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It what eat is OK to what eat is dispel spot the fastest? It what eat is OK to what eat is dispel spot beauty white?

We always can encounter problem of a few skins when protecting skin, for instance some people may be the skin too dry, be about to pay attention to filling water so, and some people may be the skin too oily, be about to notice cleanness filling water is waited a moment. Of course also a few compare the problem of provisionality, for instance long blain grows spot to wait a moment. So, effect of what dispel spot to take commonly best?

It what eat is OK to what eat is dispel spot the fastest? It what eat is OK to what eat is dispel spot beauty white? (1)

1, juice of citric rock candy

Material: Citric, rock candy.

Practice: Will citric flay extracts juice, rock candy is joined according to individual mouthfeel after extracting juice to finish can.

Effect: Spot of citric beauty white dispel is particularly effective, lemon is the food of the spot of beautiful white dispel that gave a name, there is rich vitamin C inside, not only can beautiful white skin, prevent skin blood-vessel ageing, eliminate facial splash, still can prevent and cure arteriosclerosis.

2, drink of hawkthorn tangerine skin

Material: Hawkthorn skin of 50 grams, tangerine 25 grams, honey 10 grams.

Practice: hawkthorn and tangerine Pi Jiashui is boiled together, air is cool after been boil, with gauze broken bits child filter to take juice directly, added honey agitate to be able to be drunk again.

Effect: Drink of hawkthorn tangerine skin can promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid stop thirsty, thing of not feel like eating when will nod this appetizing, summer is drunk still but disappear heat. This is used cope with fleck quite useful.

3, black agaric Gong Zaoshang

Material: Black agaric 30 grams, red jujube 20.

Practice: Red jujube goes nucleus (the red jujube that can have bought a nucleus, had better asepsis is packed, clean province thing) hind add water to boil half hour.

Effect: After eating early, dinner everyday, drink a bit, not shading of light energy take out, return can moist skin, prevent skin ageing.

4, a thick soup of double beans lily

Material: Ormosia, gram, lily.

Practice: Prepare gram 5 money, ormosia 5 money, lily 5 money, press namely actually 1: 1: The scale of 1 is put together, after using clear water dip half hours, boil with conflagration boil, reoccupy fine fire is frowsty, when bit of candy or salt are added after bean became ripe (I add candy make it commonly sweet) .

Effect: Have white more lily a thick soup can desalt melanin, clear heat is alexipharmic, return can alimentary skin. Nevertheless gram is cold cool food, the person with cold body cannot eat more, qiu Dong also cannot eat more.

5, cherry wine

Material: Fresh cherry, liquor, rock candy.

Practice: First cherry is abluent go the base of a fruit, take one clean container, join rock candy and cherry, one week later can drinkable.

Effect: Cherry wine has the effect of lubricant skin, can eliminate cutaneous dark heavy pigment.

6, weak spot subtle move

1, vinegar bubble the rhizome of large-headed atractylodes

Practice: 50 grams the rhizome of large-headed atractylodes immerses in 100 milliliter white vinegar, sealed can take after 7 days with. Take everyday wipe with the rhizome of large-headed atractylodes grow the place that has fleck and shading, insist to be used everyday.

Effect: Let fleck and shading color become shallow gradually, weak spot effect looks so that see.

2, white vinegar washs a face, bath

Practice: Washing facial water or bathe a few white vinegar are joined to want to undertake cleanness euqally daily in water can.

Effect: Insist for some time to conduce to the female with dark skin obtaining Bai Xi to skin.

3, vinegar bubble soya bean

Practice: Immerse half jins of fresh soya bean 15 days in 500 grams white vinegar hind, eat 5~10 everyday soya bean.

Effect: Be helpful for improving facial and ad cool-headed, those who reduce splash, Chloasma form.

4, water of Jiang Pian honey

Practice: Will right amount fresh Jiang Pian is put into 200~300 milliliter boiled water, wait for thermal drop to be controlled to 40 degrees, join right amount honey to mix divide evenly is drinkable.

Effect: Can replace daily boiled water drinkable, conduce to purify senile plaque.

5, egg white of pollen royal jelly Facial mask

Practice: 1 spoon honey, qing Dynasty of a pollen of 1 spoon bright royal jelly, right amount bee, egg is smooth into mushy, the Tu Yu after clean face is facial clear water is used after 30 minutes abluent, next glycerine of reoccupy royal jelly is smooth Tu Yu is facial, weekly.

Effect: Keep clear of effectively facial ministry shading and dark sore.

6, vinegar egg fluid

Practice: Put an egg into vinegar of 600 milliliter rice together even case, sealed rise, after one day comes two days partly, chorion is deliquescent, carry broken egg film to mix gallinaceous yoke and acetic fluid together divide evenly, take boiled water of right amount add to take, cent 5~7 day is drunk.

Effect: Acetic egg fluid not only can hairdressing dispel spot, still can antiseptic diminish inflammation, prevent disease to lengthen life.