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How does body skin nurse not dry? How does change garments according to the season nurse systemic skin?

Body skin is in change garments according to the season when, very easy and dry, especially when Qiu Dong is seasonal, this is caused, so, how does body skin nurse not dry? How does change garments according to the season nurse systemic skin? There are these two issues below, actor or actress accordingly actor is young make up how do reading an article together say, will learn.

How does body skin nurse not dry? How does change garments according to the season nurse systemic skin? (1)

1, body skin nurses method

Bath piece:

Must not use the clean skin things with oily distinct effect: Limb of our hands or feet is to do not have sebaceous glands excretive almost; Accordingly, must avoid to use in clean cutaneous moment go the basic black with oily strong quality kind, choose small acidity as far as possible protect wet model bath breast, even with water cleanness can!

Bubble bath: Taking the advantage of slow body and mind when the soda acid value that balances body skin, add the skin at the same time this some is mineral. If you add cutin of bate of bath salt in order to, able-bodied skin knowledgeably, it is at the same time next protect wet alimentary prepare, enjoyment bubble bath is more cheerful significant.

The water when because the weather is cold,increasing bath with respect to absoluteness ground is warm: When water lukewarm excessive when because skin cell gets hurt and the meeting was destroyed originally beautiful skin is qualitative, need only normally with exceeding temperature the appropriate water of 5 ℃ is warm (namely ℃ of 40 ℃ ~42) bath skin, just do not send cause skin dry with flabby.

Towel using after bath is the culprit with dry skin: The people after bath reviews idiomatic towel exerts all his strength mostly cleanse the body, injure the skin not only so, still can take away the moisture that goes up personally. Right way is, pat the moisture on dry body gently, be in in skin small when wet condition, wet body breast is protected on put on the skin.

Chamfer is qualitative piece:

The beauty of healthy skin, come from metabolization vigor of the loop. Especially Xia Qiuzhi is handed in, dry air, make the body dry desquamate, very ugly. How ability safety leaves effectively ageing cutin layer, is skin of your whole body new coruscate opportunity of survival? Teddy recommends Chu Qiu to go corneous entire program, help your cap-a-pie perfect decay!

Body cutin sends an area high: Nigrescent paling elbow, leg ministry, high-heeled shoes is sufficient

Elbow: The cutin of the place such as elbow is particularly thick hard, can use lemon piece will massage knead, after be being passed several times abluent, the latex of bate cutin is had on besmear again, massage gently to absorb can.

Double leg: Trifling bath salt or oil of essence of life are added in water when bubble bath (also can be) of half body bath, immerse 5~10 after minute, be brushed with soft wool or be cloth of natural towel gourd, begin to be brushed up from sole, arrive through crus ham, stimulate whole and lymphatic system. Right amount chamfer qualitative frostlike powder is taken after the cutin that brushed skin surface layer, chafe first ham place, ; of from above to below chafes again crus place, ; of from bottom to top wants to chafe repeatedly up and down back and forth.

High-heeled shoes is sufficient: Often wear high-heeled shoes, or crural ministry skin is particularly thick hard, can be in successive a week takes the advantage of plantar small wet state after bath everyday, pledge with floatstone or chamfer marvellous purify is redundant dead skin, but ten million cannot have worried a head, lest stimulate skin, cause broken skin inflammation.

Chamfer qualitative fire is a mountainous area: Dry and coarse hand ministry, back, hip

Hand ministry: Purify hand ministry is corneous, after washing the hand clean above all, use temperature makes an appointment with the lukewarm bleb hand of 40 ℃ 10 minutes, bate cutin, use chamfer to pledge frost draws a circle to massage gently in the palm and artifice next make an appointment with 2-3 after minute, rinse clean with clear water, reassume is right amount daub of the frost that protect a hand is whole palm and artifice, can add more to finger, tiger's mouth-jaws of death and articulatory place massage.

Back: Chamfer is operated alone character rise some difficulty. Ministry of shoulder of steam small evaporate and back are used first when bathing, the corneous win over by soft tactics with old olden, your chamfer is qualitative more relaxed. The tool with clean best back is brush of special down long handle, grasp a brush with left hand first by next upgrade scrub right back, again the right hand grasps a brush to wash left back by next upgrade, use helix account next anticlockwise direction massages back, quicken haemal circulation, exciting metabolism, purify deposit is mixed in the cutin of back grease.

