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How is the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine treated stay up late skin? The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine is saved stay up late skin

The society progresses ceaselessly, science and technology more and more develop, people also should follow the crural ministry that takes the place of at any time. The actuating pressure of people is greater and greater also, work via often can staying up late or be to enrich oneself. We know to stay up late for a long time can bring about skin to appear a lot of problems, we are daub protects skin to taste commonly will protect skin, also have in the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine actually save stay up late the problem of skin, we look together below.

How is the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine treated stay up late skin?

1, the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine is saved stay up late skin

Countenance gaunt

Stay up late the moisture that can make skin and nutrient material are beyond the mark missing, blood becomes difference, metabolic circularly disorder, after staying up late often especially, skin natural and bleak, hair fizzles out, lack vivid luster, accelerate anile process. Right now, you are pressing need undertakes to skin deepness maintains.

[the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine delivers plan]

Take yangtao and skin more. The skin falls in the circumstance that cannot get enough sleep, meeting occurrence water distributes the excessive prediction of a person's luck in a given year with nutrient, the food that contains a lot ofvitamin C and collagen albumen should complement more on food, just be helpful for the skin restoring flexibility and luster. Yangtao contains vitamin C to abound, content of the collagen in pork skin is high, it is the food that the skin likes.

Contain juice of rose clean face. The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, the rose has invigorate the circulation of blood to come loose the silt, function that improves complexion. Can spend 20 Ke Mei marvellouses immerge in 5 litres of vinegar, place one week later, take its filtrate, daily time takes one spoon to be put into the water that wash a face to wash a face, insist for a long time to be able to make skin becomes ruddy, luster, make tea of usable also rose, boil boiling water of congee, Bao.

Compensatory vitamin. Vitamin C can restrain pigment ad cool-headed, the E of toxin; vitamin in organization of the skin after eliminating to stay up late can resist freedom radical, a of vitamin of bright and clean; can change the blood in making skin the skin of ageing pledges and bleak color of skin. After staying up late, besides much favour vegetable and fruit, OK also and proper compensatory vitamin kind medicines and chemical reagents.

Be apt to uses Chinese traditional medicine take good care of sb. Angelica enrichs the blood invigorate the circulation of blood, and contain rich microelement, can medlar of nutrient skin; is nourishing liver kidney, have the effect that combats the anile, hairdressing that protect skin. Bao Shang Shi can put the Chinese traditional medicine such as right amount angelica, the rhizome of chuanxiong, safflower, cultivated land, peach kernel, rose, medlar, the tuber of multiflower knotweed material, all have very good adjustment the endocrine, effect that raise blood, should drink 2-3 every week second.

Color of skin of briny emergency treatment. If stay up late hind discover him complexion is gaunt, dare not inspect a person, can use briny apply face: Put a handful salt into hot water to dissolve, use towel of a short-haired pelt brine to soak next, wet to facial ministry apply 3 minutes, repeat a few times, also can improve the gaunt countenance after staying up late.

Black rim of the eye

Biological clock of work and rest is confused, use an eye continuously, normal blood circulates all round meeting influence eye, long loop not free can form black rim of the eye, pouch. Place of traditional Chinese medical science of no less than says, "The energy spirit of the vital organs of the human body all is noted at eye, blood of gas of 12 passages through which vital energy circulates all gathers together at eye " , stay up late and overworked, of course most react first go up in the eye.

[the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine delivers plan]

Medlar bright eye tea. Medlar always has raise liver the effect of bright eye, the eye after staying up late to alleviating the symptom such as dry, exhaustion is very effective. You but medlar a small, red jujube 3, in putting glass 4 grains, develop bubble with boiled water drinkable. If stay up late hind accessary have a dry tongue dry, gum swollen the state that ache, can add a few Bai Ju additionally to spend take medicine with water one case.

