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Drink water what to error there is at ordinary times? Drink water is optimal time when?

Water is the source of life, so at ordinary times we should drink water more, drink water to have profit exceedingly to our skin more, so we should drink water more, love beautiful female friends especially. Although drink water good to the body, but also want those who have the law to drink water, know when paragraph should drink water, do not be immersed in the error that drinks water. So drink water what to error there is at ordinary times? Drink water is optimal time when?

Drink water what to error there is at ordinary times? Drink water is optimal time when? (1)

1, drink water to have what error at ordinary times

1, everyday early morning wants filling water

The expert expresses, have a constitution cold cool crowd is not to suit to drink the milk under temperature in the morning, the proposal can change tepid boiling water, congee. And extract fruit juice like a few delicacy also do not suit edible, because this meeting causes the stimulation of gastric bowel. Additional, early morning is filling water when want salt, the wonton soup of the thick broth that resembles Bao, Xian Xian does not suit early morning edible, can accentuate instead thirsty circumstance.

2, drunk water should make the body whole namely absorb

Everybody is using water when the balance problem that must note body moisture, the proposal can eat the food of water of a few benefit, wait like watermelon, coffee, tea, these food can help the eduction of body moisture, can promote the formation of fluid of nephritic make water. Wait like coarse food grain, vegetable fruit contain prandial fiber, can help the moisture inside alvine path, while compensatory water is divided, wanting the eduction that accomplishs body moisture just is the most healthy practice.

3, anteprandial cannot drink water

Somebody likes to be in anteprandial filling water, actually such practice is to food in diluent gastric juice digestive respect boils an influence, it is anteprandial and OK to be in actually drink a few appetizing boiling water, also be to grow gastric tweak, bright and beautiful garment can choose the fruit juice of room temperature, yoghurt, also can be water of tepid rock candy chrysanthemum or light boiled water drinkable.

4, it is better that drunk water jumps over the body and many pairs of skins

As we have learned, below normal circumstance, everyday it is normal that filling water volume rises in 1000~2000 Bo, if appear when drinkable amount is too large, so right healthy for do not have any advantage. Below the circumstance that perhaps discharges sweat in great quantities in high temperature environment, appear very easily the circumstance of dehydration, can complement actively at that time a few moisture, and if be healthy crowd,water everyday commonly the quantity does not exceed 2000 milliliter is normal.

2, drink water optimal time is when

The first cup of water 6: 00AM

The first cup of water passes early morning one all night Morpheus, the body begins to lack water, the water of 250ml is drunk after getting up, the water that can complement to be used up overnight already is divided, can help kidney and hepatic platoon poison again. Someone says to rise in the morning should drink weak brine, also the habit drinks somebody water of a cup of honey, but the expert's viewpoint thinks, it is the first height with human body elevatory blood pressure in the morning, drink weak brine to be able to make blood pressure higher; and drink honey water to be able to cause hydrochloric acid in gastric juice. So, fresh warm plain boiled water is best choice, the calcium that contains among them, magnesian element is right healthy very beneficial. Attention, when drinking water best small mouth is small are drunk, such water are absorbed more easily by intestines and stomach.

The 2nd cup of water 9: 00AM

Early morning from get up the process of the office, time always is particularly compact, the sentiment is more intense also, body virtually can appear dehydration phenomenon, after reaching the office so, fasten urgent bubble coffee first or tea, pour a cup of clear water to oneself, it is body complement moisture timelily, the work that begins one day next!

The 3rd cup of water 11: 00AM

In the office work after period of time, did not forget to rise certainly mobile activity, give the body the moisture of additional prediction of a person's luck in a given year at the same time, one cup rinses or a cup of vegetable juice, conduce to the working mood that relaxes your tension.

The 4th cup of water 18: 00PM

Before leaving the office best again can compensatory a cup of clear water, play the phenomenon lacking water in class journey in order to alleviate.

3, drink water to have what profit

1, heart disease: Before sleeping one cup help water

If your heart is bad, can the habit of before nurturance sleeps one cup of water, can prevent so incidental in before dawn, resemble angina pectoris, miocardial infarction such disease. The disease such as miocardial infarction is the sticky consistency as a result of blood tall and those who cause. When the person sleeps soundly, because perspire, the moisture inside the body is missing, the moisture in causing blood decreases, sticky consistency of blood can become very tall. But, if on one cup of water is drunk before sleep, can the sticky consistency of bring down blood, reduce the risk that heart disease breaks out. Because of a cup of water before this sleeps, but one cup helps water.

2, splash: Early morning one the cup is cool leave in vain

A lot of people had heard the morning drinks a cup of water to have profit to the body. Somebody drinks brine, somebody drinks honey water, return somebody to drink lemonade in vain for the United States, what water to drink after all best? Human body passed the metabolization of one constellation, the rubbish inside body needs strong outside action help is excreted, those who do not have any candy cent and nutrient material is cool leaving in vain is best! If be syrup or the water that put nutrient matter, this is changed inside body with respect to need time, cannot rise to erode quickly the action of our airframe. So, early morning a cup of clear plain boiled water is the nostrum that discharge poison.

3, cold: Should drink compare at ordinary times more water

Every arrive when catching a cold, can hear doctor nag: "Drink water more! " this doctor's advice to cold patient it is best prescription. When having a fever because of the cold that become a person, human body stems from ego to protect functionary reacts and oneself drops in temperature, can have at this moment perspire, the expression that the metabolization such as the moisture grow in quantity that breathes hurried, skin to evaporate accelerates, need compensatory and many moisture at this moment, the body also can have thirsty show. Great drink water to make sweat go out not only with micturition, and the adjustment that is helpful for temperature, make virus of the bacterium inside body be excreted quickly.

4, stomach-ache: Drink congee " water conserve "

Have the person of stomach trouble, perhaps feel the stomach is uncomfortable, can adopt those who drink congee " water conserve " measure. The temperature that boils congee should exceed 60 ℃ , this temperature can produce effect of a kind of gelatinization, the congee entrance that soft tender heat vacates is changed namely, issue abdomen hind to be digested very easily, suit unwell of intestines and stomach very much person edible. Some many moisture content are contained in congee, return effectively lubricant bowel way, the harmful material in clean up intestines and stomach, take them smoothly outside body.

5, constipation: Big quaff water

Costive cause of formation tells simply have two: One is there is constellation inside body, lack moisture content, 2 it is the organ such as alvine path was done not have excrete force. Former need makes a thorough investigation of the pathogeny, water more daily. Latter needs big quaff water, deglutition action is a few quicker, such water can arrive at colon as soon as possible, exciting bowel wriggles, stimulative defecate. Remember, not small mouth is small ground is drunk, in that way flow rate is slow, water is absorbed very easily in the stomach, generation pee.

6, disgusting: Use brine to urge spit

Appear disgusting case is very complex. It is undesirable to eating alimental occasionally reaction of a kind of protection, encounter such situation, do not fear to vomit, because spit,dirty stuff can make the body a lot of more comfortable. If feel special,spit hard, can use weak brine to urge spit, prepare a cup of weak brine to put at hand, drink on a few big, make contamination spit. After be being spat clean, can use briny gargle, have simple antiphlogistic effect. Additional, treat the dehydrate after vomitting badly, weak brine also is very good complementary juice, can alleviate the patient's weak condition.