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What congee can go spot? The practice encyclopedia of dispel spot congee

Long spot is a lot of people metropolis some problem of a skin, and dispel spot is a very difficult question that protect skin, because a lot of people can be used a few protect skin taste dispel spot, do not have the effect with particularly good what actually, long spot itself is our body interior gave a few small issues, so general dispel spot had better be inside tone. So, what congee does general dispel spot drink to you can have been compared?

What congee can go spot? The practice encyclopedia of dispel spot congee (1)


1, congee of loquat red jujube


Material: Hard rice 100 grams, loquat 6, white sugar 10 grams, cold water 1000 milliliter.

Practice: Rinse loquat clean, rip off is cortical, get rid of goes loquat nucleus. Hard rice is abluent, drop of the fish out after immersing one hour with cold water does moisture. 1000 milliliter cold water is added inside boiler, plus rice, red jujube, loquat is joined after leaving with big baked wheaten cake, boil igneous attune into small fire finally make congee, join white sugar to flavor finally.

Effect: Congee of loquat red jujube is OK embellish lung is raised colour, dispel spot be good at stomach.


2, congee of Yi benevolence lotus seed


Material: Yi benevolence, lotus seed, red jujube.

Practice: Yi Ren Tao is washed clean, immerse with cold water, lotus heart goes to lotus seed later, red jujube is abluent go nucleus, later 1000 milliliter cold water is added inside boiler, put Yi benevolence, with boil of flourishing baked wheaten cake, join lotus seed, red jujube next, a stew is boiled to squashy can.

Effect: Congee of Yi benevolence lotus seed has the United States to be protected in vain wet, can remove the effect such as spot of fleck, senile plaque, butterfly.


3, yam medlar congee


Material: Yam, medlar, rice.

Practice: With rice of cold leach bubble, fresh yam flay, blow wash clean, medlar leaves with lukewarm bleb stand-by, 1500 milliliter cold water is added inside boiler, put rice, yam, medlar, leave with big baked wheaten cake, boil sodden can edible.

Effect: Yam medlar congee is had enrich the blood raise colour, remove the effect of splash.


4, orange hawkthorn congee


Material: Orange, hawkthorn, rice.

Practice: Orange decorticates piece is separate, orange goes nucleus, hawkthorn is abluent take out seed, later 1000 milliliter cold water is added inside boiler, join rice, orange piece, hawkthorn piece, the baked wheaten cake that use flourishing leaves boil congee can.

Effect: Orange hawkthorn congee has hairdressing to protect skin, go spot is raised colour effect.


5, a thick soup of Xi Qin beef


Raw material: Xi Qin 50 gram, beef end 150 gram, the egg is clear, cooking wine 5 gram, salt 5 gram, gallinaceous essence 8 gram, water is amylaceous 30 gram, soup-stock 800 gram, lardy 10 gram, green ginger silk each are right amount.

Practice: Jiang Xiqin is abluent, cut Cheng Xiding shape is stand-by. The get angry inside boiler, join lardy, stir-fry before stewing of green ginger silk is joined to fry after pot is hot sweet, put beef end to fry again medicinal powder, essence of bead of soup-stock, Xi Qin, cooking wine, refined salt, chicken is put to burn boil again after joining cooking wine, enter the water divide evenly of the agitate after starch, drench finally the egg of break up is clear, the edge drenchs the edge is pushed with spoon, soup tub is loaded after be being burned inside can.

Effect: Beautiful Bai Quban.


6, dispel spot drinks what tea


1, grapefruit tea dispel splash

The vitamin C that contains in grapefruit abounds diversity, and the vitamin P that contains among them still can promote the body to vitamin C absorb, help spot of beautiful white dispel effectively. Right amount honey can be added when drinking grapefruit tea, contain in honey " L half Guang ammonia is acerbity " can aggrandizement beauty Bai Danban effect.

2, green tea dispel splash

Green tea is had combat the radiation, effect that combats oxidation, clear hot detoxify, often drinkable green tea can help desalt splash, tender skin. Splash of green tea desalt besides OK and drinkable besides, still can use face of bath of bubble of green tea leaf, also can help purify splash.

3, citric tea dispel splash

The many vitamin C that contains in citric tea can help beautiful white skin, additionally citric tea still can help embellish bowel aperient, improve the splash that causes because of chronic constipation. Right amount honey water can be added when drinking citric tea in order to enhance the result of spot of its beauty white dispel.

4, Yi Ren Chaqu splash

Rich protein is contained in the seed of Job's tears. , the nutrient element such as adipose, crude fibre, amino acid, vitamin and microelement. Often drinkable Yi benevolence tea can help beautiful white skin, improve the skin coarse, still can benefit water detumescence, fat to bloated sex helpful also.

5, splash of dispel of rose scented tea

The material such as the tannic acid that contains in the rose, vitamin can help blood of tone solar term, improvement is endocrine, have effect of very good spot of weak spot dispel to the splash that causes because of endocrinopathy. Drinkable rose scented tea when still can join big jujube to help filling gas increase enrage, enhance the result.