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How has hand ministry skin maintained? How to raise piece white tender both hands?

A pair of beautiful double hands, it is one of beautiful objectives that the woman pursues, whether does both hands fair-skinned in vain tender slippery, in be about to see a woman live daily, be how to nurse so of oneself both hands, young female both hands should be tender slip, do not have wrinkly, so, how has hand ministry skin maintained? How to raise piece white tender both hands? Actor or actress accordingly below actor is young make up will look.

How has hand ministry skin maintained? How to raise piece white tender both hands? (1)

1, hand ministry cutaneous maintains

Hand ministry nurses cutin of the first bate

Our both hands is the position that creates corneous accumulation easily, old old corneous accumulation did not keep clear of clean on the hand, hand ministry skin is met dark heavy, coarse, the premise that wants to have hand of Qian Qian jade so wants hand ministry chamfer to pledge namely.

Practice detailed solution

1, prepare a Wen Shui, drip in water two to 3 olive oil;

2, both hands complete immerge moves even water in, immerse 10 minutes in water, make cutin sufficient bate;

3, the latex of hand ministry chamfer that chooses special chamfer to pledge, massage hand ministry a few minutes gently;

4, the Wen Shui that uses clean, clean hand ministry clean.

Hand ministry nurses the 2nd protect wet

After pledging both hands chamfer, should protect in time for hand ministry skin wet, ability prevents to skin dry

Practice detailed solves: Wipe hand ministry with towel, reoccupy towel of 2 pieces of paper enclothes 1 ~ to go up in the back of hand, wet sparge is protected on gush, till paper towel is complete,soak. The end that such doing is to make hand ministry skin maintains good absorption force, help what sequel massages absorb.

Hand ministry nurses the 3rd is massaged

Our both hands is busy, what to do to want to use almost in one's hand, our both hands is very so tired out also, anoxic, need what we use a heart to caress, massage simply also can alleviate both hands is fatigue, blood of stimulative both hands circulates.

Practice detailed solves: Frost is massaged on equably besmear, begin to massage finger root ministry from finger tip of the back of hand first, the movement wants easy and downy; to show helix shape to massage the palm next, use the acupuncture point; that shows joint presses control gently to go up to clip finger with forefinger and middle finger finally, from root ministry to drawing of shape of finger tip helix, each finger should be massaged.

Hand ministry nurses the 4th is brushed protect hand frost

After massaging, protect hand frost for both hands smear, can skin in order to prevent dry, skin of ministry inviting a hand gets depth maintains.

Practice detailed solves: Take right amount protect hand frost to go up at the hand, besmear equably gently go up in the hand, massage appropriately in a few minutes can.

Hand ministry nurses frost of night of the 5th the daub before sleeping

Both hands exposes Yu Zi time of exterior line environment is too long, can bring about pigment precipitation easily, form fleck appearance yellow speckle. Some earlier moment people thinks this kind of stain is liver function unusual be caused by, accordingly, say again for " liver spot " . The expert expresses, contain the nocturnal white that looks Huang Chun or face to cream, conduce to reduce ministry of pigment precipitation knead dough and hand ministry microgroove.

Practice detailed solves: The choice is had fight knit, the nocturnal white that keeps wet filling water, before after washing his hands in the evening, wanting to sleep, desirable and right amount night frost at hand ministry, should wipe gently in double hind on, massage a few minutes, the effect is better.

Hand ministry nurses film of the 6th apply hand

If hand ministry skin is dry, desquamate, appear even a few chrysalis, choice hand film comes apply hand is a right choice!

Practice detailed solves: Choose filling water to keep wet hand film, apply is on the hand, below about half Zhong Houna, smear protects the wet frost that protect a hand to make sequel maintain can.

2, the principle that the woman protects skin

20-25 cleanness, accuse oily, protect Shi Mingliang water tender flesh hangs down easily the hand is gotten

1. cleanness begins to protect wet glossy is full of do not happen

20-25 year old MM, grease has been secreted is the commonnest problem more. Want to hurry eliminate is aggravating glossy, the the fastest, easiest way is " wash a face " . But if wash facial frequency,can fasten oversight too frequent, can destroy film of skin skin fat only, plus did not do good keep wet job, the nutrient that cellular place needs and water distribute ceaseless prediction of a person's luck in a given year, skin problem has disappeared to turn, meet only form smoke into smother. The person that general skin pledges, one day washs a face 2 times at most, oily flesh person can wash, and can use the yamen runner with clean more powerful force kind cleanness is tasted, with cleared and redundant grease.

2. concentrated conserve is water tender skin makes backup force

Although young skin has not encountered more severe skin to lack water issue, but stay up late, work and rest is abnormal, still can affect protect water to spend, bring about dark Shenyang, coarse. Want to improve brief sex to lack water issue, can strengthen nurse thick and fast. A week is used protect 2-3 of wet noodle film second, with respect to the bounce muscle that can maintain water bright burnish, or also but will protect wet gel to be used when film of good night face, maintaining the order is final, on the position that thick apply strengthens at need, lie between a day to awake, can discover skin becomes water is tender, skin is touched comfortable, and makeup look is OK that day very docile and abiding.

3. accuses oil + protect wet raise a health neuter flesh

A lot of oily flesh often go because of be being paid attention to too too oily, accuse oil, and oversight is protected wet. Especially blain blain flesh is only dedicated treating blain to go up, add fear to had been used " moist " maintain article bring about blain blain to cause, it is wrong concept actually. The moisture content that flesh watch has film of fat of a skin to be able to want rock-bottom cell place originally and nutrient chain surely. Can be when be like excessive cleanness and destroying film of this skin fat, moisture nutrient will be many be lost, bring about healthy cell to decline the scald in order to remove hairs or feathers decreases, blain blain case is more severe. Remember controlling the oily, product that wipe smallpox please still OK and local use, whole nevertheless face or must daub contains acid of Bo make water to wait for those who keep wet part to maintain article manage profit balanced. If too moist protect wet breast quality of a material to be able to let feel uncomfortable, the foundation maintains the job can be used only add efficient the elite that keeps wet part will help filling water, lock water can.

4. eye Zhou Bao is wet heavy gentleness maintains

Although the problem of skin of female eye week of 20 for generations is not much, protecting wet conserve to go up to still require much attention nevertheless. Because eye week skin is thinner, should avoid to use excitant expensive product, white like the beauty that is spirituosity, acidity component, convergent, diminish inflammation makes up water, or it is the elite fluid with exorbitant chroma. Must use eye department special maintain article, ability is achieved defend wet usefulness blandly, can select the product of ministry of gel shape eye with more relaxed quality of a material, when daub, in order to draw the skin that homocentric round means emphasizes between eye socket and eyebrow bone, take fluctuation eyelid again finally can. Be sure to keep in mind not to want daub to cross much product to stand by eyelash root ministry, absorb because of this place poorer, redundant maintain taste meeting and oil union, bring about sty circumstance to happen, seem grew " stythe eye of a needle " kind! Besides maintain, discharge makeup cleanness also must be done sufficient, abandon type discharge because makeup cotton is clean force is too powerful, relatively do not suggest male sex skins week of use stimulation eye skins flimsily.