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It what fruit spring eats is good to the skin that what fruit spring eats? What skin does spring eat to protect skin more?

? ? The whole year's work depends on a good start in spring, be in it is thus clear that this all the year round in the center spring is best season, spring also is the season of the most appropriate preserve one's health, especially for beautiful to love female friends, should eat the food with a few pairs of good skins more, and rich vitamin C is contained among the fruit, it is the nutrient element that has profit to the skin, below small the fruit protecting skin that made up female friends to introduce a few spring to eat, so it what fruit spring eats is good to the skin that what fruit spring eats? What skin does spring eat to protect skin more?

It what fruit spring eats is good to the skin that what fruit spring eats? What skin does spring eat to protect skin more? (1)

One, good to the skin fruit

1, apple

The apple has very good bright skin effect. With malic hairdressing, after wanting a malic section above all, apply is on the face, as the use method of Facial mask, get off after 15 minutes probably. This kind of method suits neuter skin to pledge especially.

2, lemon

Lemon is the first selection fruit that hairdressing protects skin. Citric and OK effectively clean and deep-seated skin, and have the effect that fight bacterium, add the flexibility of facial skin moderately.

3, litchi

Litchi can promote eduction body endotoxin, conduce to recuperation skin, it is to discharge poison to raise colour good choice.

4, yangtao

Yangtao is had maintain skin, the action of ageing of skin of prevention and cure. After extracting yangtao juice, daub is in facial ministry, it is OK to be cleaned clean after 15 minutes probably. This kind of method applies to each type skin.

5, apricot peach

Apricot peach has the effect that stimulative skin cicatrizations, it is one of fruits of allergy of skin of effective prophylaxis and treatment.

The fruit that contains vitamin C can eat more when the skin is allergic, because vitamin C can help cure skin allergy is aglow, make the skin fast the status that achieves health.

In the meantime, when the skin is allergic, want to eat chili, green, garlic, peppery, green, leek, ginger, wine less to wait hot food a moment. Also cannot eat the seafood food such as fish, shrimp roe, crab, testacean, because rich protein is contained in this kind of food, and as bigger as the protein existence inside human body difference, after human body is absorbed, cause allergic reaction easily. So, the person of allergic perhaps during allergy constitution, avoid by all means eats seafood, can accentuate otherwise hypersensitive shape.

2, how does spring protect skin

1, timely change protect skin is tasted

"Take part in a battle with light packs " , change commonly used in the winter oily frost agent gradually oily little, washy neuter latex. Latex kind protect skin to taste composition simple, permeability is good, use rise more comfortable, relaxed

2, clean job should be done very

Air temperature is elevatory, speed of skin cell metabolism is accelerated, sweat gland, sebaceous glands is secreted exuberant, plus the allergen in air more, bacterium also more active, to avoid pollution to jam pore is brought about " blain blain " frequency hair, after going out everyday, should careful and clean skin. When necessary, can do deep-seated skin every months to nurse, what surface layer of blandly purify skin piles up is corneous, in order to promote cuticular metabolism, your skin breathes freely

3, cold bath face is not desirable

Avoid to stimulate skin of change garments according to the season, application is lukewarm water

4, prevent bask in the job is indefatigable idle

Suntanning begin from spring actually. Although spring does not have the sorching burning sun of summer, but dry and windy, ultraviolet ray is sharp. Cutaneous metabolism cycle is 28 days, if spring is prevented carelessly bask in, make the skin exposes Yu Zi exterior line to fall too much, can appear to summer bask in spot. If arrive to want to remedy again in those days, when be late already.

5, " inside and outside holds concurrently long " protect health

Ying Qin waters, wait like plain boiled water, boiled water, retain skin water benefit. Next, should assure enough sleep. The 3rd, should strengthen nutrition, much eat the fresh vegetable that contains a lot ofa vitamin, fruit and egg, sesame seed, honey to wait, enhance skin metabolization function. The 4th, answer to often massage facial skin, the 5th, should notice to adjust mood