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Can Chinese traditional medicine go fleck? Chinese traditional medicine dispel spot secret recipe

Grow on the face of a lot of people have freckle, and fleck is the skin problem that makes a lot of people very pained, so many people can seek the means of fleck of a few purify, for example some people can use film of range of spot of a few dispel, some people can take the means dispel spot of the operation, and some people can choose a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine to treat. So can Chinese traditional medicine go fleck? Chinese traditional medicine dispel spot secret recipe is what kind of

Can Chinese traditional medicine go fleck? Chinese traditional medicine dispel spot secret recipe (1)

1, caraway washs a face square

Take caraway in a certain number of into cold water putting, the drop after boil gives caraway soup, after waiting to cool, use wash a face, use everyday, use continuously can get clearer result one week later. Because,this is caraway the name is coriander, have publish show rash and disappear spot beauty's white effect.

2, abstain dispel spot spirit

After taking a few the rhizome of large-headed atractylodes to immerse in white vinegar, it is OK to often use it to wipe the skin effective dispel fleck. The rhizome of large-headed atractylodes is the rootstock of the rhizome of large-headed atractylodes of composite vivacious herb, sexual lukewarm taste is bitter, to the skin the fungus that cause disease has certain inhibition, can enhance cutaneous immunity ability. In the meantime, vinegar can come loose Yu, promote blood circulation by invigorating vital energy, aid the play of efficacy of a drug of the rhizome of large-headed atractylodes thereby.

3, Bai Mei washs a face square

Face of white Mei Xi can treat fleck and purify effectively facial and dark. White plum flesh is saline plum, use big green plum to use briny souse, bask in by day, the method that night bloats, after lasting 10 days or so, mix compound of black of the cherry branch that waits for a quantity, violet duckweed, tooth, make Cheng Baimei wash a face to cream, with will wash a face. Malic acid, amber acid is contained to wait in plum flesh, have white effect of distinct the beauty that fight bacterium.

4, bee pollen

Go pollen of 10 grams bee, water simmer in water takes juice after 30 minutes, dip in ministry of face of the besmear outside juice, everyday. Bee pollen is the reproductive cell on plant stamen. It is natural plant cream, the nutrient part that a variety of 200 human body need contains in bee pollen: A variety of 20 amino acid, constant and microelement 30 a variety of, a variety of vitamins (C of vitamin of B a group of things with common features, vitamin, m of H of E of A of vitamin P, vitamin, vitamin, vitamin, vitamin) , because this bee pollen can improve the nutrient position of skin cell, stimulative skin cell is metabolic, defer cellular ageing, enhance skin flexibility, request dry take off bits, remove wrinkle, make skin Bai Xi, soft, smooth, exquisite.

5, black horn treats fleck

Take the black part that waits for a quantity child He Xingren is abrade even besmear mixes to be on the face after becoming pulverous state, the following day breakfast is abluent, fleck of OK and effective dispel. Black horn child hairdressing pharmacodynamics heats up dispel the wind in Yu Qing, embellish skin is whitened. Because wind evil heats up poison to get together at facial and OK bring about facial thick black not fair and clear, black horn child, almond is OK clear hot detoxify, medicinal powder knot detumescence, and opaque is exquisite bright slips, already but the furuncle of carbuncle swollen sore with facial disappear, have skin of tender skin bright again the effect.

6, dispel spot fruit

1, eat citric dispel spot

Because the composition such as some vitamin C, citric acid is contained to be able to help beautiful white skin in lemon,taking citric dispel spot is, balanced color of skin, still can help bate cutin layer, dispel spot beauty is white, the effect of moist skin is first-rate.

2, eat malic dispel spot

Because be contained in the apple,taking malic dispel spot basically is many many water is divided and all sorts of protecting is contained in the apple wet factor, protect wet action be nothing difficult. The vitamin C that it contains can restrain the precipitation of abnormal melanin, contained fruit acid can make pore special unobstructed, go the effect of spot is very apparent.

3, yangtao dispel spot

Because rich vitamin C is contained to be able to help beautiful white skin effectively in yangtao,taking yangtao dispel spot basically is, antagonism skin grows spot, consenescence to wait a problem a moment. But should notice yangtao sex is cold, female period, diarrhoea unfavorable eat yangtao, and yangtao is unfavorable lest cause diarrhoea to wait,eat together with milk products unwell.

4, tomato dispel spot

Because tomato is medium,taking tomato dispel spot basically is besides contain a large number of vitamins there still is rich cereal Guang of one's own accord besides C peptide. Peptide of cereal Guang pleasant can restrain the active with cheese ammonia enzymatic acid, the pigment of sober drops or disappear thereby, spot of effective beauty white dispel.

5, eat pineapple dispel spot

Because the rich vitamin in pineapple can make cutaneous appearance better,taking pineapple dispel spot basically is tender slip, burnish, have wonderful desalt the effect of facial splash. Additionally we also can hit pineapple into ministry of juice daub face, the effect of spot of likewise beautiful white dispel is wonderful.

6, eat strawberry dispel spot

The volume containing sugar of strawberry is very high, and contain a lot ofa variety of fruit acerbity, vitaminic and mineral, have whitened the effect of the skin and weak spot, often use strawberry hairdressing, can make the skin becomes play slippery white tender, restrain the precipitation of melanin, effective spot of weak spot dispel. But should notice to should not be eat too much strawberry in the evening, lest get fat.