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What does dawdler protect the method of skin to have? It how dawdler protects skin is good how dawdler protects skin?

alleged without ugly woman, have lazy woman only, lazy woman also cannot too lazy, also should notice to issue what oneself skin to nurse, dawdler nurses without so much patience the skin, so, what does dawdler protect the method of skin to have? It how dawdler protects skin is good how dawdler protects skin? There are these two issues below, actor or actress accordingly actor is young make up how do reading an article together say.

What does dawdler protect the method of skin to have? It how dawdler protects skin is good how dawdler protects skin? (1)

1, the method that dawdler protects skin

Shape of 1 choice latex or frost shape discharge makeup article, brush only do not wash.

Appear when skin small issue when, the discharge that is about to avoid to use meeting emulsification makeup oil product. Because the process of emulsification can wash the grease of skin surface, film of fat letting a skin attenuates, cause skin thereby sensitive. Change latex shape or the discharge of frost shape makeup taste, besmear them on the face, massage a little after coming, reoccupy makes up continous erase.

The 2 means washing a face that insist not to bubble, avoid knead as far as possible.

Hold to the not bubbly means that wash a face, spill with Wen Shui only wash a cheek, when washing a face, avoid energetically knead, skin just won't wash drier more. If your concern is washed sordid and insist to use face of bubble type clean to taste, can try so " law of bubble apply face " : Give rub of the grandma that wash a face rich bubble, apply is in a minute on the face, reoccupy warm water is rinsed clean.

3 little put on the skin a few maintain article, give skin the chance that breathe freely.

Skin is broken during feeding, do not have absolutely " must use protect skin to taste " custom, everything masters neatly according to the state of skin. Recommend use can increase sequel to absorb, strengthen protect wet " appetizing " make up water. If do not feel close to stretch tight, elliptically elite fluid, latex, cream also just as well.

4 moist nightly latexes and late frost, change to be used in the morning.

Skin resembles intestines and stomach same, break the absorption after feeding to be able to become particularly good. Maintain late before undertake no longer besides main clean job other maintain, the skin that whats do not brush is passed one all night break feed, absorb force to be able to rise apparently. Can use the nightly latex that should use in the evening originally early in the morning the following day or late frost, make sure skin absorbs nutrition entirely, and also need not worry again too too moist meeting brings about float pink. Local and special the place that lacks water is OK again much put on the skin, let skin grease is balanced.

5 basises skin " pull alarm " weight, the decision applies " flesh is broken feed " time length.

Skin appears in front mention apply to " flesh is broken feed " when the state, should apply skin is broken rapidly feed maintain law. Once skin has the appearance that improve, even if also can stop one day only " break feed " , if do not have rehabilitation, that executes a day again. After skin returns to normal, can return the method that convention maintains.

2, the rehabilitate that the skin basks in

1, ultraviolet illuminate makes capillary outspread, cause inflammation, should use immediately at this moment protect wet sparge to undertake dropping in temperature to skin, it is better to put sparge put sparge in the effect inside freezer beforehand. The product of the choice has aplomb, fight quick maintain article, if contain element of bursa of plum of detailed of foreign Gan Ju, Lu Hui, licorice, gold, make water,wait for composition.

2, temporary out of service everything maintains, colour makeup product, recover from an illness till the skin after basking in till.

3, if want to undertake preventing basking in a movement, the proposal uses cap, respirator, wear the means such as coat to replace use prevent bask in breast, so right the skin after basking in just won't be stimulated 2 degrees.

If appear unfortunately,work urticant even when desquamate agnail circumstance, can take the medicaments of an antiphlogistic steroid, can drop case of the agnail inside body at high speed, again tie-in use contain Bo make water acerbity, algal etc have those who keep wet effect part to maintain article, the skin after alleviation is basked in is dry feeling, reduce the odds that the melanin inside body forms.

After basking in that day maintain countermeasure

Keyword: Slow, aplomb

1, discriminate skin to bask in a symptom. If skin be being basked in is primary only, so drop in temperature in filling water after emergency treatment, can use in the evening protect Shi Meibai to taste, if skin has begun hair is painful that not informal use product.

2, the skin after be being basked in nurses protect skin to taste pace pelter to be the simplest, do only it is basic cleanness, OK to keep wet job, the choice indicates gentle, quick flesh is special wait for model of written characters fight quick product, or the product that does not contain black radical, flavor, lubricious makings to wait, PH value is less than the weak acidity of 7 and go the product with fat small force.

The water when writing down cleanness sincerely is warm want with skin temperature similar, gimmick wants gentleness. With down water divides towel general to be pressed gently after cleanness, is not to wipe.

3, the skin after cleanness is unfavorable make appliance has chamfer qualitative, go keeping wet product oilily, can choose the rehabilitate after basking in keep wet product, still had better be the quality of a material of Li shape, aplomb is slow relaxed.

Had basked in cost off a skin like peel skin, can prepare film of a few paper and gauze, spray on paper film and gauze many vivid spring, paper film apply is on the face, gauze apply is on the body, it is next in the process of apply, water of ceaseless also gush, those who maintain them is wet. Every time apply 15 ~ 20 minutes, at least morning and evening each. This to leather fat film long protect the elimination with inflammation, very effective.

The day is lain between after basking in maintain countermeasure

Keyword: Protect wet, long protect

1, continue calm, slow: Continue to use those who have calm conciliation to keep wet product, choose water of a few hot spring to be able to help repair damage skin.

2, strengthen absorb, repair protects wet protective screen: The cuticular cell that is basked in gradually dies as a result of inflammation, at this moment whole face can begin to remove a skin to take off bits. To desquamation old old cutin, cannot use grind arenaceous cream come purify, should point to with the hand opportunely, make up cotton, through massaging, wipe wait for a movement to keep clear of blandly corneous. Fill at this moment Li became gel of surFacial mask, filling water to help straw, to skin compensatory and enough water is divided, repair skin protects water protective screen.

3, beautiful Bai Xiufu tastes use: Suntanned skin wants to restore as soon as possible in former days Bai Xi, had better be the apply after be being basked in is over the United States cooperates to maintain in vain again after keeping wet noodle film, usable beautiful Bai Xiu protects elite to resist oxidation and erythema are formed, can achieve aggrandizement metabolism function more, promote redundant melanin rapid eduction, achieve the result of get twice the result with half the effort.