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How should be the summer prevented bask in? How should the summer protect skin?

Sorching summer, a lot of friends dare not go out, it is it is good to go out to also can be done certainly prevent adequately bask in measure, it is very important to us to because prevent,be basked in. Do not know prevent bask in the body that meets us to bring very big impact, for instance facial department wrinkle basks in spot, furrow to wait a moment. So everybody goes out must have done prevent bask in measure, so how should be the summer prevented bask in? How should the summer protect skin?

How should be the summer prevented bask in? How should the summer protect skin? (1)


One, the method that the summer prevents to suntan

It is very important that skin is protected appropriately in the summer, heavier than other season good is much. A lot of schoolgirls are clean to cutaneous ignored, regular use alkalescent very strong clean perhaps sex is very strong protect skin to taste, injure leather fat film very easily so. How to use cleanness correctly so kind the schoolgirl with beautiful to each love product, appear particularly important.

1, cleanness

Recuperation water common calls bright skin water or make up water, the summer comes, it how be recuperated is very important to how be recuperated. Here, what choose function of bacterium of balance, filling water, contractive pore, curb commonly is relaxed model wake skin water.

Radiate of summertime ultraviolet ray can bring about skin to become yellow, blacken, cause skin pigment precipitation, splash to accentuate. Because weather is torrid,can cause skin moisture prediction of a person's luck in a given year. When the summer chooses to protect skin product, the comfortable, ability that does not have a burden is best. Also should have the beauty at the same time the effect of white, filling water, the latex of pure plant recipe with relaxed quality of a material, the skin that can suit the summer more nurses.

2, recuperation

The summer is prevented it is very important to bask in, prevent bask in type product, cent is prevented for chemical composition bask in frost and plant part to prevent bask in frost. Chemistry prevent the defect that basks in a product to be able to bring about skin ageing, and partial person can bring about allergy, but first-rate ultraviolet ray isolates the effect. And plant recipe is more gentle and relaxed, but it is so good to prevent the plant that bask in frost effect to be done not have relative to what compare chemical composition.

3, beautiful white

The summer because radiation is severe reason, skin surface layer is injured easily. So besides do protect skin basically to maintain, also want to make the Facial mask that fights oxidation and repair function regularly. Function of Facial mask rehabilitate is first-rate, use on insolation wheeler especially, skin can better rehabilitate and improvement.


2, the repair after basking in is little subtle move

1, with cold bath face

After the summer has been basked in by the sun, the skin aglow and temperature is higher, at that time need gives the skin to fall with cold bath face drop in temperature, cold water can contract pore, your skin cools quickly, achieve disappear heat to remove red effect, such ability have the repair after basking in.

2, use the rehabilitate after basking in product

After the skin is cleaned through cold water, need uses product of the rehabilitate after basking in to caress skin, had better put the product freezer cold storage first, next gently daub is in red place, to the place of desquamate, with make up cotton dips in take protect skin to taste apply on a few minutes, avoid the prediction of a person's luck in a given year of moisture.

3, filling water is protected wet

The skin after be being basked in by the sun is not eager to using beautiful white product, at that time need filling water protects wet product to let skin get slow, the moisture that yields prediction of a person's luck in a given year gets complement rapidly, also can use moisture to quicken metabolization at the same time, take away cutaneous quantity of heat, use filling surFacial mask to be able to complement well moisture.

4, nightly continue repair

Arrived in the evening, even the rehabilitate after proceed is basked in, because night is the time of cellular rehabilitate, want to capture this opportunity to let the skin get right effective repair, the skin that can let had been basked in not only so gets resumptive, return the ability that can enhance skin resistance ultraviolet ray, answer summertime sun better.


3, how does the summer protect skin

1, the grandma washing a face that the choice suits him

To modern woman, the grandma that wash a face has made a kind of necessary clean face product. But the what kind of grandma that wash a face is just to suit what him skin pledges? Provide a standard for everybody: The skin after using those who suit oneself to wash grandma is relaxed, small acerbity (but not desquamate) , skin colour and lustre becomes desalt (the cause that pledges because of chamfer, have slight and whitened brief effect) .

2, indispensable make up water

Secrete to balance grease, making up is indispensable in the process that water protects skin in summertime hairdressing. Because they can divide water the lock to be inside the skin, maintain the skin wet, reduce facial moisture to evaporate.

3, the choice protects skin high gradely to taste

Must not think to be used only make up water calculates the work that completed summertime hairdressing to protect skin, protect evenly protect skin wetly to taste also very be necessary, nevertheless embellish skin tastes need to stay on the skin longer, because this wants to know,choose truly high grade product, amount to to optimal effect.

4, choose correctly to prevent bask in an index

Finally is summertime hairdressing protected the preventing with the most important skin to bask in, suggest everybody is choosing to prevent the SPF that when basking in frost, should notice product place is offerred bask in an index. Although SPF index is OK by 2 come high 60, but as prevent daily bask in utility, SPF8, 15 enough. When SPF index is too low, prevent bask in a function the likelihood is not enough. But SPF index is too high, make the skin easily allergic.