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What does the method of winter dispel blain have? Winter how blain of effective and fast dispel?

Winter skin gives oil exceedingly much also, the skin of some people also is unusual appearance grows blain easily, winter grows blain, dispel blain also is exceedingly difficult, but also have in the method of winter dispel blain exceedingly much, the importunate word that has been close friends only, regular meeting has very much effect, so after all what does the method of winter dispel blain have? Winter how blain of effective and fast dispel? Everybody introduction is below.

What does the method of winter dispel blain have? Winter how blain of effective and fast dispel? (1)

1, the method of winter dispel blain

Red turnip juice disappear acne

Material: Leaf of 8 1kg carrot, peach

Practice: Ready right amount red turnip is abluent, put into juicer to extract juice to reserve, in putting ready peach leaf bowl next, add boil 400ml juice, mix divide evenly of turnip juice agitate finally, wash a face 3 times with this juice everyday, a day of potion, insist to use 3 days, can eliminate acne blain.

Gram eliminates whelk

Material: 100g gram pink, clear water

Practice: In ready gram powder, add right amount warm boiled water to mediate, together agitate is become mushy, frost of make it gram, in loading its a clean container, in face every night before sleeping, the place that gram frost inunction is growing blain blain, hold to 10-20 minute. Use everyday, 1-2 or so months of whelk is improved apparently.

A surname child treat facial whelk

Material: Medlar

Practice: Prepare fresh medlar abluent, the batter down in putting juicer next takes juice, as at ordinary times daub cream is same, be in the daub with even juice facial, besmear everyday 1-2 second, probably 7-10 day left and right sides, whelk has decrease apparently.

Ginkgo eliminates whelk

Material: Ginkgo

Practice: Prepare fresh ginkgo, next take out crust, the position that growing blain blain with ginkgo directly gently back and forth inunction, the edge brushs edge expurgation to had used a part, use 1-2 everyday, use time is to be faced every night before sleeping. Insist to use 7 ~ 14 times commonly, can eliminate whelk.

2, go blain imprints note

The first, the attention is clean facial

After occurrence blain imprints, should hour vigilance cutaneous is clean, after occurrence blain of some patients skin imprints, did not clear the skin, right now blain imprints place can have bacterium and dust, deepened the color that blain imprints, accompanying grease possibly still to secrete at the same time and appear the circumstance that blain blain grows repeatedly, suggest everybody is reached in the morning everyday go out come back should seasonable clean skin, notice water is warm even at the same time, avoid to cause stimulation to skin organization.

The 2nd, notice food is discharged poisonous

The patient that occurrence blain blain and blain imprint still should notice diet is healthy at ordinary times, prevent the toxin deposit inside the body, avoid the circumstance with constipation and disorder endocrine to happen especially, the patient should eat bit of fruit vegetable more at ordinary times, the vitamin C that OK still and compensatory skin needs reachs moisture, discharging poison to diminish inflammation also is very advantageous.

The 3rd, attention the skin nurses

The circumstance that the need after cutaneous protects behoove to should notice to washing a face imprints according to blain chooses to medication differently, if not serious word, can imprint in blain with a few vegetable apply darker place, if use cucumber, potato to wait, can have desalt spot mark and beautiful white effect.