Eye ministry massages DIY. Massage eye is the cavity of traditional stringed and woodwind instrument all around, temporal, but sth resembling a net of easy stimulate the menstrual flow, quicken haemal circulation, promote black rim of the eye abreaction. The place that in a way of eyebrow tail section caves is cavity of traditional stringed and woodwind instrument, with middle finger slowly, gently inward side is pushed knead; tip of the brow and outside canthus manages even the line outward 1 centimeter is temporal, press point with middle finger gently to the face push in the center of the ministry knead.

Eliminate a doctrine quickly. 2 fresh cucumber piece apply is in eye all around, hold to 10 minutes, remove effect of black rim of the eye pretty good; also can use little wash cloth to soak glacial water, pigheaded come to work most probably, fold becomes eyelid of strip form park to go up.

Magical function Chinese flowering quince. papaya stripping and slicing, along with mint a dip makes tea in hot water, put tea cool hind, apply is on the skin all round the eye, one day repeats a few times, have the slow and palpebral organization, effect that reduces black rim of the eye not only, still can alleviate eyestrain, effect of the daub before sleeping is better.

Much liver eating Qing Dynasty bright eye food. Duck flesh, duck's egg, gram, lotus root, water chest nut, wax gourd, wild rice stem, cucumber, towel gourd, balsam pear, algal, banana, pear, persimmon, orange, mulberry, it is bright purpose beautiful tastes clear liver, might as well in diet choose more feed.

Hairdressing of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine is raised colour having distinct advantage, small write a proposal everybody mights as well try in daily life, perhaps can get the result of unexpected, wish everybody has health to shine at an early date finally white skin is qualitative.

2, save stay up late the food of skin

1 milk products:

Milk, yoghurt, milk powder, convenient and practical can complement again nutrition, OKer filling calcium. Yoghurt and fruit are tie-in, yoghurt course ferments, generation lactic acid, half lactose, dissociate the material such as amino acid, more be helpful for microelement, especially calcic absorption, and content of vitamin of B a group of things with common features rises somewhat, complement each other with the fruit, can provide more balanced nourishment to human body, rise to alleviate fatigue action.

2 congee kind:

Can not look down upon congee, congee inside contained nutrient value can be very tall: Congee of black soya bean of congee of gram congee ormosia, ormosia + black soya bean + gram = the good congee of water of benefit of an alexipharmic diuresis, still have the taste congee that oneself like. Outclass of content of the nutriment in food grains other than wheat and rice flour of rice of essence of life, can provide more nourishment for human body, especially congee of; of mineral, vitamin is digested easily, won't increase burden; energy to intestines and stomach low, need not worry about get fat, and congee carries water, can drink fall to be able to complement already seasonable compensatory moisture, can complement again nutrition, than coke Xue Bi is close friends.

3 bean products:

Soya-bean milk, the bean products of a few Diy in living especially, can offer high grade albumen for human body. The person that stay up late needs complement more protein, and soya-bean milk can satisfy human body to be opposite protein need, if match again food grains other than wheat and rice of other food crops, nutrition is more balanced.

4 nut:

Boiled earthnut, all sorts of nut (right amount, breed diversity also goes) . Nut is contained a lot ofmostly adipose, and give priority to with not saturated fatty acid, it is human body needs some fatty acid of good origin; of fatty acid conduce to cerebrum development, can alleviate cerebrum is fatigue, provide work efficiency. Because this eats a bit nut to be able to alleviate,stay up late brought exhaustion, make cerebrum more sober. Nevertheless nut eats much easy get angry, do not want gluttonous.

5 fruits:

The nutrient value that contains in the fruit is very tall, the fruit lets us enjoy delicate while also complement to us a lot of vitamins, mineral, and prandial fiber, get with all sorts of beverage health surely much. Draft fruit should be chosen appropriate of own constitution, do not eat too much have loose bowels oh, fasten a person to eat a few watermelon to just feel satisfy a craving.

How to decrease stay up late harm, that lets oneself ensure high grade Morpheus with respect to need, and afore-mentioned these food can provide a help to the person, can let you enter dreamland at an early date, dispute often gives power.