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Basked in brush with watermelon skin useful? Basked in wipe a canal to use with watermelon skin?

The summer when avoiding hard below the sun, the person with a lot of more sensitive skins may want to be waited for a little while below the sun only can appear facial ministry is unwell, the summer when be being basked in is very common, after be being basked in, want to nurse in time, or very big to cutaneous harm, someone says to be able to alleviate with watermelon skin, was that basked in brush with watermelon skin useful? Basked in wipe a canal to use with watermelon skin?

Basked in brush with watermelon skin useful? Basked in wipe a canal to use with watermelon skin? (1)

1, brush with watermelon skin useful

It is OK to was basked in brush with watermelon skin. After the skin is basked in, usable watermelon skin pounds juice, join honey to make Facial mask, apply is in pain place, can reduce gall of the cutaneous that bask in an injury and desquamate phenomenon. Can moist beautiful white skin, still have antiseptic disinfection effect, make pain cicatrizations as early as possible, skin reply is smooth.

2, the practice that watermelon skin treatment basks in

Method one: Take fresh watermelon Pi Kuo to measure, juice is pounded after be being washed clean, daub face before last 5 ~ after 6 minutes, wash with Wen Shui clean, or brush rub 10 minutes gently with watermelon skin directly, reoccupy water is strong clean, everyday 1. Insist to use, can make the skin becomes smooth not only, improve the skin after basking in, still can avoid or eliminate skin Sao to itch, return prickly heat of prevention and cure.

Method 2: watermelon skin, the diamonds that cuts the size that feels appropriate or rectangle, a inside take out pink flesh, green skin outside, next this clean watermelon skin, become the chip of 1~2 millimeter thickness with fast knife analyse, a ground is stuck on the face that basks in to go up with the arm, about 5 minutes change new watermelon skin piece, change 4 times in all, rinse clean with clear water next. Have stoma of slow and composed filling water, convergent soft down, restrain grease to secrete reach the United States to wait for multiple effect in vain.

Method 3: Prepare a complete watermelon, be washed clean and dig goes green skin, next again Bai Pi are chip, it is good to jump over Bao Yue, stick a face so easily. Stick its on the face again, about 5 minutes change new watermelon skin piece, change 4 times in all, rinse clean with clear water next can.

Method 4: the watermelon skin after iced, slice, several, honey is right amount. Mix film of face of honey make it with watermelon skin juice. After face of apply of direct watermelon skin makes an appointment with 25 minutes, clean clean. Have bask in undisturbedly injury, filling water, slow cutaneous effect.

3, the advantage that watermelon skin brushs a face

1, the skin that the watermelon skin after iced can treat the injury that be basked in undisturbedly, often use have more apparent whitened action.

2, B of the vitamin A that extremely high amount contains in watermelon flesh, vitamin and vitamin C, and these are the nutrient that maintain skin health and moist place to need entirely.

3, watermelon has the clear hot weather that heat up solution, diuresis to divide irritated wait for effect. Massage with watermelon and apply face, feel pure and fresh Shu Shuang. Can make skin exquisite, fair and clear, rich burnish.

4, watermelon is comprehensive hairdressing frost, yellow, green, Gong Sanyuan is contained in watermelon plain part is quite all ready, it is perfect nourishment. Wash a face with watermelon juice, can make dark skin turns the watermelon skin that white; takes surplus slice, stick at facial place having spot, can go skin of melon of spot; final reoccupy massages facial ministry skin to still have gently slow and composed the effect of filling water.

4, summertime skin basks in an injury to repair protect a method

(1) aloe

Natural Lu Hui is had fight phlogistic antiseptic action, and the ramification of the glucoside of natural anthracene Kun in Lu Hui or anthracene, can absorb ultraviolet radiation, prevent the skin red, speckle arises. The experiment makes clear, aloe leach thing is right the animal of artificial scar, have shorten cure day of number and the action that spend stimulative heal gently. After be being basked in so, you can choose natural Lu Hui, undertake sticking apply to injury place, also can buy aloe glue to undertake handling to injury place to drugstore.

(2) boiled water

The tannic acid in tea has very good convergent effect, be basked in by the sun like peel skin red, the boiled water put on the skin of usable refrigeration is being basked in red place, in order to reduce the feeling with painful bright.

(3) lavender is sweet fume oily

Lavender is sweet bottom of the drop that fume oil, milliliter is oily. First lavender sweet fume oil and bottom oil to mix together, morning and evening each will besmear is on wounded skin. This is sweet fume therapeutics not only the anguish that Ke Shu delay basks in, quicken cutaneous to recover, more but moist skin.

(4) watermelon skin

Take the watermelon skin of right amount size, will most the harder green skin ream outside, cut watermelon skin small chip next, put the recipient that is in clean equably inside, the watermelon skin that cut these small chip puts the cold storage inside freezer period of time, take out next, get on apply of skin of small chip watermelon in the face directly can, after OK and very good rehabilitate is basked in, skin flimsily, the effect of watermelon skin rehabilitate after the course is refrigerated is better, OK and very good help skin drops in temperature, compensatory moisture, lock water is protected wet.

(5) green tea

Take right amount green tea powder, right amount honey, will both mix together, agitate is become mushy, film of fine synthesis green tea face puts the iced inside freezer, take out next, even ground daub is on facial skin, after waiting for 20 minutes, clean clean, every week 3, can be like the skin rehabilitate after basking in first. It can help facial ministry adequately drop in temperature, protect the skin of damage, and the effect that adds honey to more heal is injured, also make facial department more slick fine and glossy.

(6) cucumber

Clean cucumber clean first, cut small chip next, put in dish, will rectify dish of cucumber next piece put the iced inside freezer, take out direct apply to be on the face after that, the skin effect after the cucumber rehabilitate after iced basks in caustic is wonderful. Cucumber water content is sufficient, because bask in loses many moisture,can complement, in the meantime, many nutrition element is contained in cucumber, can make skin second birth, in order to help repair.