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What accuse oil to go to skin oily method? Accuse oil to go oily subtle move

A lot of people are oily skin, protect skin job to be done very in the round in the morning originally, but do not have the time that spends a little while, appear on the face glossy is full of, especially the place of area of word of facial ministry T, especially apparent, oily skin puts an end to facial ministry very hard to give oil simply. Especially summer, weather is hotter and hotter, oil goes out on the face more frequent, , face such problem what to method can accuse oil very well to go oily.

What accuse oil to go to skin oily method? Accuse oil to go oily subtle move (1)

1, accuse oil to go oily subtle move

1, in the evening after clean face, can a few products accusing oil are in daub T word area and chin give oily position easily, collocation massages gimmick, absorb quickly, stimulative blood circulates, achieve the physiology function that recuperates leather fat. Can try evaporate face every week, if do not go to beauty parlour, can choose to use evaporate face instrument to have filling water in the home.

2, clean skin respect, want to select the product with clean moderate strength, force of unfavorable use cleanness crosses large clean area to cream. Temporarily grease all and abluent, what because lack water,be met and cause grease to invade is more violent. Because facial ministry skin lacks water,this is dry, function of skin defend oneself can secrete more grease to protect, bring about grease excretive more, the skin problem such as blain blain, acne is more serious. The summer accuses oil method

3, skin gives oil not to lack water on behalf of skin, contrary, because skin is excessive,giving oil is a kind of expression that skin lacks water instead. Accordingly filling water protects wet job to must have been done, if feel the summer is used,keep wet product too fat, can use keep wet product relaxedly, or it is weekly apply 3 filling water keeps wet noodle film, will keep skin moisture content, control grease is secreted. Film of additional apply face, also want to notice to choose not to contain the filling surFacial mask of grease.

4, skin is not particularly sensitive word, can a week goes corneous, but the product that does not suggest to use big grain. Because grain exceeds old chamfer simple product,this is, bigger also to the harm of skin, although use the skin after passing very dry bright, but this is to destroying layer of original skin cutin to be a foundation, can make what skin changes sensitive.

5, choice quality of a material is relaxed, not of oiliness portion maintain article, like of quality of a material keep wet filling aquatic product, won't create a burden to skin not only, still can fill water breathes freely. The makeup of right amount use spirituosity water, not only OK and convergent pore is returned can antiseptic, oily to recuperation skin has greater help, but if the oily skin of sensitivity, should avoid to use spirituosity as far as possible protect skin to taste. Avoid to stay up late, the meeting when staying up late lets skin grease secretes more, skin is dark heavy, pore is increasingly bulky. Stay up late to still can quicken the exudation of adrenalin, fat letting a skin increases, block pore, cause blain. Accordingly good Morpheus has those who use skin to maintain.

6, sparge controls oily standard. Most person uses spring spray, can the case that uses drier more appears. And I think spring sparge suits oily skin to use more, is not drying skin will fill water. Put sparge of a bottle of spring in the office or home so, spray is taken when giving oil, can improvement gives oily effect. Of course this method does not suit lard cropland crowd, suit only common the throng that gives oil.

7, charge grease law. At ordinary times everybody is to use oil absorption of oil absorption paper, but oil absorption paper is used much it is harmful and profitless to the skin, best a day of oil absorption paper that does not use more than 3 pieces. But if your skin is lard cropland, does have to want often how does oil absorption do? That can put one pyxis to take kind contain powder to accuse oily makeup water, if give oil, take made up water is patted go up in the face, the effect is better than using oil absorption paper, and still can fill at the same time in oil absorption water, also have adjust the effect that water oil balances. And be used for a long time safer also, more advantageous to the skin.

After facial cleanness is being washed before going out by day, use make up water Shi Fu, can give skin not only cool and refreshing and free from worry experience, still can help skin watch drop in temperature, maintain as optimal iced! The choice holds concurrently accuse oil and adjust those who secrete equivalent fruit make up water, whole face is even Shi Fu 5 minutes. Flap gently by next upgrade work partly till, reduce skin effectively the lukewarm, effect that has close solid pore.

Maintain nightlily, after likewise complete cleanness, use make up water soaks whole adequately to make up cotton. Fasten please polite, teem of bold and generous ground makes up water, must not persnickety, ability lets make up fully water takes care of every pore. With " neck of → of cheek of → of T word place " make up to be wiped orderly water. Use wipe a law to be able to promote close fact to spend by what issue upgrade, remember T word place be being patted a few times more. Show the abdomen is massaged, flap slow pore. Make up before water still does not have complete infiltration skin, show the abdomen is massaged two buccal, OK and slow pore, flap gently, moisturize is absorbed, help pore breathes.

These protect skin strategy simply, want you to insist to use only, accuse oil to go to skin oil is not what difficult problem. The skin gives oil is normal phenomenon, had made the step that accuses oil, skin nature can become more dry bright. If your skin also has difficult problem giving oil, try these traditional Chinese medical sciences to protect skin secret recipe rapidly.

2, the office dominates oily program

The office becomes a problem surely clean + is local in the program in the morning, make good move seriously. Choice milk frostlike powder or product of Li state can be gentle clean skin, not dry and incompact stretch tight. A frostlike powder of light qualitative milk with ensure wet result good is key of get the upper hand of, the Li with lightsome quality of a material and gel condition cream are summertime first selection. To giving the T division of oil easily, can select local product accusing oil, more conduce to solve local take off makeup and prevent pore to jam. It is OK to preserve wet eye frost and elite element the flimsy skin such as cross-eye week and labial ministry undertakes maintaining additionally.

It is the simplest that when a fruit works, cup water + drinks plain boiled water more also be the most effective method, not only the rate that can accelerate metabolism, outside driving body out of redundant trash all, return the moisture film that can allow skin surface layer, maintain moist feeling to reach at any time play. Should drink at least everyday sufficient 8 dock-glass water, in order to provide enough moisture content. Breathing space still can eat a fruit, can complement already VC can moist mood.

Protect towel of wet paper of wet sparge + to had made the main weapon with dry office of antagonism of a lot of OL, 3 two hours use every other, can complement at any time the moisture of skin place prediction of a person's luck in a given year, convenient and effective. Additional, towel of clean face cloth, wet paper also can be sent at that time on big use, with ministry of hand of light mop of wet paper towel and facial ministry skin, let skin hour maintains relaxed and clean desk greenery is in + usually desk edge puts a small plant, wait like clove of Lu Hui, evergreen cane, night, let it act as a small air filter is clean implement, can let a person feel more pure and fresh, prevent to skin anoxic extensive fizzles out become cadaverous. The moisture in the basin also conduces to the power that reduces air conditioning killer. Beautiful shell is a vision more enjoy, working atmosphere is relaxed many.