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How to often stay up late to protect skin? The method protecting skin that often stays up late

We know to stay up late have very great harm to the skin, want so the method with the best position that the skin holds good is put an end to namely stay up late, but the predestined relationship that a lot of people in the life can work because of study needs to stay up late so, so how to often stay up late to protect skin? Is the means protecting skin that often stays up late specific be what kind of? How to do can you protect skin effectively?

How to often stay up late to protect skin? The method protecting skin that often stays up late (1)

1, the method protecting skin that often stays up late

1. undertakes the skin maintain in best opportunity

Although want to stay up late before dawn at 1 o'clock, also should be before 10 o'clock discharge makeup is protected wet. Because of skin of the body that it is a person in the late evening 11 ∶ of 00 ~ can enter 10 ∶ between 0 o'clock evening maintains condition. In this time paragraph before, it is good that we need to be done ahead of schedule maintain preparation, use discharge makeup to breed discharge drops makeup look first, the cleanness of clean face things with gentle reoccupy is facial, final daub contains enough moisture and nutrient protect wet nutrition latex. If sleep before feel skin is fat, usable protect water of wet bright skin to obliterate facial grease, wipe frostlike powder of a milk again.

2. also should breed with clean face in the morning wash a face

Sleep a few minutes more to be on the bed in the morning, after often waking lazy and need not clean face breast, this also cannot be taken, be in especially stay up late after working overtime. The skin is passed one all night metabolic, what what do not imagine like you actually is so clean, if bilge is clean without cleanness, make up again later, jam very easily pore, produce black head, acne to wait. Still should use the grandma that wash a face so clean and facial.

3. skin massages because of the person different, require an attention time

Massage the result that can bring get effect instantly to skin really, apply to blood to circulate especially not of free stay up late face. But massage time needs because of the person other, generally speaking, neuter cutaneous massages time to be 10 minutes or so. Drying cutaneous massage time is commonly 10- - 15 minutes. Oily cutaneous massage time should be controlled in 10 minutes in. Irritability skin had better not be done massage.

After 4. protects wet elite to be put in all elite

Stay up late overwork meeting makes skin lacks water dry, protect so wet appear important all the more. Become only cell " drink sufficient moisture " later ability maintains metabolization to balance. At this moment, you are OK will protect wet elite fluid to be put in all elite kind use after the product, such can will before all moist composition firmly chain and permeate quickly.

5. complement is many vitaminic

In daily take compound vitaminic filling agent while, additional complement wants before staying up late a few vitaminic C and vitaminic E serve as skin that evening of repair necessary add meat. These two kinds vitaminic have very strong defy oxidation result, vitaminic C can restrain the formation with enzymatic acid of ammonia of subsidiary channels in the human body through which vital energy, the color of skin after preventing to stay up late not all, avoid to splash arises and be deepened. And vitaminic E is the material with indispensable synthesis of cell of nucleus of human body metabolism, can slow down consenescence, purify blood, help to promote color.

6. eats good to the skin fruit more vegetable

(1) carrot. Carrot is hairdressing food king, it contains rich pectic material, can help human body exclude harmful material, let skin look more moist is exquisite. In the meantime, the B carotene that its contain still can fight oxidation and beautiful white skin, precautionary melanin precipitates, cleared much complement is qualitative.

(2) lemon. A variety of nutrition part such as vitamin B1 and vitamin B2 are contained in lemon, in addition still contain rich organic acid, citric acid to wait refuse the class status with strong oxidation. Metabolization of new to promoting skin term, defer consenescence very helpful.

(3) cucumber. Cucumber flavour is delicious, fragile tender faint scent, accept schoolgirl favour fully, it contains a lot ofhuman body to grow development and life activity must carbohydrate and amino acid, rich vitamin offers enough nutrient for the skin, muscle, skin of ageing of OK and effective antagonism, reduce wrinkle. What its contain fruit acid to return can clean beautiful white skin.

(4) cherry. Cherry is hairdressing fruit from of old, its juice can help facial skin restore tender Bai Gongrun, go knitting clear spot at the same time, it is the element protecting skin that in protecting skin product not less, adds. What its contain vitamin C, the quantity that contain iron is 13 times of hawkthorn, 20 times of the apple. Besides contain iron beyond, still contain A of vitamin of excretive of balance skin fat, can activation cell.

2, stay up late the contraindication that the skin maintains

Before 1. stays up late, not excessive chamfer pledges

Before staying up late, do not suggest to undertake grinding arenaceous or strong acid kind shine skin nurses, because skin cannot be in,very good rehabilitate is injured, do so so cause skin loss very easily.

2. skin gives oil not to use oil absorption paper

Stay up late to be able to stimulate grease to secrete with pressure, if your cheek always is extensive oil, oil absorption paper does not leave the attrition with ceaseless hand, can bring about skin cutin layer slight contusion, stimulate cutaneous resistance, quicken ageing, and wipe often still can harm leather fat film, let the skin suck oilier more.

Stay up late to be able to have a lot of disadvantage to our skin not just, have rife to male and female body bad, so if broad friend does not have the word of special issue, must not stay up late!

3, stay up late eat what fruit

, apple

Common saying says " eat an apple everyday, the doctor is far from me " , the apple is contained extremely rich pectic, can promote excrete, prevent arteriosclerosis. The person that stay up late appears very easily endocrinopathy and constipation fat perhaps, skin becomes poor to wait, the many vitamin in the apple and malic acid can make stockpile within body adipose decompose, can prevent posture effectively fat, increase hematin, make the skin becomes exquisite.

2, carambola

Contain a variety of good to human body health part, c of A of the cent that be like candy, vitamin, vitamin and all sorts of fiber are qualitative, acerbity element.

The rich fruit acid in carambola can restrain melanin to precipitate, and have defend wet action, have the effect that showing to improving drying or oily skin. To the female that stay up late, it is beneficial cutaneous good fruit.

3, orange

Orange has become the pronoun of vitamin C almost, vitamin C can avoid the skin to be waited a moment by the radiate of solar enroach on and computer, restrain the formation of pigment grain, make the skin fair-skinneds in vain moist.

To the friend that stay up late, a lot of because rest not quite easy constipation, and the peculiar cellulose in orange and pectic material, be helpful for clear bowel aperient, eliminate put oneself in another's position inside harmful material, ensure healthy, enhance immune power.

4, lemon

Can saying is fruit beauty's white model, on the person face that often stays up late grow spot easily to grow blain, citric acid can go spot, prevent pigment ad cool-headed, the Tu Dou outside to be taken orally has the effect very much.

Foreign cosmetologist call his hairdressing fruit, often eat lemon to be able to help aid digestion absorb, make the skin bright and clean and exquisite.

5, grape

Rich dextrose is contained to reach a variety of vitamins in the grape, hepatic to protection effect is very apparent. Grape nutrition value is extremely high, contain refuse oxidation class status richly, can defer consenescence, the person that suits to stay up late very much eats.