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Has been bath shown or is toilet soap good? Toilet soap and bath dew which had bathed?

Bath dew and soap are relatively common in the life bathing cleanness product, the clean effect of these two kinds of products is much more pretty good, so has been bath shown or is toilet soap good? Toilet soap and bath dew which had bathed? Actually these two kinds of products have each profit each, the influence that toilet soap and bath rate bring to health understands in detail below, and the place that needs an attention.

Has been bath shown or is toilet soap good? Toilet soap and bath dew which had bathed? (1)

1, bath has been shown or toilet soap is good

From body security for, toilet soap bathes should better. More chemical soda, stabilizing agent is contained in bath dew, this kind of material is put in menace to human body health. Contain a kind of some carcinogenic substance that are called PARABEN among them especially, if use bath for a long time,dew may be affected healthy.

2, toilet soap shows safety than bath

General toilet soap, no more than is the animal sex oil with use low cost, be like ox or sheep. Or the plant sex grease with high cost, be like coconut oil and glycerine, in the process, add chemical coagulating agent, natural perhaps and caky, become next piece toilet soap, small to human body menace, the existence in bath dew devotes cancerous part, use a harm for a long time big.

3, toilet soap is cleaner than bath dew

Use toilet soap bathes than using bath to show more clean. The alkalescent part that contains in toilet soap can keep clear of more easily the oily material of skin surface, and bath dew is opposite for, clean force is a few poorer and be rinsed not easily clean.

4, bath dew is more convenient than toilet soap

Use bath dew bathes than using toilet soap more convenient. It is undeserved and easy that toilet soap is saved melt, and use

When slide easily, and bath dew has special design, when using, need to be pressed gently or come out to be able to be used only.

5, bath dew compares profit of toilet soap water

After with bath dew bathes, skin more water embellish. The basic ingredient in toilet soap is more, betterer also to the clean ability of skin, can the grease skin surface is effective and clean, skin is easy also after be being washed at the same time appear to stretch tight closely feeling, use bath dew won't appear this kind.

6, use toilet soap needs to know

1, the toilet soap that wash a face had better be chosen contain flavor or pigment is less, alkalescent a bit some younger light black, because the skin suffers flavor or pigment stimulation for a long time,can be opposite ultraviolet ray is unusually sensitive; And alkalescent too strong toilet soap has thorn keenly feel to the skin, can cause a lot of skin allergy.

2, baby, cheeper had better choose a baby special toilet soap, and unfavorable often use, the bases fatty acid because of toilet soap sodium or other surface activator more or less contain free alkaline part, it is right baby young tender skin has certain harm, because this is unfavorable,often use toilet soap to the baby.

3, use medicaments toilet soap must choose appliance to go for a long time fully smelly, wide chart is antiseptic, low to the skin excitant, for example sulfureous black, borax black.

4, the toilet soap product that use near future produces. Because not saturated fatty acid is contained to meet in toilet soap raw material by oxygen, smooth, microbial wait for oxidation, can appear sometimes acid defeats a phenomenon, and the moisture in toilet soap also is met be lost, affect the use result of itself.

5, him cutaneous nature should understand when using face of toilet soap clean or washing bath. If drying skin had better choose the toilet soap that contains a lot ofgrease, it has the effect that maintains skin of skin moisture, clean, embellish skin; Oily skin should choose to go the toilet soap with grease good effect.