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Can be cucumber spread used after is the skin basked in? Is cucumber spread used after is the skin basked in useful?

Although say the summer defends the work that bask in cannot little, but having a lot of people is to like to use not quite actually prevent those who bask in a product, the feeling is used very troublesome, the likelihood basks in the circumstance of the injury via often can appearing, after the skin is basked in, can blacken not only and return meeting desquamate, need to nurse in time so, can be cucumber spread used after is that skin basked in? Is cucumber spread used after is the skin basked in useful?

Can be cucumber spread used after is the skin basked in? Is cucumber spread used after is the skin basked in useful? (1)

1, can use cucumber spread

Cucumber cucumber apply can be used after the skin is basked in. After the skin is basked in, can use cucumber piece or on the skin that cucumber juice apply is basking in, 10 minutes or so can. Cucumber is cool and refreshing infiltrate through skin, can effective pare is aching. And cucumber juice moisture content is rich, included vitamin C can enhance cutaneous recovery capability, can complement already the moisture that the skin loses, medicable desquamate phenomenon.

2, with cucumber apply useful

Was being basked in can use cucumber apply face, basking in injury hind to use cucumber apply face have certain effect.

Method: After the skin is basked in, wait for skin nature to drop in temperature, scour the place that basks in with cold water first, the place that basking in cucumber section apply again or apply is in whole face. Via commonly used cucumber the film that make a range still has the effect of hairdressing.

Effect: Film of apply cucumber face can reduce the aching feeling after basking in, the vitamin C in cucumber is OK also repair skin loss, the water that compensatory skin loses is divided, the desquamate after cure is basked in shows.

3, the advantage of cucumber apply face

1, protect: of wet filling water?

2, dispel splash: ?  of Qian of Xia of ∩ of Hong of fierce clique of A Chinese-style unlined garment of ping small box come on reject health mire  of Yong boundless and indistinct did not ping shovel dispute  beats basketry barium of Shou of し of  of Liu of garden of tip of  of caries of dew of Nai of Lu of し of Hun of glue of natrium of Mei of Xiong of delay of cracking line Wan scab of straightforward advice of Ji of cowardly Wo  ?

3, : accusing oil? Hold in the palm about " Lu Mo M, the grease on the face is secreted still is very exuberant, if want,accuse oil at this moment, still can come with cucumber apply face oh, MM people with the grandma that wash a face after abluent skin, with cucumber chip apply is in 2 times on the face after minute get off, insist to use, skin gives oil to cross much question to be able to get alleviating!

4, beautiful white: ? M of Qia of colour of dried meat Zi people the organic key that protect skin, if want to become fair and clear and moving, MM can come with cucumber section every day apply face, after a week passes, you can see the effect.

5, meticulous pore: ? Cease fines silk  of  of Tiao of mallet of mill of scald Yan Fu is planted cherry  did not ping shovel dispute  beats  of Fu of Zhang of Kang of Tan of garden of tip of sulphone of cracking Chen Qu to wear divide evenly of tip of  of  of Ч of incomplete of camphor tree of neon of Mei of Xiong of have diarrhoea of Sheng of fine of ping of joke of fourth S take along sth to sb rises abruptly Xia scab protein

6, eliminate microgroove: ? Ping shows Gou of crab of have diarrhoea  crab of another name for Jiangxi Province of mansion of ping of  of blessing of mansion of bad act ping is shallow:

7, send flabby skin: closely? Is Bao of Yin of Bao  dumpling fastened does  heir pull collect of P of   envy " didn't cleanse of Guan of F of a low bank of earth between fields of the foot of mountain of  of Lu harmonious small box ping a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct is beaten crack collect of astounded of fawn on of divide evenly of gallopping ministry tip " does Cao San twin change old man to bite didn't  ping shovel humorous is killed " does ∫ fizzle out?

4, how does the desquamate after be being basked in do

1, when once discover,beginning desquamate, the first thing is to bathe a cold water. Skin of cold water conduce drops in temperature, process of slow down desquamate. Press with clean, soft towel dry, avoid friction.

2, the appropriative after insolation is being used after bathing protects wet latex. Aloe latex / gel is good choice, because of its slow character can aid the skin to drop in temperature, prevent desquamate of inflammation, slow down, also can help heal, avoid to affect.

3, healthy skin needs to hold water share, repair skin needs to drink water more more.

A skin claw is like when 4 desquamate, the likelihood is permanent damage the skin, leave scar even. Glacial apply can drop in temperature, stop urticant.

5, claw or decorticate forcibly cause infection possibly. If have dead skin, do not want to be pulled forcedly, cut carefully with small scissors go dying skin, wipe again on the ointment that fight bacterium.

6, wipe repeatedly on the arm that basking in watermelon skin daub, because watermelon skin contains vitamin C, apply has antiphlogistic beauty's white effect on the skin, can treat the skin that basks in so. Very fast, the juice of watermelon skin can is short of the skin place of water is sucked. Such for many times iteration, cutaneous basks in a symptom to be able to be reduced many. If use drawknife to blow watermelon skin into chip, apply is basking in red skin to go up more be helpful for the skin absorbing melon fluid adequately.