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What does white vinegar beauty's white means have? How to use white vinegar beauty white?

A lot of females want the United States white, the United States' white method has a lot of, using white vinegar beauty is more familiar pattern in vain, white vinegar has edible value not only, still can use the beauty to protect skin in vain, white vinegar has the effect of very good antiseptic disinfection, beautiful white effect is pretty good still also, what does beauty of so white vinegar's white means have? How to use white vinegar beauty white? Everybody introduction is below.

What does white vinegar beauty's white means have? How to use white vinegar beauty white? (1)

1, white method of white vinegar beauty

1, use white vinegar to wash a face

When washing a face, put a small Wen Shui first, go up again the white vinegar with mineral water so much cap, smooth hind attack to go up to the face, flat perhaps facial immerge, pour water after a few minutes, can begin the regular program that wash a face.

2, use face of white vinegar apply

White vinegar is used after washing a face in the evening everyday wipe equably go up in the face, should notice escape eye, nose all round, can stimulate an eye otherwise. 10, after 15 minutes, the meeting on the face has the film that one layer doing does, at this moment reoccupy clear water is washed.

Everybody may feel a bit painful when washing a face with white vinegar for the first time, need not worry nevertheless. Because this is white vinegar,be in antiseptic, so enduring with respect to OK. And if be washed,send after the face red, also be to attribute normal phenomenon.

3, in vain vinegar + the rhizome of large-headed atractylodes

White vinegar can be beautiful Bai Yangyan, the rhizome of large-headed atractylodes can be good at lienal, fight oxidation to delay consenescence. Pound Chinese traditional medicine with white vinegar the rhizome of large-headed atractylodes is right amount and harmonic, sealed immerse one week. After washing a face everyday, take the rhizome of large-headed atractylodes brush the place that tries long spot,

2, beautiful white food

1, wax gourd

Wax gourd contains microelement zinc, magnesium. Zinc can promote human body to grow development, magnesium can make a person bouncy, complexion is ruddy, the skin is fair and clear.

2, Bailuo is predicted

The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, bo Ke of white trailing plants " benefit the five internal organs, your person is fair and clear muscle " . Bai Luobo has this kind of function, because its contain rich vitamin C,be. Vitamin C is antioxidant, can restrain melanin synthesis, prevent adipose combustion, prevent fat brown qualitative deposit. Accordingly, often feed Bai Luobo to be able to make the skin fair and clear and exquisite.

3, cucumber

Cucumber contains many vitamin and dissociate amino acid, still have rich fruit sick at heart, can clean beauty skins in vain, eliminate bask in injury and fleck, alleviate the skin is allergic, be a tradition raise Yan Sheng to taste.

4, asparagus

Asparagus contains a lot ofselenium, can refuse consenescence and prophylaxis and treatment all sorts of diseases that concern with adipose and excessive oxidation, make the skin white tender.

5, carrot

Carrot is known as " skin food " , can moist skin. Additional, carrot contains rich pectic material, can be united in wedlock with mercury, make the harmful composition in human body is able to eliminate, skin looks more exquisite and ruddy.

3, the action that drinks white vinegar

1. stimulative Morpheus

If you have,have no appetite for food, all night the difficulty of difficult Mian, can be solved through drinking white vinegar. Because be machined with the commissariat such as corn, broomcorn and white vinegar comes, contain a variety of amino acid, vitamin and component of mineral nurturance waiting for battalion among them. The acetic acid in white vinegar can quicken the oxidation of body endosperm acid, eliminate body exhaustion thereby, make a person more easy enter Morpheus state.

2. cure constipation

Drink white vinegar to be able to resolve costive worry. In white vinegar a large number of enzymatic the digestive function that can promote airframe, accelerate the peristalsis of intestines and stomach thereby and treat constipation. Additional, drink white vinegar to still can promote human body to wait for what nurture pledges to digest to calcic, iron absorb, enhance the immune power of human body thereby. The prevention and cure that acetic acid returns disease of blood-vessel of head of pair of hypertension, heart, osteoporosis has certain effect.

3. cure arthritis

Old people adds a few honey when drinking white vinegar, having pretty good curative effect to treating arthritis, and still do not have any side-effect. Drink white vinegar to be able to treat arthritis, because white vinegar contains a lot ofpotassium,be, in alleviate while what arthritis causes is aching, OK still bate calcic crystal, alleviate articulatory farther sclerosis. Drinkable method: A cup of water that added two spoon vinegar and two spoon honey is drunk before 3 eat everyday, hold to a month, with respect to can effective fruit.

4. helps skeletal calcium qualitative absorption

The woman exceeds 35 years old, bone is more and more inflexible, was him suspicion of from morning till night gotten " osteoporosis " disease? Contain in vinegar " acetic acid " , the calcic qualitative union in meeting and food is become " acetic acid is calcic " , and acetic acid calcium is the calcic qualitative sort that human body absorbs the most easily. Drink vinegar more so, the body that can invite you is more forceful and beautiful.

5. makes skin becomes more exquisite smooth

Can promote the recovery capability of skin, improve color of skin dark heavy, restrain blain blain to grow. Make skin exquisite and smooth, if be born first baby.

6. quickens combustion adipose

Contain in vinegar rich " amino acid " , can help the lactic acid with body superfluous metabolization, those who reduce fatigue; to drink vinegar to be able to reduce hoard for speculation is adipose, sum campaign, help body uses up more quantity of heat, achieve thin body result.