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How to draw naked makeup? Naked makeup what does brushwork have?

Naked makeup the makeup look that is a kind of very appropriate summer, friend of the female sex of a lot of people is in the summer when can make up naked, after all summertime weather is exceedingly torrid, people is very easy perspiration, if makeup too thick, very possible meeting brings about makeup look to be destroyed, how do you know the summer makes up naked then? Reckon a lot of people still do not know, below, provide body introduction to everybody.

How to draw naked makeup? Naked makeup what does brushwork have? (1)

1, naked makeup how to change

1. clear background makeup

In fluid of bottom of the pink on the daub with facial even ministry, bottom makeup is clear it is naked makeup main factor oh! The MM with black heavier rim of the eye can use block defect fluid to imprint black rim of the eye and blain first first curtain! Without eye of black rim of the eye makeup ability is met more attractive oh.

2. is nose the shadow is decorated

Use very clear pink cake to do next calm makeup processing, the bottom that does not have a flaw makeup OK oh! The nose that if feel from personal nose not quite tall MM can use nose shadow to come,adorns oneself! Brush with nose shadow first in nose ministry the outline of two side channel, next reoccupy nose shadow is brushed slowly divide evenly.

3. Gao Guang is carried shine

After converting nose film, lifting bright bridge of the nose with Gao Guang, let nose enhance stereo sense. Cream with brown eye shadow first, bead light is lubricious. Also can cream when the render of the ministry that make a key point, besmear first full whole eye socket. Let an eye sparkle it seems that.

4. eye shadow is dizzy catch

Going up with shadow of naked orange eye next eyelid is controlled one centimeter piece undertake dizzy catch, look line arrives next palpebral eye end. Use finally brown approach close look end, bright white carries bright look head, color is very light, let eye ministry have stereo feeling very much however, naked makeup eye shadow chromatically. The part of eye makeup was finished.

5. look line

Draw look line namely next, drawing what look line uses this is look line glue. Naked makeup if what look line does not need to draw is too thick too exaggerative, fine fine faint it is OK to have.

Place with eyelash next eyelash clip becomes warped, choose natural false eyelash next, such not only not exaggerative and long still long, exceedingly good-looking. Cut off the part of over with scissors. Stick on sizy, wait for 10 seconds the left and right sides is being stuck, agglutinant meeting is best oh!

6. is weak brow

Draw eyebrow with eyebrow pink next, the choice of eyebrow pink is according to his hair color chooses. Gently brush, light extraordinary nature. Use the cheek that build next red brush brush cheek red, the position of flesh of Tu Zaiping fruit.

7. lipstick

Sweep Gao Guang in forehead, at present skin, bridge of the nose, chin place, those who strengthen facial ministry is clear with saturation.

Besmear labrum creams finally, because be naked makeup what use so is naked pink lipstick, color exceeds the United States! Besmear bright lip department is carried with labial colour after the lipstick.

2, good used base makeup product

1, Lan Zhixue profit is pure air cushion pink coagulates 305/15g*2 of frost SPF30+/PA++ ¥

Accumulate contain attain Bai Xiu protects complex matter (Indian Lian / milk thistle / get together glutamic acid) , show bright skin. Protect wet mineral water to complement for skin the moisture of 30% above. With the bulbiform pink with skin adjacent refractive index particle adjustment light is refracted, natural block defect, appear to appear color of skin completely. Particle of air cushion pink can prevent what arise because of the influence of sweat and grease take off makeup phenomenon. SPF30+/PA++ is prevented times higher bask in.

2, M.A.C evil spirit but makeup before beautiful Yan Fang basks in 350 of ¥ of De Shuang SPF30/PA++

Adjust color of skin, facial ministry makeup before preparation, offer UV to defend for skin at the same time compensatory water is divided, slow syncretic of skin much effect. It can be offerred instantly moist with burnish, suit particularly dry or the skin that lacks water. Make skin flowing instantly, even color of skin and ambiguous skin flaw. Make the makeup effect with fully small luster. The mixture of powder of bead light stars can strengthen embellish skin lotion and optics the glossiness of skin, let makeup effect look frivolous luster.

3, beautiful jade allows 460/45ml of ¥ of secret frost SPF20/PA++ after Whoo

Gold, coral, pearl is amber, the gem in impression, already more than it is to use those who adorn to act the role of tasted; This beautiful Yu Rong after adds lapidary part in secret frost, after using take off not easily not only makeup, and still can send out below sunshine glare colour, reply skin is perfect good color. The BB frost that composition of royalty hairdressing secret recipe makes, repair a look not only the effect is admirable, serve as bottom makeup kind the product won't let skin have stretch tight closely, dry with the phenomenon that agglomerate, skin together perfect joint.

4, flesh grinds flesh breathes extremely frost of powdery tender BB, ¥ of bright white color of skin 120/40g

Embellish bottom frost, wipe gently, experience silky pink feels; Accuse recipe of oily block defect, effective cover is facial the flaw such as pore, even color of skin, model nature easily fully thin naked makeup; Add transparent qualitative acid and hydrolysis collagen albumen, protect effectively wet reach fight oxidation, days of skin is whole water is tender be filled with embellish; Contain ursine Guo Gan and vitamin C ramification, weigh effectively shine Bai Xi is bright skin; Low excitant, do not contain preservative, alcohol, flavor reachs mineral oil.

5, SPF30+/PA++ of Yan Xiurong frost tastes embellish of overflow of dream makeup water newly to did not fix a price / 40ml

It is the natural colour of Chinese female research and development only, bring daylong Dou Guangcai and the color of skin of rich lease of life. While to skin compensatory and enough water is divided, bring relaxed use feeling. Gently a can downy Xiu Yan, show appear skin completely. The part of candle of natural plant sex that contains in camellia leaf forms moisture film at skin surface, chain water is divided effectively, creat lubricant skin. Protect adequately wet while aggrandizement skin is stretch, prevent pore bulky. In the meantime, texture of shape of lacteal frostlike powder is soft cover pore.

6, Paris Oulaiyaduo defends segregation is shown again (even effect) SPF30+/PA+++ ¥ 140/30ml

Peculiar 10x repairs Yan Li, not only invisible pore, blain imprints, the skin flaw such as stain, more have exclusive colour to balance science and technology, perfect carry bright shine colour; Infuse is moist keep wet elite part, gently one exceeds joint, can assure the 12 Shui Runmei flesh of the hour more. Keep apart those who show come down in one continuous line to exceed broadband UV to filter with UV system, the harm of perfect segregation UVA/UVB, defend lasting stability, the skin that lets you is basked in not black bask in not old.