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How does the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine treat whelk? The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine treats blain secret recipe

Everybody has experienced adolescence, when little male girl of adolescence grows whelk just about, but if grow the color that whelk can affect adolescent, when you and others communication, the whelk on the face can make the person feels self-abased, gradually the mental health that affects adolescent. There is the very good secret recipe that treats whelk in the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine actually, to everybody introduction the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine treats blain secret recipe below.

How does the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine treat whelk?

1, the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine treats blain secret recipe

1, Chinese traditional medicine

Gules grave bleb acne treats stomach of lung of appropriate clear discharge, just use gypsum 30 grams, rhizome of wind-weed 6 grams, white skin of the root bark of Chinese wolfberry, mulberry, silver-colored flower, Forsythia suspensa each 12 grams, zhi of the root of large-flowere skullcap, the root of herbaceous peony, hill each 10 grams, virgin soil 15 grams, licorice 6 grams. Abscess acne treats appropriate detoxify to come loose knot, just use grass of tongue of capillary artemisia, long-nodded pit viper, giant knotweed, dandelion each 15 grams, the bulb of fritillary of honeysuckle, self-heal, the root of herbaceous peony, short for Zhejiang Province, peach kernel, figwort, the root of remembranous milk vetch, Chinese violet, Forsythia suspensa each 10 grams. Before menstruation the good person that send acne, the recuperation that treat appropriate is strong, the square cogongrass that use celestial being, celestial being is clever lienal, Huang Bai, motherwort, angelica, the root of bidentate achyranthes each 10 grams, tongue of honeysuckle, long-nodded pit viper is careless each 12 grams. Collect the sexual acne, person that coloured element spot or scar leave after healing to treat appropriate invigorate the circulation of blood to come loose Yu, just use peach kernel, safflower, the root of herbaceous peony, dandelion, the root of red-rooted salvia, giant knotweed, cicada slough each 10 grams, decoct soup profess to convinced or outside wash.

2, body needle

Anthology big vertebra, lienal Yu, sufficient 3 lis, add up to cereal, 3 shade to fall all acupuncture point, pinprick uses method of Ping Buping have diarrhoea, hind of bring about the desired sensation takes an injection 30 minutes, everyday 1, it is a period of treatment 7 times.

3, ear needle

With the patient bilateral acupuncture point of ear ministry lung gives priority to acupuncture point, match with the god the door, consensual, endocrine, coriaceous next acupuncture point, bury seed of the seed of cowherb, adhesive plaster secures external use, daily massage each acupuncture point 3 times, make an appointment with 10 minutes every time.

4, prandial

Eat less sweetmeat, adipose, avoid wine reachs hot excitant food, feed vegetable to be like bean sprouts, cole, crowndaisy chrysanthemum, wax gourd, towel gourd, balsam pear and fruit more, soup of constant drink gram, feed more contain plant fibrous provision.

In addition, acne patient avoid uses oil kind, pink kind cosmetic of the hairdressing that protect skin and the ointment that contain hormone part and frost agent, daily appropriate uses tepid bath face twice, do not use alkalescent soap, ban squash with finger facial acne, abscess, in case bequeath scar.

Hairdressing of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine is raised colour having distinct advantage, small write a proposal everybody mights as well try in daily life, perhaps can get the result of unexpected, wish everybody has health to shine at an early date finally white skin is qualitative.

2, Western medicine treats whelk

1, the medicaments of to be taken orally basically is antibiotic, give priority to in order to fight bacterium diminish inflammation, but some medicaments contain element of 4 annulus mildew. If be taken for a long time, virtually will be aggravating the burden of liver, kidney, have contraindication especially to pregnant woman. Must have the doctor's prescription so, and be when go to a doctor must communicate with the doctor, whether had he ever taken other doctor or other hospital opens the prescription that give.

2, dimension A is acerbity kind medication: Dimension A is acerbity kind medication acne but 4 when direct or indirect effect comes on at acne main link: Restrain; of sebaceous glands function to fight horn of conduit of fat of wool bursa skin to change; to restrain the microbial growth inside conduit of fat of wool bursa skin; restrains inflammation. So, dimension A is acerbity kind medicaments is one of medicaments sort with remedial most active acne.

3, new-style cure, combine recipe tradition except acne of traditional Chinese medical science of continue to use differentiate card cent outside undertaking talking treating, emphasize inside treat with outside treat pay equal attention to, differentiate card cure and just treat only pay equal attention to, on the other hand, treating a law to go up to also innovate somewhat, if taking medical side, have use patient of female of cure of the periodic law that take drug. Also begin to cause in recent years take seriously, if undertook serum zinc, copper and vitamin A, E,be worth determine, result discovery, all reduce apparently than healthy person, hinted the microelement inside acne patient system metabolizes to all present disorder appearance. The experiment considers to also make clear, ordinary person of hematic viscosity calibration is tall, and the leather fat with overmuch generation of calibration ordinary person. These all show leather fat metabolization is disorder, haemal circulation is undesirable it is the main factor that come on, with acne of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine assorted recipe thinks Yu blood, damp and hot sends disease to say very be identical.

4, the correct processing technique of whelk is to prohibit extruding or needle Qing Dynasty, maintain affected part cleanness and ask doctor cure, must ask professional doctor cure, do not want him mob. Structure of bursa of the wool after extruding is out of shape, easy those who create different level destroy a look, be like: Blain imprints and scar.

It is medicine 3 minutes poison, to whelk this is planted disease, suggest or do not choose to go to a hospital opening medicine as far as possible. Notice food more at ordinary times, the individual is wholesome, time goes out to come loose more beguilement, move more, maintain a good state of mind, those who believe whelk can leave you further and further