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Nightly protect skin what to move there is? Nightly how to protect skin correctly?

Protecting skin is to need to insist for a long time to just be met everyday effectual, in the evening when also be the hour with protect skin more important, night skin is met repair, add the on a few products that protect skin, the position that can let skin the following day is better, protect skin to have a lot of different move in the evening, so nightly protect skin what to move there is? Nightly how to protect skin correctly? Everybody introduction is below.

Nightly protect skin what to move there is? Nightly how to protect skin correctly? (1)

1, the nightly measure that protect skin

1, thoroughly discharge makeup is clean skin

Function of night cutaneous screen is opposite abate, make more undesirable material are able to take the advantage of empty and enter. Accordingly, after coming home in the evening must thoroughly clean skin, by day colour makeup and bilge are cleaned completely, the product protecting skin that lets sequel can be absorbed weller by skin. Because be winter, the discharge that does not suggest to use clean Li Taijiang makeup oil, department of face of clean of clean face serum is used after discharge makeup, reoccupy chamfer massages edge chamfer to pledge by the side of qualitative breast, can promote facial ministry loop, the melanin of purify face ministry reachs the contamination in pore, proposal a week goes corneous.

2, contractive pore, compensatory water is divided

After clean skin, use convergent and composed bright skin water, complement skins water is divided. Skin of oily, mixture sex is the bright skin water that suits to make appliance has convergent effect quite, the skin that Yi Min feels suits the bright skin water of composed, spirituosity, drying skin can use the bright skin water of filling ability in swimming. When water of use bright skin, had better be to use make up cotton, can have clean effect. Will make up water is making up on cotton, must assure to make up cotton is sucked sufficient moisture, in order to avoid skin of attrition face ministry.

3, the society uses elite, charge to skin

Generally speaking, elite has the effect of filling water, can pledge according to him skin the fluid of different use elite of the state. If ripe age flesh or be half ripe age flesh, suggest use beauty fights anile elite fluid in vain. If be young skin, need to use the elite liquid that defends wet filling water only can.

4, lacteal frostlike powder locks up water, tarry water is divided

Bright skin water, elite is a program of filling water only, and have a lock truly water, protect wet is breast, frost. Winter weather dry and cold, the proposal uses those who contain oil to protect Shi Shuang, oily skin is afraid of oily word, can use protect Shi Shuang relaxedly. If skin just lacks water not only, can choose to contain the breast of a variety of functions, frost.

5, eye frost cannot little, improve a week issue

Eye ministry is human body is most frail, the activity is most frequent, accordingly everyday dispute of daub eye frost often is necessary. Generally speaking, daub eye frost is the generation that prevents microgroove, furrow, black rim of the eye, pouch namely, because this is OK,according to his skin qualitative state chooses use what kind of eye frostlike powder. If you are the word that has black rim of the eye and pouch easily, had better be to use protect wet effect to be returned by force can alleviate effectively the eye frost of effect of black rim of the eye, pouch. If be schoolgirl of 25 years old, the proposal is used fight send anily, closely keep wet eye white, have the effect that prevents to.

6, Facial mask complements nutrition

Face film is beautiful all the time white, fill wet strong weapon. The metabolism that skins in the evening is quickened, Facial mask can be used before sleep, the characteristic that uses Facial mask to be able to be absorbed quickly will achieve the goal that Bai Hezi of the beauty that protect skin raises, rangmeibai and protect wet one pace reachs the designated position.

2, the skin is dark sink how to do

Gas chromatism skin is dark sink how to recuperate: Had done prevent bask in

Want to become snow-white flesh from gas chromatism, go out must have done prevent bask in the job, it is autumn winter season, want to have the sun only, should prevent in bare place daub bask in frost, choose SPF index according to the intensity of sunshine, summer takes sunshade even, accomplish as far as possible prevent in the round bask in.

Gas chromatism skin is dark sink how to recuperate: Besmear everyday segregation

If do not besmear,keep apart frost, there are a lot of dirty stuffs to be able to enter pore in air, add the radiate of all sorts of electron products, can make your color of skin darker and darker sink only, so although you do not go out, also want everyday daub keeps apart frost, hold back the pollution of the outside and harm, rise skin protection.

Gas chromatism skin is dark sink how to recuperate: Film of constant apply face

Color is poor cannot film of Guang Fumei flour, filling surFacial mask also cannot little, because only the skin is in the status with water full benefit, ability draws beautiful white part better, weekly apply 2~3 piece filling surFacial mask, again tie-in film of a beautiful flour, can improve color better.

Gas chromatism skin is dark sink how to recuperate: Fixed chamfer is qualitative

A cycle can replace corneous layer every other, if old old corneous not seasonable purify, absorb with respect to cutaneous of meeting block up, let the skin become yellow to blacken at the same time, especially T area, must pledge with chamfer product or clean Facial mask come regularly so chamfer is qualitative, let the skin be in the condition that does not have a burden.

Gas chromatism skin is dark sink how to recuperate: Reduce online time

Face computer for a long time, facial pore is met by computer all round because electrostatic and those who gather together is atomic,jam, let pore become bigger more, cause facial skin coarser and coarser, dark yellow, want to notice to reduce online time at ordinary times so, it is OK to be no good really every other washs a face 3 hours, had done next keep wet job.