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What does the simple method of fast dispel blain have? What method can go does blain imprint and very simple still?

In the life, a lot of people are in the pressure that comes from a family for a long time, under the pressure that still has the job, the blain blain on the face is increasing, the whole Yan Zhi that affects a person exceedingly, what do you know the method of blain of fast purify blain has then? Reckon a lot of people want to know exceedingly, below, introduce the method of blain of fast dispel blain to old furniture body.

What does the simple method of fast dispel blain have? What method can go does blain imprint and very simple still? (1)

1, the simple method of fast dispel blain

How does long blain blain do on the face? How fast dispel blain? Arranged a few kinds to contain film of dispel blain face, it is the simple method of blain of very fast dispel, the hope can help you.

1, cucumber goes blain imprints film

Abstain juice of Chinese cabbage cucumber to go to blain beauty flour film stuff: Cabbage patch Xie Yi piece, small cucumber two.

Method: Will cabbage patch abluent hind, with electric iron dish leaf iron, catch again abluent cucumber, put juice of the extort in fruit juice machine, stand-by.

Apply uses: After clean face, first cucumber juice equably Tu Fu arrives facial on, will ironed again then cabbage patch Xie Gai arrives on the face, after waiting to make an appointment with 30 minutes, get off, reoccupy clear water washs a face can.

Applicable: Apply to all sorts of long blain skin to pledge.

Stick person: The proposal uses this money to abstain 2-3 of film of dispel blain face every week second.

2, carrot + flour

Use method

1. takes fresh carrot abluent, dolly.

2. reachs the carrot of dolly its juice, join flour to pound mud.

3. general carrot mud, apply at facial ministry, tertian, ten minutes can.

Effect: This Facial mask has the function of the dark sore of mark of spot of dispel whelk, desalt, cure, furrow that fight a side. If can eat some of carrot more (thoroughly cook eat, digest with what benefit Yu Huluo predicts element absorb) , it is better that exterior and interior holds remedial effect concurrently. If sheet uses carrot to pound mud agglutinant good, besmear drops not easily in the skin, but need not flour. With the juice of carrot extort besmear washs a face to also have good effect.

3, Chinese cabbage leaf + bottle

Use method

1. purchases fresh Chinese cabbage, get off whole dish leaf is abluent.

2. puts Chinese cabbage leaf on clean chopping board to level, grind gently with bottle press ten minutes or so, show a network till blade mushy. the net mushy dish leaf apply is on the face, every ten minutes replace a lamina, change 3 pieces repeatedly. Do every day.

Effect: Have remedial blain blain and the effect of beautiful white filling water, via commonly used Chinese cabbage the leaf comes apply face, the skin can become very smooth bouncy. In the meantime, face of apply of Chinese cabbage leaf, it is the cheapest effective prescription that divide blain!

2, the subtle move of dispel blain blain

1. fills adequately for skin water is protected wet

Weather wind works energetically dry, beautiful eyebrow people skin is easier and dry, sensitive and give oil, blain blain skin also becomes more rampant. Because the grease of skin is secreted,this is very exuberant, grease jams pore, blain blain nature grows more more. Want to solve the blain blain problem that as a result of skin water oil lopsided place causes, so, beautiful eyebrow people be about to had done essential filling water to keep wet job, seasonable after clean face daub protects skin water, had better be to be carried protect wet sparge, have the skin of blain blain to itself, beautiful eyebrow people can pledge optionally moderate land, right blain blain has alleviate of action defend water of skin of wet sparge He Shuang, let skin drink full water, avoid blain blain wanton cause.

2. maintains happy state of mind

Now nowadays, the life rhythm of people is very fast, female friends also are having the pressure of his life and job, especially the beautiful eyebrow of office worker people, face so great life and actuating pressure, if not seasonable solution is pressed, the body and skin are met certain toxin cannot eduction, this also is the main reason that brings about skin to cause blain blain. Accordingly, beautiful eyebrow people no matter having trouble of problem of what kind of skin, must maintain the good humor of happy joy, relax pressure of the body, slow down appropriately, blain blain skin also can alleviate somewhat.

