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What vitamin be short of is the skin bad? What effect does the vitamin have to the skin?

The vitamin is having a lot of effect to human body, different vitamin has a difference each to the action of human body, although vitamin content is not much, but it is human body is indispensable, otherwise devoid vitamin can bring a lot of issues, also can create problem of a few cutaneous, so is the skin bad because what vitamin lack be because what vitamin lack,? What effect does the vitamin have to the skin?

What vitamin be short of is the skin bad? What effect does the vitamin have to the skin? (1)

1, A of dry and compensatory dimension

The skin stretchs tight closely, dry it is drying cutaneous characteristic. Food is the origin with skin best nutrition. Appropriate edible contains a lot ofdrying skin crowd the food of vitamin A, be like fish of animal liver, milk, sanded pasture, spinach, pumpkin, tomato, eel, loquat, banana, Hai Tai, peach, persimmon, orange, cherry, pea, carrot, apricot, strawberry.

2, B of desquamate complement dimension

Sensitivity skin surface layer is thinner, prickle easily, red, desquamate. Sensitivity skin complements aptly the grandma of fish of tomato of animal liver, yeasty, beef, milk, egg, pumpkin, soya bean, Hai Tai, lima-bean, spinach, Qiu Dao, ostracean, sheep, purple perilla food that contains a lot ofvitamin B.

3, glossy is full of compensatory dimension C

Oily cutaneous characteristic is often glossy is full of, grow blain easily, so this part crowd should be compensatory the lotus root of orange, grapefruit, Chinese cabbage, bean sprouts, persimmon, chestnut, citric, carrot, lotus fruit that contains a lot ofvitamin C is vegetable.

4, E of dimension of much furrow complement

Mix model grease of division of cutaneous T word secretes an amount big, pore is apparent, and two buccal drier, the food that appropriate complement contains a lot ofvitamin E is like legume, spinach, lettuce, firm fruit, embryo kind food.

5, dimension A lets skin luster

Vitamin A conduces to the skin driving away coarse pore, make skin softness tender slippery, bouncy. If A of skin lack vitamin is easy dry, coarse, especially the place such as shoulder, arm, coxal, ham, facial ministry skin stretchs tight closely easily, lose luster.

6, dimension D is smooth, tender skin

Protein is contained a lot ofin vitamin D, conduce to the skin becoming delicate and smooth, strong bouncy, avoid skin appearance coarse, effective purify dead skin, not only make the skin beautiful beautiful, the health of fingernail, hair also the action of D of hang on vitamin.

7, dimension E adds skin vigor

Vitamin E can expand cutaneous small artery, stimulative blood circulates, quicken metabolism, maintain skin vigor and antagonism consenescence effectively. Vitamin E is dry to preventing labial skin also have main effect with desquamate.

8, skin of dimension B embellish

Vitamin B is having " hairdressing vitamin " good name, have main effect to skin of moist face ministry. Enough vitamin B is OK tender slippery lip, make a lip more soft. And the effect that vitamin B has antagonism sunshine ultraviolet ray, the resistance of the bound outside maintaining the skin to be opposite, prevent skin ageing.

9, dimension C beauty is white

The hairdressing action of vitamin C can be rivalled with photograph of medicines and chemical reagents, and vitamin C can be gotten in the fruit vegetables from daily edible, especially the fruit such as orange, strawberry. Vitamin C not only can beautiful white skin, still can prevent and remedial shading, fleck, restrain melanin to increase, have main effect to repair skin.

10, the harm of vitamin excessive

(A of 1) excessive vitamin is brought about toxic

Adult absorbs the referenced quantity of vitamin A to be 1.5 milligram everyday, adult absorbs vitamin A50 unit of 10 thousand international or children photograph person quantity to be more than unit of 300 thousand international to all can cause virulent poisoning. Virulent poisoning appears in 6~8 hour commonly symptom, expression sleeps for giddy, be addicted to, have a headache, the symptom such as vomiting, diarrhoea: Chronic and toxic expression is bone joint urticant exhaustion of Sao of aching, strut, skin, limbs is faint, easy menstruation of excited, bellyacke, woman is too little.

(C of 2) excessive vitamin can cause thrombus to wait for a harm

Vitamin C is avirulent nutriment, adult absorbs a quantity to be 60 milligram everyday. C4 overcomes vitamin of daily profess to convinced above, can produce calcic stone of uric road oxalic acid and kidney stone one week later, serious person can send blood in the urine and kidney angina; C of large dose vitamin can bring about thrombosis; C of large dose vitamin still can reduce the female's fertility, affect embryonic growth; Everyday when vitamin C dosage exceeds 3 grams, can bring about alvine peristalsis to increase, cause cramp and diarrhoea.

(D of 3) excessive vitamin is brought about appetite drops

Vitamin D is vitamin of fat dissolve sex, adult absorbs the referenced quantity of vitamin D to be 10 microgramme everyday. If intake is overmuch, meeting occurrence appetite drops, appetite decreases, child of calcium of be agitated, much make water, blood and vitamin D metabolization (the viscera calcium such as kidney of heighten of 25 classics D) , heart is ad cool-headed, serious person can endanger life.

(E of 4) excessive vitamin is caused hypertensive

Vitamin E has metabolism of stimulative human body, promotional blood loop, prevent arteriosclerosis, decelerate an organization cellular consenescence, reduce pigment the action such as the ad cool-headed, occurrence that defers senile plaque. Adult absorbs the referenced quantity of vitamin E to be 30 milligram everyday, vitamin C excessive can appear hypertensive, hypoglycemia, have a headache, giddy, disgusting, tired wait for a symptom; Daily take 400 milligram above to be able to cause chap of nettle rash, dermatitis, stomatitis, lip to wait; Take for a long time in great quantities can bring about exhaustion of photophobia of disease of nyctalopia, dry small hole, eye, eye to wait.

(5) excessive B a group of things with common features the vitamin makes nerve toxic

Vitamin of B a group of things with common features belongs to water-solubility vitamin, the metabolization rate inside body is rapidder, but excessive takes vitamin of B a group of things with common features, also can pose a lot of problems, if cross much vitamin,B can make human body nerve toxic.