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What does the infant protect skin to notice? Does the infant protect skin what to contraindication there is?

The infant because the skin is more delicate, get very easily so the harm of the outside, it is especially after winter arrival, because weather is drier, the skin of darling appears very easily also dry circumstance, this kind of moment undertakes in time protecting skin to darling with respect to need mom, create the situation of darling skin occurrence chap, frostbite very easily otherwise, what should that notice when protecting skin to the infant?

What does the infant protect skin to notice? Does the infant protect skin what to contraindication there is? (1)

1, lukewarm overheat of avoid bathing water

Infantile skin is very feeble, ply occupies adult about very one of, very sensitive to all sorts of stimulation, water is warm exorbitant and easy cause skin loss, occurrence Sao is urticant, red, allergic phenomenon. Infant bathing water is so warm avoid overheat, control is between 37-40 ℃ . Bathing time is controlled as far as possible in 10 minutes less than is advisable.

2, avoid and adult are mixed with washbasin towel

The towel that adult uses is coarser, and the infant's skin is delicate, blood capillary is very rich, coarse towel injures the skin extremely easily, also make the skin coarse. Additional, infant resistance is poorer, the washbasin that adult uses often has a few bacteria, bring about a few contagion extremely easily to happen. The infant washs facial application only basin, only towel.

3, avoid uses the alkalescent things that wash bath

Skin development of the infant is not complete, control is acid-base ability is poor, because this contraindication uses alkalescent toilet soap to clean, the adult bath breast of spirituosity and excitant composition is for instance unfavorable also use, lest destroy diaphragm. Want to use pure and gentle infantile bath syrup, its Ph is worth neuter, natural diaphragm can stay on the skin after clean, can maintain darling skin not only moist young slippery, also can resist effectively bacterium.

4, choose product of the recipe that do not have a tear

The infant's lachrymal gland is not full-fledged, and blink little, cannot secrete enough tear to protect an eye so, often get the harm of exciter. When bathing to darling, should choose what design for the baby only not to have lachrymal recipe, 100% do not contain black to pledge wash hair essence or wash hair bath dew, lest harm the eye of darling.

5, avoid basks in frost with grown people's air defense

Pigment layer of the infant is thin, very easy by sunshine medium ultraviolet ray is burnable, when going out accordingly, avoid by all means is excessive expose fall in sunshine, when necessary, apply prevent bask in a product. But what should notice is, infant contraindication is basked in with grown people's air defense article, lest be added among them chemical composition causes harm to the skin of darling. Can use without excitant do not contain organic chemistry to prevent those who bask in the high quality baby of the agent bask in article.

6, avoid uses galactic besmear face

Folk has a kind of view, think crowded dot is galactic give the child besmear side, have the effect that protects skin. This is very unscientific, milk stops to go up in child skin, originally extremely petty sweat gland mouth, pore blocks meeting general up on, make of secretion of fat of sweat fluid, skin excrete not free, bring about produce sweat gland phlogistic, folliculitis; Additional, milk already adhesive, have rich nutrition, cause bacterial conglutinate and breed very easily, deleterious baby skins.

7, means of settlement of common skin problem

1. The skin dry

Winter takes the yield results in work outside darling to move, because outdoors wind is cold and drier, infant hands or feet, cheek chaps easily. Maintain the precaution with the skin OK and very good cleanness of darling. But cannot too diligent wash one's hands, wash a face, and cannot use alkalescent content to wash his hands greatly the alexipharmic antiseptic with special perhaps fluid comes clean darling skin.

2. Skin Sao itchs

Sao of skin of precautionary darling winter is urticant, want to notice to taking a hour, side darling washs his hands the moisture content of cutaneous of towel blot darling that after washing a face, wants to use dry, softness in time, and still be done not have in darling skin appropriative of a darling is used below completely dry circumstance embellish skin frost. Encounter blowy weather to should not be often go out, but if be weather chill only, wind is smaller, can look after children appropriately do outdoors exercise, but should make step of good heat preservation.

3. Skin chapped is cracked

If darling skin has chapped, should write down in time the back of hand of the darling of towel hot compress that perhaps has immersed the skin of the chap of darling in Wen Shuizhong 20 minutes with tepid water. It is OK to such doing the skin of bate darling is corneous, appropriative of 3 days of darling is used continuously again after bate embellish skin frost, the skin of darling can get very good improvement.

4. Coxal skin coarse

Winter weather is dry, a lot of darling can appear coxal skin is coarse problem, pa Mom is nursing daily darling when want special attention at 2 o'clock: It is good that paper diaper should choose permeability and darling does not have allergic reaction; Darling hind should wash in time with Wen Shuiqing and frost of hip pad of the appropriative on besmear. If darling has appeared in the winter the skin inflammation such as diaper rash, should cooperate darling appropriative ointment to nurse.

5. Chilblain

No matter be in north and south square, chilblain is problem of very common winter infant skin. Darling appears in the winter chilblain must undertake in time handling, invigorate the circulation of blood changes Yu is best remedial means. Can use Chinese traditional medicine or after water of decoct of flowers and plants outside wash.

The place of chilblain of cleanness of darling of side of the water of root of green Chinese onion that boil, aubergine fry water that boil is very good method. If there is damaged after the skin is cleaned if really, can cream with apply frostbite so will treat chilblain. When using liquid medicine bubble, can massage the skin of frostbite gently to darling, if darling skin already oedema perhaps appears skin burst, for precaution infection can cooperate to use darling appropriative ointment.

6. Buttock canker

In the winter, all round the buttock of darling appear easily the skin problem such as skin canker and anus week abscess, if the condition wants badly,see a doctor to the hospital immediately. The skin before if darling reachs a hospital,seeing a doctor already the ointment that burst wants to use diminish inflammation first. In addition, room temperature control is controlled in 28 ℃ , let darling climb lie dry small wind, very good to restoring the effect. Be aimed at the darling that sensitivity skins, should choose light color, softness and the diaper with good permeability, and should be changed frequently, the small wind fart that lets darling more is exposed outside, can prevent the problem of canker of fart of darling small wind very well.