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What does the small subtle move of food dispel spot have? What clever court does daily dispel spot have?

Everybody hopes he can have Bai Xi's smooth skin, no matter be the male or female, protecting skin still is very important, the person malformation with good skin does not go where, splash grew on the face of some people in the life, what do you know the small subtle move of daily dispel spot has then? Reckon a lot of people still do not know, below, provide body introduction to everybody.

What does the small subtle move of food dispel spot have? What clever court does daily dispel spot have? (1)

1, the small subtle move of food dispel spot

1, towel gourd dispel spot law

One of magical dispel spot methods are to use towel gourd beautiful of this one hairdressing is tasted come dispel spot, rich vitamin and protein are contained in towel gourd, can help skin be in clean white while purify stain, in the meantime, the microelement in towel gourd and ascorbic acid, having first-rate sanitarian effect to skin, can say the effect of spot of towel gourd dispel is bar bar.

towel gourd insolation hind, grind pulverous, use Wen Shui every night next, the honey with right amount rejoin, undertake mixture, tone becomes face state, daub is on facial skin, clean clean after 30 minutes, next the United States sleeps beautifully shut-eye, towel gourd joined honey, can make skin in dispel spot while more lubricant, conduce to purify furrow, law of spot of dispel of this towel gourd insists for long to use, can make skin delicate slip in vain!

2, aubergine dispel spot law

Aubergine is us one of very common vegetable in daily life, it contains a lot ofvitamin P, can help bate blood-vessel, still contain a lot ofvitamin C at the same time, can help skin prevent the formation of melanin, having effect of very good beautiful Bai Gong to skin.

Clean aubergine clean, cut small, put juicer inside, add right amount clear water, the daub after extracting juice is in place of facial skin flecked, daily time each, the time spot that about half month controls is met slowly proper motion subsidise.

3, white vinegar dispel spot law

It is OK that the female friends that note overweight hairdressing at ordinary times know to feed vinegar hairdressing is raised colour, and the effect is distinct, however, have the effect that regular weak spot skins in vain completely because of white vinegar.

So, white vinegar is joined in the water that wash a face, can help the fleck with effective facial purify, daily insist to wash a face, hold to period of time, can have apparent dispel spot effect, the beautiful eyebrow that has need dispel spot people can try.

4, wax gourd dispel spot law

Wax gourd contains a lot ofa vitamin, the gender is cool, have very good purify effect to sexual shading is being heated up in facial skin. Can take wax gourd pound juice, daub has the place of shading and splash in facial skin, daily hold to, stain is met slowly desalt comes down.

5, citric dispel spot law

Beautiful eyebrow people know, rich vitamin C is contained in lemon, and a variety of microelement, will tell to caressing skin, these are first-rate hairdressing is raised colour material, lemon can help splash of tender white skin, desalt, the effect is magical.

Take lemon juice, mix with a few Bai Sha candy, daily rejoin Wen Shui, daub is in facial flecked place, insist to use period of time, stain disappeared entirely, still can make skin a hunderd li fully red at the same time, but, notable is, sensitive model skin is used less as far as possible.

2, how does drying skin nurse

Drying skin may have the drying in deflection or in oily cutaneous tendency, be about to do good foundation to nurse according to cutaneous condition at this moment.

1 clean

With discharge the bubble of the reoccupy after makeup breast grandma that wash a face washs a face. A lot of females do not make up below the case that gives nothing more than, natural also need not discharge makeup breast, and use the yamen runner that wash a face only or wash grandma to wash a face, what go against cutin and dead skin so actually is seasonable cleared, when making up the following day, also can feel not easy on makeup. Makeup breast can help use discharge the cutin with needless purify, although meet some bother, but had better insist to be used everyday, in order to assure cleared cutin and dead skin.

2 corneous nurse

Insist to massage can purify is corneous, but as a result of oil cent is secreted all round forehead and nose and the periodic of dirty content need of generation clears.

Use contain a few chamfer qualitative frost that grind arenaceous grain, the cutin that does every week clears, basically give priority to with forehead, nose and chin.

Because neuter skin is better position, need average base to nurse only so can make the skin maintains health.

3 massage

Use the frost with hydrous more cent or fluid to undertake massage, every week 1 arrive 2 times. If feel to massage very troublesome, so after washing a face everyday, the ministry that press a face is pressed gently while leather fat film and acidity film restore, can promote blood and lymphatic loop so, the effect is equal at massaging.

Want to notice, although neuter skin is the normallest, but can change somewhat as seasonal change likely, summer is for instance likely in deflection oily, the drying in winter criterion deflection.