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How to let the skin become a few whiter? What is the method with some whitener skin?

How to let the skin become a few whiter? Bai Xi's skin can let you look at more moving, also can let you more those who attract the opposite sex. But the skin of paper of a lot of younger sister is not very white, so, how to let the skin become a few whiter? What is the method with some whitener skin? There are these two issues below, actor or actress accordingly actor is young make up how do reading an article together say.

How to let the skin become a few whiter? What is the method with some whitener skin? (1)

1, skin beauty's white method

1, fixed platoon is poisonous concentrated beauty is white

Toxin is to make Chinese woman color of skin dark the main factor that sinks to pile up with splash. Accordingly, what make appliance has the efficient effect that discharge poison regularly is concentrated model the United States nurses in vain elite, can the An heavy color of skin that deepness improves skin surface layer to be formed as a result of old bad cell and pigment accumulation, metabolization toxin while your skin becomes pure Bai Xi.

2, white cream of natural plant beauty is skin " put out a fire "

Skin expert discovers, the natural cream part that in pricking medicine of root of pear, licorice, root of herbaceous peony, contains can cure skin interior inflammation effectively, restrain excessive melanin synthesis. Because this contains the beauty of this kind of composition,white cream cream can be helped slow " the fire of skin " exciting, improve pigment deposit, splash and color of skin not all phenomenon.

3, reject skin exhaustion to prevent inflammation

Can drop subsequently when the resistance when skin exhaustion, be invaded more easily consequently by suffer from excessive internal heat and inflammation. So, to flimsy and sensitive for the skin with pressure, have slow, fight quick, the beauty that enhances skin resistance effect maintains in vain indispensable.

4, protect amply wet open the United States white passageway

Skin water content is higher, of skin appear a gender taller, can promote follow-up product to be absorbed better thereby. The choice holds concurrently protect richly wet the product that distributes with beautiful Bai Cheng, daub hind releases enough moisture content, open cell absorbs a passageway, make beautiful white composition more thorough thereby the ground permeates skin, bring effect of lasting water embellish Bai Xi.

5, gentle shine skin recuperates heavy panel cutin layer

Dry meeting makes corneous cell metabolization unusual, skin is coarse dark heavy. Use the part of beautiful Bai Huanfu that has gentle chamfer qualitative effect, can keep clear of for example the second alcoholic acid of dead skin cell, can the salicylic acid of dredge pore, lactic acid that can quicken melanin cell to fall off, tender chamfer pledges and the help improves corneous layer unusual, make returning Qing Dynasty of color of skin fully bright.

2, use face of the bath that clean out rice correctly

1. is controlled everyday wash one second

Although the water that clean out rice is good, but we suggest only everyday evening is used, because again good thing also cannot be used every day, the action that can make the skin right clean out rice water loses susceptibility, the beauty that wash a face's white effect no longer remarkable, accordingly, the number that controls face of the bath that clean out rice and frequency also are us the moment that wash a face is the lightest the blind area of oversight.

2. washs a face to should notice water is warm

But should control good water with face of the bath that clean out rice lukewarm, because clean out the temperature of rice water,be cooler, can add a few hot water appropriately, the water that keeps proper is warm be to be able to promote cutaneous blood to circulate.

3. is used wash a face blandly grandma

When using face of the bath that clean out rice, if had drawn colour makeup that day, best collocation an a bit gentler grandma that wash a face, be in commonly normally after discharge makeup, reuse washs a face to suckle wash facial ministry skin with the Shui Laiqing that clean out rice, let clean out rice water adequately infiltration cutaneous each inches, help pore is opened, smudgy eliminate, reductive cutaneous fair-skinneds in vain.

4. clears corneous want seasonable

Average woman, half month can do cutin to clear the job, can use broken rice broken bits to mix the water that clean out rice, massage facial ministry gently together, the key strengthens the massage of trigonometry area and labial ministry, the ageing cutin layer that asks these position falls off slowly, show inside exquisite and white tender new student skin, notice massage strength, do not make pretty force, make the skin easily erubescent.