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Is cherry the fruit of filling iron? What fruit to eat to treat anaemia?

The anaemia of the sex that be short of iron is a kind of very common disease, the patient can come to what iron enrichs the blood to fill through dietotherapy, the fruit also can treat anaemia of the sex that be short of iron, a lot of people still do not know those who treat disease of anaemia of the sex that be short of iron what to fruit is OK, so, is cherry the fruit of filling iron? What fruit to eat to treat anaemia? Actor or actress accordingly below actor is young make up how do will read an article say.

Is cherry the fruit of filling iron? What fruit to eat to treat anaemia? (1)

1, the fruit of filling iron


Peach, sexual flavour is gentle, the 4-7 that its contain iron to measure is pear and apple times, can complement very rich iron is qualitative, it is the idealest fruit of patient of anaemia of the sex that be short of iron, still have the effect of moisten the respiratory tract of benefiting gas blood, clear bowel.

Cherry filling iron

Cherry sex is tepid, the volume that contain iron is very high, it is filling iron high grade fruit, often eat cherry to be able to enrich the blood, precaution is short of iron sex anaemia, cherry returns can moist skin, make the skin smooth and ruddy.

Firedrake fills if really iron

Firedrake fruit contains iron quantity to want than general fruit tall, iron is the element with production haemoglobin and other indispensable material, compensatory iron is qualitative, can prevent anaemia, and the absorption that among them vitamin C also conduces to help iron.

Longan filling iron

Longan nutrition is very rich, the volume that contain iron is higher, can promote haemoglobin second birth in order to enrich the blood, suit anaemic crowd edible very much, need build up one's health by rest and by taking nourishing food to disease hind or constitutional empty weak all has benefiting effect.

Red jujube filling iron

Red jujube is filling gas raises hematic beautiful to taste, element of Gong Zaozhong iron, postpartum to preventing and cure anaemia has main effect, element of the iron inside effective complement body,

Strawberry filling iron

Strawberry nutrition value is very high, the iron that place of 500 grams strawberry provides can achieve adult to need the in part of the quantity everyday, suit to need the crowd edible of filling iron, also contain rich vitamin C, can promote the absorption with qualitative to iron human body.

2, Bu Tiezhi is anaemic

Absorb the amount that contain iron rich food

Since be the iron element lack inside the body, so much the food that eats content of a few iron to abound, it is the good choice of suit the remedy to the case undoubtedly. Iron content compares fast food to be able to classify two kinds big, among them animal liver, red meat kind wait with yoke belong to the animal sex food with the higher volume that contain iron, and black agaric, Xianggu mushroom, cole, big jujube, walnutmeat is iron content taller plant sex alimental is represented. Nevertheless, the expert has done an analysis, the iron that contains in 100g pork liver is 25mg, and the iron that 100g contains inside the jujube greatly is 2.1mg only, accordingly, be compared and character, filling iron effect compares animal sex alimental plant sex alimental fills iron effect is better.

3 flavour soup is delicate fill again lienal beneficial is angry

If some friends are vegetarian, perhaps do not like to eat the meat, can convert 3 flavour soup will recuperate the body, enhance hematopoiesis function of the cell. 3 flavour soup is to show with right amount red jujube, ormosia and earthnut red garment boils boiling water together namely, can rise be good at the effect of lienal hematopoiesis. Among them, although the iron that red jujube place contains is not much, but the candy component that contains inside red jujube can promote hematopoiesis function, all have promotion effect to function of red blood cell, leucocyte, plaque. And the function that earthnut red garment has hematopoiesis, cruor, mouthfeel is bad if taking red clothes only, accordingly, boil soup to be drunk together go to the lavatory not only, more delicate also. Daily and drinkable, insist for some time to be able to have the effect, the color of whole person also is met a lot of more good-looking. Additional, black soya bean and dangshen also have filling empty to raise hematic effect, drink be bored with a taste can be changed after 3 flavour soup, boil some of black soya bean or soup of big jujube dangshen to eat.

Fruit stimulative body is opposite the absorption of iron

Besides complement from inside eat meal outside iron, still can eat some of fruit more. Because vitamin C, citric acid and malic acid are contained a lot ofin the fruit, this kind of organic acid can form complexing content with iron, increase iron thereby the solubility inside alvine path, be helpful for the absorption of iron. In the meantime, iron can synthesize haemoglobin with protein character, and the main component that haemoglobin is blood, because this can eat the food of a few high protein more, be like soja and grandma kind, will promote the synthesis of the haemoglobin inside body further. Additional, with iron bowl the fried dish also can have certain filling iron effect.