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Does skin filling water fill how to to go in to do? The method with skin filling the most effective water

Younger sister paper people the foundation that knows to protect skin works even if should do to skin sufficient defend wet filling water, some girls are every day film of metropolis apply face comes to skin filling water, although say apply keeps wet Facial mask is the directest filling water method, but some girls even if is,can do everyday keep wet job, but still feel skin is dry, this explains the method of girls is incorrect, so what does the method with skin filling the most effective water have?

Does skin filling water fill how to to go in to do? The method with skin filling the most effective water (1)

1, filling water method

Compensatory nutrition: Give all sorts of skin is compensatory containing to abound a variety of amino acid, vitamin etc to be able to keep clear of the much phenol of freedom radical, yellow ketone apperception combines the active part such as content, if the plant such as ginseng, algal, ginkgo, soja, coco, green tea extracts content, protective screen of seasonable rehabilitate skin, indirect play defends wet action.

Complement protects wet factor: Inside skin protective screen natural protect wet factor the can fast, moisture in absorbing outside ambient in great quantities, it is the skin has one of corporeal bases that preserve wet function, protect wet factor to be able to pass the moisture in absorbing outside ambient and water collaboration to defend wet action with direct play.

Compensatory fat is qualitative: All sorts of fat pledge and can form mineral oil on the skin protect wet protective screen, do not let moisture evaporate. Protect wet product well to have each respect function at the same time, can protect wet effect all-aroundly from play of different point of view.

2, filling water attention

1, drink water more (plain boiled water, clean water) , many draft fruit

2, much eat bean products

3, drink Bao boiling water twice at least every week.

4, soft skin water should be used after be sure to keep in mind to wash a face every time, frost of reoccupy embellish skin. Because embellish skin frost is only,remove embellish skin and protective cutaneous. Can not have the effect to filling water and lock water. And this soft skin water can help you.

5, day frost and late frost cannot mix with, late frost is very important the skin to, when because night is the skin,growing, use late frost to be able to make sure cutaneous is metabolic. Soft skin water still should be used before using late frost of course.

6, paper of an oil absorption is contained forever in portfolio, because go out,oil also can affect the result of skin filling water.

7, assure enough sleep.

8, if be necessary, still can use a face to stick film.

3, filling water is protected wet it is 3 kinds of weapons

1) protect wet latex / frost: The most fundamental pattern, all the year round, the obligatory course of daily time. The latex that major brand prepared Qing Dynasty to be filled with and moist lacteal frostlike powder are offerred 8 need with skin season. A few daily expense still have prevent bask in a function.

2) preserve wet elite element: Accumulate contained this to keep wet set the most precious composition and most the technology of core, have the moist effect of get effect instantly, it is the key that content is worth somewhat defends wet first selection.

3) keep wet noodle film: Center supply moisture " first-aid station " , can carry energy moisture content quickly, short time is remarkable tender slip full, let every pore feel happy, go up makeup easy and perfect. Yi Kuo adds up to journey to reach long the disappear after exhaustion is pressed.

4, keep wet noodle film how apply

----In drying flesh: Moist model, a week 2~3 second.

----Mixture sex flesh: Relaxed model, a week 2, whole face, local relatively dry section.

----Oily flesh: Biweekly, relaxed it is good to ensure wet result of wet noodle film or middleman and guarantor of beautiful flour film.