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Blain of what tea dispel to drink? Tea of blain of dispel of preserve one's health of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine is recommended

Long blain is the skin problem that puzzles a lot of people, influence of meeting length blain is facial beautiful, dispel blain is the problem that a lot of people care, there are a few methods to be able to help dispel blain in the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, blain of the dispel that drink tea is a kind of healthy and efficient way, a lot of Chinese herbal medicine are OK make tea is drunk, have the very good effect that protect skin, so blain of what tea dispel to drink? Tea of blain of dispel of preserve one's health of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine is recommended.

Blain of what tea dispel to drink?

1, tea of blain of dispel of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine is recommended

(1) silver spends gram tea

Material: Honeysuckle 20 grams, gram 60 grams, brown sugar 30 grams.

Practice: First honeysuckle decoct water, go broken bits, boil into gram to ripe sodden, rejoin brown sugar, water boiling water feeds a beans.

Effect: Detoxify is antiphlogistic, apply to blain of the blain on the face to have red imprint the person that reach inflammation, blain of can effective Qing Dynasty imprints, go blain fire.

(Tea of 2) lily peach blossom

Material: Peach blossom doing tastes 3 grams, lily 10 grams.

Practice: boiler of park of peach blossom peach blossom in, immerse 30 minutes with right amount water, put into lily again, boil can.

Effect: Qing Xinrun lung, go inside hot, the person that alvine path discharges spot of the acne that tea of poisonous flowers and plants causes to liver gloomy stagnation of the circulation of vital energy, acne, butterfly all has fine effect.

(3) burdock medlar discharges poisonous tea

Material: Burdock right amount, medlar before right amount, car child right amount.

Practice: Clean the medicinal material clean, put in crock, develop bubble with boiled water, acting tea is drinkable.

Effect: Before the car child the toxin inside can epispastic human body, help skin discharges poison, relieve blain blain inflammation, burdock conduce is cleared the make water inside body is acerbity, eduction liver reachs nephritic toxin.

(4) bowel path discharges tea of poisonous flowers and plants

Material: Foreign Gan Ju 10 grams, fennel 5 grams, jasmine flower 5 grams, mint 10 grams, violet 5 grams.

Practice: Right amount water is added to be boiled in all in putting the crude drug into boiler, 10 minutes are boiled again after be being boiled can.

Effect: The function of intestines and stomach is bad of toxin accumulate meeting increase, meet those who cause blain blain grow, after the toxin that serum drainage bowel, improve gastric energy of life, reduce the chance that blain blain has a relapse.

(Black tea of 5) licorice clove

Material: Ginger 500 grams, black tea 250 grams, salt 100 grams, licorice 150 grams, clove 25 grams, agalloch eaglewood 25 grams.

Practice: Pound thick end and divide evenly to reserve. Every time 15-25 gram, early morning decoct is taken or bubble water takes the place of tea drink, daily number second.

Effect: Go heating up Jie Yu, alleviate pressure, help the eduction of body endotoxin, prevent toxin accumulate cause blain, licorice can be fought phlogistic, prevent blain blain agnail red.

(Tea of Forsythia suspensa of 6) dispel blain

Material: 9g of 6g of 9g of tuckahoe 9g, cogongrass root 9g, celestial being grass-blade, the root of Chinese trichosanthes, virgin soil 6g, licorice 6g, Forsythia suspensa.

Practice: Will all medicinal material adds 6 bowls of water, slow fire boils 30 minutes.

Effect: Because irascibility is filled,be aimed at or grease is secreted overmuch and a skiing ulcer that cause, acne, the symptom such as halitosis has outstanding effect. Especially to already purulent blain, can have the effect of the antiphlogistic detumescence that discharge pus.

2, the note of dispel blain

1, water is warm not overheat: The water that wash a face uses Wen Shui or cold water as far as possible, water is warm please not overheat, often wash facial person especially, want to avoid to use the too exciting yamen runner that wash a face, should convert deserve to mix blandly wash colour things, lest grease is developed,drop too much.

2, at any time and place clean face ministry: Go out outer, once feel facial ministry is smudgy when, rinse with clear water as soon as possible, or with the paper towel that carries, at any time clean face ministry. Reoccupy is local the block blain of recuperation or antiphlogistic emulsion, strengthen defend with recuperation.

3, recuperation water puts in freezer: Summer recuperates convergence water (the water that change condition) deposit in freezer, use from time to tome the effect of icy and composed skin, contractive pore.

4, use oily skin appropriative to protect skin to taste: Brush astringent recuperates the skin of water, must not think such good, because the skin without defence is the flimsiest, remember oily on put on the skin skin or whelk skin appropriative having grease cream or latex.

5, the cream that does not have oil: Summer is outdoors activity, be sure to prevent on besmear bask in cream, make because of exciting meeting of ultraviolet ray whelk aggravation, must careful. After coming home, besides at once clean, skin undisturbedly with glacial towel astringent. Prevent on market bask in cream too much contain fat component, blain blain fat skin is used can have instead combat the effect, notice to choose please when the choice not oiliness recipe.

6, law of vitamin B to be taken orally: Secure everyday take vitamin B group (of all kinds drug-store has carry out) , to physiology recuperation grease secretes the help that has fixed rate.

7, law of bowel of clear water clean: After getting up every morning, drink one dock-glass cold boiled water, maintain intestines and stomach to circulate normally, excrete toxin.

8, nurturance is normal work and rest: The habit of wine of give up smoke, and really nurturance 3 eat sleep timely, early as enough as Morpheus normal work and rest, it is quite difficult that this very much to association young lady has really, but you want youth, still want blain?

9, many vegetable fruit: Want to eat many tall fiber fruit before eat everyday, if be hit,do not want a rope for towing a boat of take out fruit, want to be drunk together, drink coal tub less to install fruit juice. Be eaten raw more or water boils fresh vegetable, eat oil less to fry green vegetables and me to make vegetable.

Blain blain is the commonnest on the face, a lot of people to go blain blain is more extinct all patience, the method with purify blain the actually most effective blain, treated from the root namely!