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What does the recipe with good skin have? Does the skin maintain what method is there?

The skin is cured to be able to make a person young several years old in life middleman and guarantor, because this a lot of people have,maintain cutaneous good convention, so what does the recipe with good skin have? Does the skin maintain what does the method have? Life middleman and guarantor raises cutaneous method to have a lot of, what method is passed to be able to maintain below the skin, and the content that the need that protect skin notices.

What does the recipe with good skin have? Does the skin maintain what method is there? (1)

1, the method that the skin maintains

1. keeps enough Morpheus

Morpheus inadequacy can bring about adrenalin to secrete mix mussily tired, when other pressure element existing in living especially. Press muscularity and excessive and fatigue meeting to damage the body to organize an organ, and the skin is the organ with the largest human body, maintaining good Morpheus so is to maintain good cutaneous the first recipe. To improve Morpheus, can undertake taking exercise adequately, cite tea of chrysanthemum of 2 cups of foreign of one's own accord, before one cup sleeps drinkable, before one cup sleeps 1 hour drinkable.

2. uses Lu Hui opportunely plant

If you like the word of kind of flower,try this kind to protect skin little secret rapidly. Plant on one indoors greatly Lu Hui, can improving air also is very good at the same time protect skin to taste origin. Aloe has antiphlogistic and demulcent, antiseptic effect, the skin is basked in or was to get psoriasis, glue of right amount aloe can improve daub effectively. Cut next aloe leave, after squeezing a gel, mix memory of a few olive oil is in jar, so that be taken at any time,use.

3. makes slow and herbal choice oily

Containing herb essence oil also is to maintain one of cutaneous little secret. The doctor of natural treatment introduces Qienuoji, immerse sage leaf in olive oil, have the curative effect that protect skin; Other the medicinal herbs that has the effect that protect skin includes plant of division of Gong Xuesong, thyme, Asian puccoon and alpine yarrow grass. Take one cup medicinal herbs juice and all one's life olive oil, sweet after the base oil such as almond oil mixes, small fire boils 20 minutes, embellish skin oil is made after filtering. Can use bathe or place of skin of direct daub problem.

Bath of the bubble of 4. sea alga that boil

Bath of the bubble of the algae that use the of great capacity that boil can alleviate effectively the skin is dry, chronic skin Sao is urticant wait for skin problem. Fill in burn it on hearth of big pot water. Add 2 do kelp to 4 spoon (kelp, one or any other and algal) , boil 15 minutes with slow fire. Hot algal tea enters bathtub, add hot water additionally, if be necessary to be able to filter first, bubble bath 20 minutes of above can.

5. magical function pot marigold

Chinese traditional medicine pot marigold, also be called chrysanthemum of 10 thousand birthday, in order to protect skin star part. Fighting the most well-known brand agree Er on allergy to a fascia series protects skin to taste is pot marigold series. Pot marigold has Chinese traditional medicine convergent, fight action of skin of bacterium, embellish, let the skin keep smooth, delicate. Be worth what carry is, pot marigold is first-rate raise, can plant on a sunny balcony or windowsill vivid.

6. is little with the latex

Now popularity uses body breast to go to gallinaceous skin, filling water, beauty white, but in fact, daub latex causes rash, fraud easily to be more than benefit. Additive of a lot of man-made is contained in the latex, if pigment, oil abstracts by-product, can cause allergic reaction, cause eczema, psoriasis to wait. Good latex had better be coconut oil, aloe, natural oil of simple essence of life is made and become, avoid to use contain adjacent benzene the latex of salt of 2 formic acid or dye composition.

2, the note that protect skin

1, the hand in protecting skin process too owe

Ask yourself first, often hold cheek in the palm, often feel the face, bad bad practice that often uses blain of hand mob blain, regular the ground holds cheek in the palm with the hand, also can bring about for long the phenomenon of asymmetry of ministry of or so face, and go touching a face via commonly used hand, all sorts of bacteria that get on the hand directly conveyed among facial skin, often squeeze blain, can let blain blain affect inflammation to get all the more serious, accordingly, cheek cures cutaneous the first pace, want to make sure cutaneous is clean and clean namely, before touching a face with the hand, must wash his hands first, avoid the bacterium on the hand to touch a face, want to make sure cutaneous cleanness is spent at any time, feel to have the time of bilge and grease to the skin, should clean the skin afresh.

2, become Morpheus Facial mask late frost is used

A lot of beautiful eyebrow regarded Morpheus Facial mask as late frost is applied, morpheus Facial mask looks very alimentary with nutrition, a little beautiful eyebrow too depend on Morpheus Facial mask, after washing a face in the evening, get on Morpheus Facial mask a toward the face directly, think such with respect to everything is just fine, day, not so save trouble! Film of face of the Morpheus on direct daub slept, this is to be in undoubtedly destroy a look gradually!

Actually, common quality of a material compares Morpheus Facial mask rare, after washing a face suppose, if film of face of direct daub Morpheus slept, the skin did not absorb the nutrition among Morpheus Facial mask, let pillow bed sheet be absorbed instead. And the time that when you night sleeps to the half, the skin is germinant draw the bacterium on pillowcase and sheet, imperceptible, you overshot in destroying a look namely night, accordingly, do not regard Morpheus Facial mask as late frost will apply, both cannot place on a par.

Of late frost applying is indispensable, every night after clean skin, should water of skin of the bright on seasonable daub, again the late frost on daub, gentle massage, after waiting for late frost to be absorbed by skin place, reentry sleeps, late frost and filling surFacial mask just are the first-rate before you sleep protects skin choice.

3, when discharge makeup massage doubly still

Discharge makeup discharge won't harm very much skin, can make skin all the more clear instead with warmth, lesser also to cutaneous harm, but, a little beautiful eyebrow is in the process of discharge makeup, make a massage skin back and forth, the colour that feels so OK and deliquescent to drop skin surface makeup, not be actually such, are you to disrelish the bilge inside the skin not quite much still? Discharge makeup returns the word that massages doubly, bring about very easily skin long blain and agnail, your skin is severe choking, so, beautiful eyebrow people the time of discharge makeup was not massaged again.

4, thinking chamfer pledges is deepness cleanness

In the respect that protect skin, very much beautiful eyebrow can say deepness is clean this one term, more beautiful eyebrow thinks chamfer is qualitative is to be in deepness ground clean skin, actually, chamfer is the measure protecting skin with very true skin character, not be in deepness cleanness skin, want deepness cleanness skin to be inferior to coming field SPA suits more.