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Why to meet into wintry skin very dry? How is skin becomes dry to return a responsibility?

In dry winter, our skin can become especially other and dry, coming is because of the reason with dry air, 2 coming is nurse because of what the body skins did not do those who cause good, skin dry meeting makes skin Sao urticant, it is to cannot be caught flinch, so, why to meet into wintry skin very dry? How is skin becomes dry to return a responsibility? Will look.

Why to meet into wintry skin very dry? How is skin becomes dry to return a responsibility? (1)

1, the account that makes skin dry

Bring about the really fierce main expression with dry skin to be in the following respects:

1: Ageing also can take away your moisture

Resist skin ageing, every MM should struggle for it all one's life. Appearance ageing is the natural appearance that cannot avoid, but through maintaining appropriately with nurse, however but the degree of ageing of effective slow down skin. Skin ageing above all the symptom is dry and lose flexibility, as the addition of the age, the content of natural moist factor in skin cutin layer decreases, cause cutaneous hydration ability to drop, it is normal cutaneous only 75% , then this can accentuate the degree with dry skin. Nurse at ordinary times so we should choose to resemble Q10 not only complementary such enzymatic fighting the product of oxidation, also want to choose a few class status that can promote collagen albumen hyperplasia so like Zun Xuan Vc, make skin reply stretch.

Besides everyday indispensable skin maintains outside the homework, also should eat pair of food, choose pair of nutriment. Increase for instance contain a lot ofcollagen albumen and stretch albumen alimental to absorb, eat soja to complement more plant estrogen, defer consenescence. The most important, want to drink water more, will make sure human body oneself has enough moisture content.

2: Engine room still is scattered than Sahala with a ha pull

The plane can be maintained only in the humidity of cabin of altitude flight opportunity in 10 the following, compare desert simply even dry (the humidity of the the Sahara is 20) , because this can cause a dry tongue dry not only, can make the skin dry more. So by air when must drink clear water more, the proposal is carried a few protect Shi Shuang and the try out outfit that protect wet sparge, so that at any time daub, retain skin moisture.

3: Below caution these composition

Drying skin is being chosen wet to protecting article while meet even a few more carefully aggravate skin is dry the composition of the state. For instance acetone is mixed alcohol, acetone is the commonnest in Yu Xijia water. Finger needle and fingernail can discover after so you are using oil of armour of cleanness of the water that wash armour two side will be even more dry, remember certainly so frost of use embellish hand and embellish armour frost will protect hand ministry skin. Alcohol is very common in a lot of products, especially a few make up water and perfume. Perfume itself with respect to all sorts of flavor jumbly, be in cervical after crossing perfume with artifice spray, also meet what aggravate skins is dry.

4: Air conditioning house is prime criminal

Permanent worker makes the OL at the office, the paineddest is air conditioning to skin harm increasingly. Although temperature is reduced,can reduce skin oil yield, but every drop the temperature inside air conditioning room 5 degrees, the humidity in air can decrease 20% , then skin can lack water even more. Fill at any time so water is very important, one bottle can prepare to protect wet sparge on desk, containing green tea elite and algal elite is right choice, besides protect wet still can fight oxidation. After the attention uses spray, should press gently with clean hand or paper towel pressure facial, it is better to make skin is absorbed.

5: Want clean not dry

(1) bathes / bubble soup. Just had bathed perhaps the skin that bubble spends hot spring can let you feel special water embellish is tender, but the moisture of bring into contact with of surface of the skin when bathing can not arrive deep skin ground floor will be your filling water. Contrary, bath dew and the oil that water can absorb your skin surface are divided, divide in exterior water slowly dry when, if not be skin complement to protect Shi Shuang immediately, that can let skin become more thirst. What should notice particularly is, frequent bathing meeting lets your skin have not enough time to produce natural oily component, everybody must not be carried " oily " color changes, the oily component of skin oneself is very main, it can protect the moisture content in skin.

(2) bubble bath breeds / wash a face. Dry skin should be chosen not only wet to protecting protect skin to taste, with respect to Lian Mu bath breeds and wash grandma to want to take care to choose. Drying cutaneous person, had better not make have the bubble grandma that wash a face, because of drying cutaneous person, skin itself is short of oil to lack water more or less, if use,this kind of grandma that wash a face can wash the oil with flay additional skin. Because of this kind of cutaneous person, had better make have amino acid kind the grandma that wash a face. Bubble does not want too rich, it is OK to can be washed clean.

2, the method that precaution basks in

The preparation before insolation

1. gives even and beautiful color of skin to make the skin is basked in, before undertaking sunbathe, come to the body certainly general cleaning: Clean and facial skin, dispel body ageing is corneous, also do not want even the place such as elbow, knee, calcaneal to let off.

2. escape shot relatively intense period of time to in relief at 3 o'clock afternoon illumination at 11 o'clock in the morning. The UVB activity in ultraviolet ray of this paragraph of time is normally brisker, although your complete equips, facial ministry, foot ministry still can stay bask in mark.

Insolation is medium caress

1. drinks water more. Because pass the skin of insolation to be able to become dry, lose moisture, exterior cutin hardens, thereby slow down metabolizes, the time with whiten skin also can be lengthened consequently.

2. is wiped frequently prevent bask in frost, and must notice, daub is even, once bask in,become otherwise " panda " , it is so easy to want to change to be done not have. General two hours left and right sides, be about new daub is prevented bask in frost. In the seaside, prevent bask in a product should 15- - 20 minutes or so complement, SPF value must be in 30 above. But also cannot too tall, can bring a burden to the skin otherwise.

Insolation hind is repaired protect

The beautiful Bai Xiufu after 1. comes home is very important also. Beautiful white product conduces to those who restrain melanin generating, the melanin of cell of desalt cutin layer, make the skin restores Bai Xi.

2. outer insolate after a day, cooperate dispel cutin and the body breed that have beautiful white part, desalt trace.

3. undertakes depth nurses. Most person skin is basked in after was being spent, arrive with respect to go to somewhere for shelter in beauty parlour, one kind this is effective really is repaired quickly protect. Nurse through depth, can keep clear of the corneous layer that loses a function because of insolation, the corneous layer that allows li of layer is shown come out, complement to these new cells next ionic water is efficient protect wet, make pigment nature is decreased weak a lot of, color of skin also bleachs subsequently, will alleviate thereby cutaneous chromatism.

Nurse the program includes cleanness probably, massage, bate cutin, cleared dead skin, protect wet, beauty to nurse in vain reach ultraviolet segregation to wait.