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How to protect a lip in the winter? Protect labial method

Every arrive when Qiu Dong is seasonal, the lip of many people removes a skin very easily, for this beautiful to love female friend, it is flagrant. The skin since the lip can affect makeup look, still can appear bad to look, protect a lip to want to drink water more namely on one hand, should use namely on the other hand some protect a lipstick, so how to protect a lip in the winter? What does the method that protects a lip have? Unship came along below.

How to protect a lip in the winter? The method that protects a lip (1)

1, the error that protect a lip

Does labial ministry maintain error 1: ?  of す of Ji dumpling テ ?

Proposal: Make up in vain with bedew beauty first of water make up cotton apply is above the lip, await 3-5 after minute, in cutin already by the labial ministry of bate above, pat gently have fight allergy and the beautiful Bai Jinghua that fight oxidation, absorb to it all the time end.

Labial ministry maintains error 2: Labial desquamate bold rip off

After labial desquamate, can appear clumsy, return meeting influence to make up, consequently, a lot of people are used to " conveniently " rip it, in order to get temporary good-looking. Little imagine, this also is breakneck practice, because be being ripped,go dying skin while, also can wear jointly the skin that starts a lip, cause haemorrhage, red wait for a problem, more the influence is beautiful, the loss outweights the gain instead.

Proposal: If have leather appearance particularly serious, mirror of the person that can be opposite completely, seek standard point of view, cut off the skin of the cock on the lip with sharp small scissors.

Labial ministry maintains error 3: The lip does not need with prevent bask in a product

Because,the one big factor that labial grain forms is dry with ageing, and ultraviolet ray is to make absolutely dry one of prime criminal with consenescence! Labial skin does not have pigment to protect, the skin that color compares other position again is deep, so, absorb ultraviolet radiation the most easily. So MM people smear must remember containing when go out prevent the embellish lipstick that basks in a value, outer also should complement at any time, such ability can be accomplished all-around defend!

Proposal: Whatever season, should choose have prevent those who bask in composition to protect a lipstick.

Labial ministry maintains error 4: It is informal to protect a lipstick one raise can

Cheap a large number of oil without careful extract and too much candle are contained in the lipstick, wh some of which is not stable use a plant crude oil, the waxiness with peculiar smell too much; is given out after very easy oxidation, still can affect metabolism of labial ministry cutaneous. Use too much not decolour lipstick, because be contained among them easy volatilize composition, bring about a lip very easily so weather-shack; and, major not decolour lipstick not oiliness, moist sex wants than other lipstick low.

Proposal: Right choice quality has those who assure protect a lipstick.

Labial ministry maintains error 5: Labial chamfer uses strong fruit character acerbity

Because labial ministry has a very thin corneous layer to be enclothed directly only,be on derma, and do not have leather fat secrete, the skin of the other position that compares the body so wants thin much.

Proposal: Once a week labial ministry goes blandly corneous, going can brushing a lipstick first before cutin, apply of the towel that use heat one labium ministry, let dead skin bate, besmear chamfer of for a special purpose of department of a lip pledges next product, massage labial ministry gently, wash clean with Wen Shuiqing then, the lipstick must be protected thickly on besmear finally in order to chain water is divided.

2, the method that protect a lip

1, the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine moves lienal embellish double lip

Doctor of traditional Chinese medicine: Lip and lienal photograph are associated, fill lienal very important

The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, of all sorts of healthy problems of labial ministry and person lienal have very big concern, "Lienal have one's ideas straightened out at the mouth, its China in the lip " , accordingly, when double lip no longer moist, delicate and charming, be good at it is very lienal, filling gas, important to raise blood.

Food square: Can yam, the tuber of dwarf lilyturf (9 grams) boil water together, after been boil, can join honey to be taken orally. Yam has be good at the effect of essence of kidney of lung of lienal, dehumidify, filling gas, beneficial, solid, beneficial, the tuber of dwarf lilyturf can raise shade to promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid, honey has the effect of moisten the respiratory tract.

2, gymnastics of the much ministry that do a lip

Raise the sport of double lip, the blood that can enhance labial ministry circulates, make double lip ruddier, skin is qualitative more exquisite.

Hold a piece of pasteboard with labial level, last forcibly 30 seconds.

The mouth is embedded water, bite close tooth, bosomy cheek, rouse cheek again, repeat make 30 seconds.

Let a lip maintain " ah " sound 5 seconds, maintain " hey " sound loosen after 5 seconds, maintain forcibly " O " sound 5 seconds, maintain finally " one " and " house " phonic appearance each 5 seconds, repeat above act 5 minutes.