Blain of blain of dispel of oil of essence of 3. tea tree

To problem of blain blain skin, beautiful eyebrow people can try to use blain of oily dispel of tea tree essence. Because oil of tea tree essence is had can convergence and the action that skin undisturbedly, accordingly, beautiful eyebrow people can essence of daub tea tree is oily, and the Facial mask of oil of essence of one apply tea tree comes to apply alleviate and the blain of convergent skin surface.

Blain of blain of dispel of 4. green tea pink

Green tea is had can help radiant of skin antagonism computer beautiful skin effect, in the meantime, because green tea sex is cool, can help skin composed, diminish inflammation is antiseptic, accordingly, green tea also can help dispel blain. Beautiful eyebrow people can undertake right amount green tea pink and honey mixture, next the form of film of make it face, daub is on facial skin, after 20 minutes, reoccupy warm water cleans facial skin clean can. This film can help skin astringent blain, restrain blain blain cause, special the beautiful eyebrow that applies to love to grow blain blain people.

3, the method that purify blain imprints

1, black blain imprints nurse method

Some of blain imprints present black color, because the melanin of place deposit precipitates after blain blain agnail,these black blain imprint is, black blain imprints general meeting as the elapse of time slowly abreaction, and if there is black blain to imprint on beautiful eyebrow face, can try such coming that nurse!

(1) plant beauty is white elite nurses

These black blain imprint spoken parts in an opera is melanin precipitation, beautiful eyebrow people can try to use a few plant elite liquid that have beautiful white effect, for example tomato, milk, white vinegar will massage the skin, can quicken disintegrate melanin.

(2) chamfer is prevented character bask in synchronism nurses

Normally the circumstance falls, beautiful eyebrow people if be not paid attention to,prevent bask in, skin is very easy deposit melanin, and the work protecting skin with simple chamfer is not done good, skin is met dark heavy, bring about blain to imprint cannot purify. So, the needle imprints to black blain, beautiful eyebrow people need will go cutin and prevent the synchronism of the job that protect skin that bask in to undertake, the dead skin of purify ageing, restrain melanin deposit, gradually purify black blain imprints.

2, gules blain imprints nurse method

Gules blain imprints, it is the hemal dilate that causes as a result of place of agnail of blain blain cell commonly, and the blood-vessel after blain blain expunction did not contract immediately, a when present temporary gules blain imprints. And if skin temperature is exorbitant, gules blain imprints still can jump over an invention to show. So, how to nurse does lubricious blain of ability enough Ling Gong imprint somewhat convergent?

(1) is strengthened refrigeration is protected wet

Imprint to gules blain, beautiful eyebrow people need often does refrigeration to protect to the skin nurse wetly, can go up in facial skin with cold towel apply, imprint in gules blain place is added more massage, later wet cream is protected on daub again or bright skin water, the blain that can help convergent red effectively imprints.

(Film of face of 2) aloe honey

Beautiful eyebrow people if gules blain imprints, might as well will protect skin with film of aloe honey face, aloe is having the effect with help skin antiseptic diminish inflammation, honey is OK and effective moist skin, your skin is sent more closely, lu Hui and honey mixture daub is on facial skin, can effective purify blain imprints.

4, the small subtle move of dispel blain

1, job accusing oil must have been done, be in especially summer, here small make up those who suggest everybody can use one a complete set of to control oily product, such effects will be better!

2, if be the reason of endocrinopathy, the proposal can take a fancy to cure, recuperate the problem of own endocrinopathy through Chinese traditional medicine of to be taken orally, such blain blain nature also were eliminated slowly.

3, the dietary habit that adjusts us, eat vegetable of a few tall fibrous and fruit more, have the thing with a few acrimony deepfry less.

4, the cleanness that makes fine face department works, do the work with good simple chamfer on time, those who maintain pore is smooth won't jam.