Coxal: Can use appropriative shine skin grinds arenaceous Li. Its grind cutin of arenaceous atomic and effective purify distinctly, but effective purify often abandons a cell, flowing skin, have what cause skin closely to massage the effect at the same time, close fact of your hip skin is smooth bouncy.

Moist piece:

After chamfer is qualitative, the perfect rehabilitate of skin still has a bit the most important, namely must the rehabilitate on the horse is moist the body, must want to use body of the smear after Wen Shuichong is clean latex or moist degree of taller embellish skin frost, protection is new shown skin cell, let local skin become silky and exquisite.

Brush frost of latex of body embellish skin frequently: Additional, brush frost of latex of body embellish skin frequently, let skin much layer caress, can saying is Chu Qiubao raise press an axis, body cutaneous the blind angle that weather-shack, desquamate and fold are leak age! The whole body after remembering answering bath in every is timely, appropriately latex of smear embellish skin, can complement instantly not only when bathing more or less along with all the others clean moisture and grease, still can make up for the inadequacy on physiology function.

Skin of change garments according to the season is sensitive, notice embellish body breeds gentle sex: When wintry spring change garments according to the season, of the change as a result of environmental temperature, humidity reduce, let keep the job with not easy water all along more show difficulty, sensitive and scratchy problem also follows perform. Scrub of exceeding cleanness, emphatic is allergy causes in spring advocate because of! Those who note clean articles for use is gentle degree, the stop where it should stop that careful chamfer works character, of frostlike powder of attentive latex milk low excitant, be not perplexed aglow by itching one entire season.

Choosing the body to protect wet latex is, want to notice to choose to be able to be absorbed quickly, can keep skin for long the body of wet condition protects skin product.

2, the skin that bask in an injury how repair

Aloe: Natural Lu Hui is had fight phlogistic antiseptic action, and the ramification of the glucoside of natural anthracene Kun in Lu Hui or anthracene, can absorb ultraviolet radiation, prevent the skin red, speckle arises. The experiment makes clear, aloe leach thing is right the animal of artificial scar, have shorten cure day of number and the action that spend stimulative heal gently. After be being basked in so, you can choose natural Lu Hui, undertake sticking apply to injury place, also can buy aloe glue to undertake handling to injury place to drugstore.

Boiled water: The tannic acid in tea has very good convergent effect, be basked in by the sun like peel skin red, the boiled water put on the skin of usable refrigeration is being basked in red place, in order to reduce the feeling with painful bright.

Watermelon skin: Take the watermelon skin of right amount size, will most the harder green skin ream outside, cut watermelon skin small chip next, put the recipient that is in clean equably inside, the watermelon skin that cut these small chip puts the cold storage inside freezer period of time, take out next, get on apply of skin of small chip watermelon in the face directly can, after OK and very good rehabilitate is basked in, skin flimsily, the effect of watermelon skin rehabilitate after the course is refrigerated is better, OK and very good help skin drops in temperature, compensatory moisture, lock water is protected wet.

Strawberry: Strawberry contains a lot ofvitamin C, eat conduce to reduce more bask in. Vitamin C not only can keep clear of the human body that ultraviolet illuminate produces is free base, still synthesize in collagen albumen additionally, maintain skin flexibility respect to have tremendous effect. The food that contains a lot ofvitamin C still has red sweetbell redpepper, Chinese flowering quince, on the west orchid, orange.

Young soya bean: The bean products such as young soya bean and bean curd, soya-bean milk contains many plant compound different yellow ketone, have protective effect to skin collagen. Animal experiment makes clear, through food compensatory different yellow ketone can reduce the wrinkle that brings about as a result of ultraviolet ray, make the skin smoother.

Green tea: Take right amount green tea powder, right amount honey, will both mix together, agitate is become mushy, film of fine synthesis green tea face puts the iced inside freezer, take out next, even ground daub is on facial skin, after waiting for 20 minutes, clean clean, every week 3, can be like the skin rehabilitate after basking in first. It can help facial ministry adequately drop in temperature, protect the skin of damage, and the effect that adds honey to more heal is injured, also make facial department more slick fine and glossy.

Tomato: Tomato contains many tomato red element, have smooth cutaneous effect. Level of tomato red element is higher, the skin is smoother. Additional, watermelon and carrot also are very good choice.