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How does the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine go fleck? Does the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine go what does fleck method have?

Fleck is some skin problems on a lot of person faces, some people still can feel self-abased because of fleck, affect the self-confident heart of oneself, fleck is OK of purify, it is OK to adopt accurate method effective purify fleck, there are a few Chinese traditional medicines to be able to help hairdressing protect skin in the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, so how does the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine go fleck? Does the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine go what does fleck method have? Everybody introduction is below.

How does the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine go fleck? (1)

1, fleck how purify

1, tuckahoe apply face agent

Will white tuckahoe grinds delicate last stage, with honey tone creams shape, every night face of apply of in order to, morning removes scour off, fleck can go after half moon.

2, vitamin

Vitamin C0.2 gram or vitamin E50 milliliter, guang ammonia is acerbity 50 milliliter, day 3. Insist to take can make rash pigment becomes weak, can defer cutaneous consenescence.

3, caraway soup

With caraway decoct soup, daily wash a face, with the passing of time is significant, can go shading, eliminate fleck.

4, extract bright carrot juice

Extract carrot juice, use in everyday the daub after morning and evening washs a face, after awaiting him to work, wash clean again. Still have even if drink a cup of carrot juice everyday, can of beautiful white skin.

5, lemon juice agitate juice

Add syrup right amount and drinkable. Many vitamin C, calcic, phosphor, iron is contained to wait in lemon. Constant drink lemon juice not only but beautiful white skin, still can make melanin precipitates, achieve the effect of dispel spot.

6, tomato juice

Drink a cup of tomato juice to often perhaps have tomato everyday, have very good effect to fleck of prevention and cure. Because rich vitamin is contained inside tomato, the vitamin can reduce the formation of melanin effectively, the skin that is you is white tender, fleck is eliminated.

7, wash a face

When washing a face, vinegar is fed in what 1-2 spoon adds in water, dispel the wind is chased phlegmy, medicinal powder Yu is alexipharmic, eliminate fleck. General the fleck after January is reduced.

8, aubergine

With face of clean aubergine skin apply, after period of time, blob is so not apparent.

9, motherwort

Motherwort fluid is added sail upstream put into boiler, boil with small fire take juice, put in bottle to reserve. What wash a face in the evening everyday is to mix take a bit, invigorate the circulation of blood goes the action of silt blueness, still can eliminate fleck.

10, angelica piece

Every contain crude drug 0.3 grams, adult is daily 2-3 second, every time 5, below warm boiled water. Raise moisten the respiratory tract of hematic dispel the wind. color of patient range, tongue is light person.

2, summertime beauty bilks what

1, apple

Malic nutrition is rich, it is a kind of natural hairdressing that uses extensively is tasted, be acted according to to be hairdressing emperor to taste by a lot of personages love the United States. A large number of water that contain in the apple are divided and all sorts of protecting wet factor has to the skin defend wet action, what vitaminic C can restrain the melanin in the skin is ad cool-headed, often feed an apple but desalt is facial fleck and Chloasma. Additional, the rich fruit acerbity part that contains in the apple can make pore unobstructed, have dispel blain effect.

2, tomato

It is very good prevent bask in food, tomato contains a lot ofantioxidant tomato red element, absorb 16 milligram tomato everyday red element, can drop the risk factor that basks in 4 into, and ripe tomato is better than eating the effect raw.

3, fish

1 week eats a fish 3 times to be able to protect the skin to avoid suffer; of ultraviolet enroach on to have a fish for a long time, can be like the natural protection that basks in frost at preventing with offerring one sort for people, make the skin whitened.

4, nut

The not saturated fatty acid that contains in nut has profit very much to the skin, can from inside and outside bate skin, prevent furrow, protect at the same time wet, let skin look younger. Some vitamin E are contained in nut, can decrease not only and prevent the generation with qualitative brown of the fat in the skin and deposit, still can prevent blain.

5, cherry

Cherry is to contain a kind of fruit with iron and more carotene, its nutrition is very rich, to enraging blood relatively the person of empty can rise to enrich the blood the action of filling kidney, gram of anteprandial edible 200-300 can recuperate function of intestines and stomach, poor to digesting a function person has profit very much.

The rich vitaminic C in cherry can be moist tender white skin, the formation of effective counteractive melanin. Additional, the fruit acid that contains in cherry still can promote the formation of corneous layer.

6, lemon

Rich vitamin C, can promote metabolism, defer cutin of anile, beautiful Bai Danban, contractive pore, bate layer and let skin luster. But be sure to keep in mind not to use lemon piece apply face, because be like illuminate of classics ultraviolet ray, cause skin sensitization easily to blacken, cannot forgot.