fever when waiting for a symptom, should instantly go to a doctor.

3, diarrhoea

Diarrhoea especially fecal discrepant smelly when, often be the toxin that the body is coming from food or other side in eduction. When encountering diarrhoea, should adopt law of make the best use of the circumstances, drink a cup of hot water for example, help bowel path discharges toxin as soon as possible. If have serious diarrhoea, meaning again and again, defecate measures little, anal ministry to have convulsion sex ache, or fecal belt blood, or at the same time companion has abdominal pain, have a fever, when the symptom such as vomiting, should instantly go to a doctor.

4, stream nosebleed

We are OK shedding nosebleed to regard is airframe ego " reduce internal heat " a kind of means. When shedding nosebleed can need not worry, it can be stopped by oneself inside short time.

But, if nose bleeds in great quantities more than when should instantly go to a doctor, often hemal sclerosis, blood pressure crosses advanced disease to cause this inside body.

5, have a fever

Once temperature exceeded centigrade 37 degrees are belonged to have a fever. If having a fever to take antipyretic at the beginning, accentuate possibly instead illness. If temperature prep above is centigrade 38.5 degrees, or continuously low fever is not retreated, or companion has hair rash, acuteness have a headache, when symptom of arthralgia, convulsion, should instantly go to a doctor.

2, what food can discharge poison

1, Hei Mu ear

The plant that black agaric contains is colloid have stronger absorption affinity, but adsorptive remain is in the impurity inside human body digestion, clean blood, often edible still can keep clear of effectively the pollutant inside body. Black agaric also is first-rate clear bowel discharges poisonous food, and after the provision that passes airing treats water, expand, can bring more moisture to alvine path.

2, ginger

The winter eats turnip summer to take a surname, ginger can let taste bud develop effectiveness not only, still can start metabolic process, erode toxin. This is the decision of ginger hot element that by its Gao Nong spends.

3, spinach

Spinach can clear the heat in human body intestines and stomach is poisonous, can prevent and cure constipation, make a person radiant, be known as intestines and stomach to heat up poison " clear labour " . One sort is contained in spinach leaf insulin appearance material, can make blood sugar maintains stable; spinach to contain a lot ofall sorts of vitamins, can prevent and cure quarrel phlogistic, nyctalopia.

4, lemon

Lemon contains a lot ofvitamin C, poison of platoon of lung of can effective help, relieve a cough expectorant, return the problem that can improve blood to circulate, help blood moves normally, the loop discharging poison of your whole body is able to move normally, have beautiful white effect.

5, avocado

Avocado contains a lot ofprandial fiber, yellow ketone compound and not saturated and adipose -- the strong clear bowel that these small fruits that are like beryl are like this however ability. Prandial fiber conduces to enhance full abdomen sense, yellow ketone compound has antiphlogistic effect, not saturated and adipose it is to be able to help combustion abdomen adipose health is adipose. Not saturated and adipose still can help you reduce the cholesterol inside body. In other words, avocado is ashman of the most welcome intestines and stomach.

3, platoon poison has what profit

Clear intestines and stomach: Clear bowel can let be taken a rest by the intestines and stomach of food of crowded and fat food, rubbish everyday, make headroom of intestines and stomach, reduce alvine path burden.

Eliminate halitosis: Alvine way is evil corporeal corner can cause halitosis, clear bowel can bowel outside body of harmful material eduction, eliminate halitosis inducement.

Prevent a disease: Alvine path toxin is accumulated, cause disease of heart head blood-vessel, alvine path disease easily to wait, clear bowel can toxin eduction body outside, prevent the happening of the disease.

Sanitarian preserve one's health: Clear bowel is helpful for adjusting immune system and stimulative metabolism, can eliminate autointoxication already, can reduce other to excrete organic burden again, restore cerebrum to regain consciousness with sensitivity, remove fatigue.

Adjust the mood: After clear bowel, the body is lightsome, meeting feeling is carefree and relaxed. Clear bowel is helpful for eliminating fretted and uneasy mood, make body and mind optimistic.

Platoon poison raises colour: If the harmful material in excrement and urine does not have seasonable eduction, can be relapsed to absorb by alvine wall, toxin reachs each place of human body along with the loop inside body, cause complexion dark and gloomy, splash, acne, skin likely coarse wait for a problem. Eduction of clean bowel path is harmful material, remove the factor that causes skin disease, conduce to hairdressing raising colour.

Precaution is fat: Cleared bowel way is evil material, maintain good alvine line function, make metabolization is balanced, reduce adipose accumulation.