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How is dispel spot the most effective? What is the method with dispel the most effective spot?

On face of a lot of women appear easily stain, long spot very the countenance that affects a woman, very apparent on the face, need seasonable purify, the method of dispel spot has a lot of, the effect of spot of some methods dispel is slower, need seeks more effective and quick dispel spot means, so how is dispel spot the most effective? What is the method with dispel the most effective spot? Look together!

How is dispel spot the most effective? What is the method with dispel the most effective spot? (1)

1, how dispel spot is the most effective

1, notice skin cleanness

Want to let a face go up clean, so in must notice to maintain cutaneous cleanness at ordinary times, the expert suggests we should wash a face 3 times at least everyday. Should notice when washing a face at the same time as far as possible choice a few excitant lesser reach the toilet soap with flavor little content, and had better be clean thoroughly with Wen Shui. After washing a face, notice to use even those who have antiseptic effect is acidity and not fat protect skin to taste.

The expert points out, often bath maintains to cutaneous have very good effect likewise, what should make sure facial ministry skins not just is smooth and delicate, at the same time the skin of each place wants the body likewise maintain, only such ability let you have more have charm. Might as well when bathe a few vinegar is added in bathing water, after you are washing bath, meet so times feeling is cozy.

2, much water

Summertime air temperature is higher, our human body often meets this moment to discharge sweat in great quantities maintain the balance of the temperature inside body, this moment filling water is very important, if heat is severe,the word that lacks water can cause skin dim without light, still can bring about pigment to pile up to bring about the occurrence of stain thereby at the same time. Because this is in the summer must particularly great attention fills more water, can not look down upon this cup of water, it is very precious to skin.

Be in especially when you sleep, this cup of water is in your cell be absorbed circularly, the skin that lets you thereby more delicate and silky. And bad to flexibility of a few skin woman, before bathing if the habit of a cup of water can be drunk before nurturance bathes, it can better stimulative cutaneous is metabolic, make the cell inside body gets enough moisture, make the skin gets moist, have the effect of dispel spot thereby.

3, skin protect wet

The woman that loves the United States wants to know, different season should select the different product that protect skin, be in especially a few dry season, the skin can meet this moment stretch tight exceedingly closely, this moment had better be to choose a few oiliness to divide tall cream to come moist skin. But not all person suits to protect skin to taste those who will undertake protecting skin with this. Some people still can grow white little grain because of this -- adipose bead.

Actually a lot of people can appear the circumstance that the skin stretchs tight closely, what you lack is not oily however water, because this is in at ordinary times should as far as possible the choice has those who protect wet effect to protect skin to taste, is not oily cream.

4, notice food adjusts

Face how the issue with dispel the most active spot, the even special in daily life problem that notes dietary respect, have the effect of hairdressing dispel spot in a lot of food actually. For instance pea, can complement besides edible beyond the nutrition of human body, often chew still can exercise face muscle, the haemal circulation of stimulative human body and metabolism, let facial skin appear thereby more ruddy luster, at the same time all sorts of stain also can get keeping clear of very well.

It is OK that pea leans not just edible will have dispel spot, in can move pea pink coating of duck egg white to be in at ordinary times facial, have the effect of very good dispel spot and embellish skin likewise.

Warmth reminds: The skin of females grows spot easily to grow furrow, so the cleanness that the female should notice to skin more daily maintains, much more compensatory moisture, eat more contain the vegetables and fruits that fights oxidation.

2, the cookbook of spot of beautiful white dispel

1, glutinous rehmannia sweet crisp duck

Duck half, yam 200 grams, virgin soil is yellow 100 grams, medlar 30 grams, go to the duck splanchnic tear open go systemic bone, souse of reoccupy salt, pepper, yellow rice or millet wine, ginger, gourmet powder a hour. Prepare an a pot for steaming food or big wrist, it is good to use section of unripe glutinous rehmannia use section of unripe glutinous rehmannia gauze to wrap next put in bowl bottom, yam and medlar tile are in gauze superstratum, cut duck flesh again small superpose, join soup-stock to come next enclothe evaporate 2 hours. Can give boiler edible.

Duck flesh contains rich protein, still not saturated fatty acid and microelement are abounded, can method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood is raised colour, purify stain.

2, tremella soup

Tremella by people praise for " the coronal in bacterium " , its nutrient part is very substantial, it is food of a kind of better preserve one's health, rich collagen protein is contained inside it. Additional, still contain in tremella protein 17 kinds of amino acid and a variety of mineral, among them the content of calcic, iron is very high. Constant edible tremella is right healthy have profit very much.

Rich collagen protein is contained in tremella, the collagen albumen that needs with place of human body skin is more adjacent, often eat tremella to be able to make the skin is sent closely, delicate.

3, tomato juice

Drink a cup of tomato juice to often perhaps have tomato everyday, have very good help to fleck of prevention and cure. Tomato contains rich vitamin C, having " the storehouse of vitamin C " beautiful praise. Vitamin C can restrain the active with enzymatic acid of ammonia of the cheese inside the skin, reduce the formation of melanin effectively, make the skin more white thereby tender. Say so, tomato is to raise Yan Jia to taste.

4, Yi benevolence lotus seed congee

Yi benevolence 150 grams, lotus seed 50 grams, red jujube 5, rock candy 15 grams, cold water 1000 milliliter. After Yi benevolence is washed clean immerse with cold water finally 3 hours, after fish out comes, do moisture drop. Lotus seed wants a lotus heart take out, wash it clean with cold water next. Red jujube is to should go likewise nucleus. Put into 1000 milliliter cold water inside boiler, join Yi benevolence next, after be being heated up with big baked wheaten cake, put lotus seed and red jujube into together again thoroughly cook inside boiler, join rock candy to flavor finally, it is OK to boil congee.

Congee of this medicinal food can the United States is protected in vain wet, have pretty good curative effect to removing spot of fleck, butterfly and senile plaque.

5, cucumber congee

Cucumber congee is one of practices of cucumber, take bright gherkin of 100 grams rice, 300 grams, ginger 10 grams boil congee together, flavor with salt, a day two lukewarm take can.

Modern science considers to prove, cucumber contains C of rich sylvite and a certain quantity of carotene, vitamin, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, saccharide, protein and calcium, phosphor, iron to wait for nutrient composition, splash, whitened to eliminating the skin has very good effect.

6, citric ice syrup

Extract lemon juice, join right amount rock candy drinkable. Lemon contains rich vitamin C, the vitamin C that 100 grams lemon juice contains is as high as 50 milligram.

In addition, lemon still contains calcic, phosphor, iron and B a group of things with common features the composition such as the vitamin, often drinkable lemon juice can make skin tender not only white, and still can prevent skin blood-vessel ageing, digest facial pigment spot.

7, black agaric is red jujube congee

Take black agaric 30 grams, red jujube 20. Hair of bubble of will black agaric is abluent, red jujube is abluent go nucleus, add water to boil half hour left and right sides.

Each are taken after daily time eat, classics mufti is fed can be stationed in flesh of colour dispel spot, strong and handsome abundant. " detailed outline of a book on Chinese medicine " account, black agaric but the shading on purify face. Black agaric has the embellish skin, effect; that prevents skin ageing to make the beneficial in mixing enrage, be good at lienal embellish skin.

8, gram lily beauty is white soup

red bean of gram, bare, lily abluent, immerse half hours with right amount clear water. Conflagration is boiled after boiling, change to boil a beans with small fire ripe. According to individual be fond of, add salt or candy to flavor all but.

Gram and the vitamin that lily contains can make melanin reductive, have beautiful white effect.