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Protect wet sparge what sign is good with? Protect wet sparge when to you can be used?

The skin is in need filling water all the year round, if the skin of queer face ministry has filling water, the skin that can let oneself is in dry state, water is lacked on the face, meet on the face desquamate, and the makeup look that still affects oneself, accordingly we should make fine face department in daily life keep wet job, so protect wet sparge what sign is good with? Protect wet sparge when to you can be used?

Protect wet sparge what sign is good with? Protect wet sparge when to you can be used? (1)

1, good use protect wet sparge

1, berth spring elegant water is tender hot spring sparge

The month sells: 36 thousand

Mobile price: 14.99 yuan (add 1 yuan to buy the 2nd bottle =15.99 two bottles)

Recommend reason: Hand of small be classified this word, because,be completely cheap, feel to try just as well. Calculate ejectively finer, the feeling is comfortable, filling water result is right, become direct ratio with the price. Belt go out, before filling Tu Fang is basked in gush, wipe with paper towel next, besmear fills again later, purify is fat feeling, feel the club is marvellous Da.

2, sparge of filling water of little garden rose (Hua Yinqi leaves a sign)

The month sells: 8346

Mobile price: 49-89 yuan

Recommend reason: Proceed with is the Yan Zhi because of it this, there is bit of grass that be planted after using. Sprinkler head is good with, gush comes out quite exquisite, the rose smells spicily pretty good still, filling water effect compares an imagination be close friends, without disappointment. Daily small making up is to be put in the office, fill afternoon usually makeup before gush, press redundant grease to fill again, feeling more conveniently, makeup look more docile, on the whole sexual price is higher than also calculating, younger sister paper can consider. (Of course younger sister paper also does not want pure rely on sparge filling water. Follow-up other filling water is protected wet also had done seriously! )

3, vivid spring fills water protects wet sparge

The month sells: 6322

Mobile price: 39 yuan (buy send one 150ml+80ml)

Recommend reason: Because the friend is recommended,proceed with is this. Gush when sensory sparge exceeds fine, absorb speed pretty fast, without what flavour, filling water feels OK still. Occasionally makeup before or makeup hind with, quite good, makeup look docile a few, also do not have flower makeup. (Premise does not want gush too much, much remember be being pressed with paper towel press. )

These 3 protect wet sparge netizen to use a comment pretty good, and very important is more substantial, those who like is small advocate people can have a try.

2, the use that protects wet sparge

1, dry season uses filling water

Defending the action with wet apparent sparge is to be skin filling water to protect wet, the autumn winter season with so dry climate can be used protect wet sparge.

2, burning hot season is used composed

If your skin belongs to weather to heat up the word with a fierce oil, can use protect wet sparge to adjust skin water oil is balanced. Additionally torrid weather goes out skin temperature also can be used higher protect wet sparge to drop in temperature to skin undisturbedly.

3, it is OK to go to work with wake skin

The office worker that needs for a long time to face computer people, use in road going to work protect wet sparge, can alleviate " computer face " , reduce the skin dry, skin is bleak wait for a problem.

4, after making up, use surely makeup

Protect wet sparge to have calm makeup the effect, use BB frost perhaps is prevented after basking in frost, use protect wet sparge to be able to allow makeup facial expression more natural docile. Scarcely can be being used spray is used before protecting Shi Shuang, lest sparge is in,the moisture influence skin of skin surface is opposite protect Shi Shuang absorb.

5, protect wet sparge cannot classics is commonly used

Although fill,protect wet sparge it is good that water ensures wet result, can seasonable alleviate quickly the skin is dry circumstance, but do not suit to be used for a long time. General our proposal is used when the skin is very dry as far as possible protect wet sparge, use for a long time protect wet sparge to be able to alleviate temporarily only the circumstance with dry skin, use undeserved cause the skin easily still more dry.

6, protect wet sparge one second need not too much

Protect wet sparge after gush cannot gush is too much, the moisture content that protects wet sparge can stay in skin surface only, gush is too much, moisture evaporates can take away skin moisture; And gush is too much the makeup look that affects skin easily still, unless you are used, is waterproof model. When be being used additionally, be to avoid a large number of sparge on the face, should lie between the skin gush of 15 centimeters of action is used.