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What advantage and disadvantage does laser dispel spot have? Can skin of laser dispel spot get hurt?

Method of a lot of medicine uses hairdressing now, laser dispel spot, laser is depilated is very common hairdressing project, a few dispel spot methods that use at ordinary times have some of effect is not very remarkable, need just can see the effect for a long time, laser dispel spot is faster, advantageous nevertheless have disadvantage, so what advantage and disadvantage does laser dispel spot have? Can skin of laser dispel spot get hurt?

What advantage and disadvantage does laser dispel spot have? Can skin of laser dispel spot get hurt? (1)

1, the benefit of laser dispel spot

The advantage of laser dispel spot basically has the following side:

(Spot of 1) fast dispel

Traditional dispel spot method needs to expend longer time, and laser dispel spot, want the left and right sides 20 minutes only, the circumstance of basis stain repeats again after removed and proper time undertake laser is treated a few times can effective dispel spot.

(Spot of 2) safe dispel

Laser dispel spot can realize safe dispel spot. Laser dispel spot uses laser to cross the skin to have pigment place, deliquescent and dispersive pigment, can not be opposite all round prevent the skin normally to cause damage also won't pose the problem such as pathological changes of allergic, organization.

(Spot of 3) effective dispel

Laser dispel spot can effective, accurate purify is facial stain, laser dispel spot uses laser to have dispel spot to specific limits, won't affect the skin of other position, and can precise purify place spot, traumatic and lesser, do not need hospitalization, treat namely go namely, the effect is good.

(4) improves skin

Laser dispel spot besides can besides stain of effective purify skin, still can help improvement cutaneous quality of a material and flexibility. We know to the second birth of skin cell still can be stimulated while laser decomposes digestive melanin on one hand, make the skin can become smooth and exquisite, bouncy.

2, the fraud of laser dispel spot

(Spot of 1) laser dispel is easy relapse

Although laser dispel spot is having wait for a characteristic quickly, safely, effectively, but relapse easily however, in the life if be prevented carelessly,bask in, eat too much pigment, acrimony wait for food to cause stain possibly to grow again etc.

(2) may appear infection

Laser dispel spot can cause cutaneous infection probably. When having laser dispel spot on one hand operation person should be to undertake be alexipharmiced strictly just going, next the most important is art hind 3 days should notice to maintain those who achieve a face is dry and neat, if be necessary,antiphlogistic remedy can be used below doctor guidance.

(3) causes skin damage

Laser dispel spot causes damage of surface layer skin very easily, ability of cutaneous ego rehabilitate, defense is reduced, encounter exciting word a little, appear very easily red blood silk, skin is dry the problem such as ageing. Have the place of laser treatment especially, this kind of case will be more severe.

3, laser dispel spot note

Laser dispel spot is advantageous also have disadvantage, if can add an attention more in these respects, so benefit can be more than fraud far.

4, do not suit everybody

Laser dispel spot although can effective dispel spot, but not be everybody can pass spot of laser method dispel. Have hypertensive, diabetic person for instance; Woman of pregnancy, lactation, taking antiphlogistic medicine, drive kind the person of medicaments; There is inflammation to wait a crowd a moment to cannot have laser dispel spot on the face.

5, it is very important to nurse after art

Laser dispel spot wants those who very good dispel spot effect must treat art hind correctly to nurse. For instance before art hind 3 days maintain those who achieve a face is dry and neat, and be in later can add more undertake water is protected filling wet, keep skin moisture content; The food after art wants delicate nutrition, can eat the food that contains a lot ofvitamin C more, but should notice escape hair of acrimony, raw meat or fish, black kind the food such as food and the celery that have sensitive effect, lemon; Go out undertake preventing basking in waiting a moment.

6, attention of food of laser dispel spot

1, cannot eat sensitization food

Sensitization cannot eat after laser dispel spot kind food. Sensitive the characteristic with kind of the biggest food contains rich tantalum inside food namely, these tantalum can accelerate melanin ad cool-headed form stain. Laser eats this kind of food to bring about a face very easily to go up to grow spot to affect the result afresh after dispel spot.

Common sensitive food has: Citric, celery, caraway, three-colored amaranth, potato, cole, carrot, Chinese flowering quince, orange, leek, ormosia, river snail, spinach, fig is waited a moment.

2, cannot eat tartly food

Laser cannot eat hot food after dispel spot. Hot food can promote hemal dilate, itself skin has been injured after laser dispel spot, flimsier, eat to hot food causes hemal and fast dilate very easily and appear again the skin problem such as red blood silk.

Common hot food has: Leek, turnip, chili, ginger, green, garlic, Chinese prickly ash, peppery, wine is waited a moment.

3, cannot have raw meat or fish hair food

Laser cannot eat raw meat or fish to deliver kind of food after dispel spot. Raw meat or fish sends kind of food to enlarge the chronic inflammation of sebaceous glands very easily, the splash after laser dispel spot can return a face to go up afresh. The person that should notice to grow spot additionally should not eat raw meat or fish to lest accentuate,deliver kind of food more stain circumstance.

Common raw meat or fish sends food to have: Bud of meat of peppery, hotpot, dog, shrimp, crab, goose, egg, Chinese toon is waited a moment.

4, cannot have black kind food

Should not be after laser dispel spot have black kind food. Black kind food just as its name implies contains more melanin among them, melanin enters edible to human body hind forms melanin deposit very easily and bring about the skin to go up after this kind of food returning stain.

Common black kind food has: Black sauce, soy, peppery, Coke Cola, black coffee, chocolate, dark beer is waited a moment.

5, eat vitamin C fruit more greens

Might as well after laser dispel spot the fruit vegetables that much edible contains a lot ofvitamin C, should notice escape lemon, celery outside this kind of sensitive food, eat the food that contains a lot ofvitamin C to be able to reduce skin melanin more ad cool-headed, be helpful for the effect of laser dispel spot.

The fruit vegetables that contains a lot ofvitamin C has: Liver mosses of seedling of dish of leaf of needle leaf cherry, wild jujube, bright jujube, wild three-colored amaranth, clove, bamboo, mustard, celery, pea, yangtao, laver, balsam pear, on the west lotus root of orchid, asparagus, lotus, Chinese flowering quince is waited a moment.