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Lactation can dispel spot? Method of lactation dispel spot

When pregnant woman is pregnant, the hormone inside the body is secreted produced very big change, so, can affect the skin of facial ministry, the wrinkle on the face a few stain. Some pregnant woman are met in the stain on postpartum face desalt, but also a few is in postpartum still have spot, the female that is in lactation can Where is dispel spot? The female of lactation should how Where is dispel spot?

Lactation can dispel spot? Method of lactation dispel spot (1)

1, lactation can dispel spot

Lactation is unwell and operable any dispel spot product! Dispel spot product is a few chemical products commonly, among them still the harmful material such as a few many lead mercury still contains hormone, if the word of frost of daub dispel spot is in the skin,may produce an effect to mother milk.

Lactation cannot be not represented with dispel spot product cannot dispel spot, lactation dispel spot is to suggest to use normally natural the dispel spot method that does not have chemical additive, for instance dietotherapy, massage etc pure natural dispel spot method, the method of scientific dispel spot that we understand lactation to be able to be used below.

2, lactation abstains spot of Facial mask dispel

The Facial mask on the market may contain a few chemical additive, the mammy of lactation for safe for the purpose of, or oneself are pure natural Facial mask is fine.

(1) carrot + tomato dispel spot

Take half carrot, half tomato. Carrot cuts Ding Zhuang, tomato and become 4 small. Use juicer to mash carrot and tomato, wash ministry of face of the Tu Yu after the face, clear water rinse out is used after half hours, perhaps use first expire milk is washed, reoccupy clear water is rinsed, can dispel spot can beautiful white.

(2) lemon juice + honey dispel spot

Go citric half, spoon of honey smaller part. Take citric juice, with honey agitate, next even daub is on the face. Besmear after face of clean of morning and evening everyday, hold to two months to be able to get effective.

(Spot of dispel of 3) vitamin E

Daily take 2 vitamins E, the daub after clean face grows the place of spot on the face, massage ten minutes gently with forefinger clockwise, hold to a month, can see spot gradually subsidise.

3, law of spot of lactation food dispel

Besides contain Facial mask, eat a few food that are helpful for pigment catabolism, very helpful also to spot of lactation mammy dispel, but the food that must notice escape answers a grandma, these are to suit spot of lactation female dispel to eat below, won't affect the food of lactation again.

(Spot of 1) yangtao dispel

Take yangtao, add half spoon honey, after drinking plain boiled water every morning hollow edible. Yangtao is the celebrity of content of C of the vitamin in the fruit, daily take effect of a weak to the skin spot, dispel spot apparent. And honey has the effect with embellish aperient bowel, can help eduction body endotoxin, reduce the deposit of pigment of facial ministry skin.

(Juice of cucumber of 2) tomato celery

Go celery 50 grams, cucumber half, tomato 1, mincing hind extract juice to drink. Everyday morning and evening drinks a cup. Can help cleared body endotoxin, reduce accumulation of the litter inside body. Hold to a month, the spot on the face is met swoon.

4, law of spot of lactation motion dispel

Long spot also mirrorred human body on the face metabolization is unusual, pigment cannot be decomposed normally, went up in the face with respect to deposit. To quicken cutaneous new city metabolizes, lactation mammy is OK and great do a few exercise, enhance the body to drain sweat fluid. Compares those who suit lactation mom to assist dispel spot campaign has gem gal and gymnastics.

5, dispel spot fruit

1, eat citric dispel spot

Because the composition such as some vitamin C, citric acid is contained to be able to help beautiful white skin in lemon,taking citric dispel spot is, balanced color of skin, still can help bate cutin layer, dispel spot beauty is white, the effect of moist skin is first-rate.

2, eat malic dispel spot

Because be contained in the apple,taking malic dispel spot basically is many many water is divided and all sorts of protecting is contained in the apple wet factor, protect wet action be nothing difficult. The vitamin C that it contains can restrain the precipitation of abnormal melanin, contained fruit acid can make pore special unobstructed, go the effect of spot is very apparent.

3, yangtao dispel spot

Because rich vitamin C is contained to be able to help beautiful white skin effectively in yangtao,taking yangtao dispel spot basically is, antagonism skin grows spot, consenescence to wait a problem a moment. But should notice yangtao sex is cold, female period, diarrhoea unfavorable eat yangtao, and yangtao is unfavorable lest cause diarrhoea to wait,eat together with milk products unwell.

4, tomato dispel spot

Because tomato is medium,taking tomato dispel spot basically is besides contain a large number of vitamins there still is rich cereal Guang of one's own accord besides C peptide. Peptide of cereal Guang pleasant can restrain the active with cheese ammonia enzymatic acid, the pigment of sober drops or disappear thereby, spot of effective beauty white dispel.

5, eat pineapple dispel spot

Because the rich vitamin in pineapple can make cutaneous appearance better,taking pineapple dispel spot basically is tender slip, burnish, have wonderful desalt the effect of facial splash. Additionally we also can hit pineapple into ministry of juice daub face, the effect of spot of likewise beautiful white dispel is wonderful.

6, eat strawberry dispel spot

The volume containing sugar of strawberry is very high, and contain a lot ofa variety of fruit acerbity, vitaminic and mineral, have whitened the effect of the skin and weak spot, often use strawberry hairdressing, can make the skin becomes play slippery white tender, restrain the precipitation of melanin, effective spot of weak spot dispel. But should notice to should not be eat too much strawberry in the evening, lest get fat.