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What does autumn filling water protect wet measure to have? Is autumn skin protected wet what error is there?

A lot of people can feel fall skin is dry, need seasonable compensatory moisture, autumn filling water is very those who be necessary, skin lacks water the meeting is very dry, return the symptom such as meeting occurrence desquamate, autumn filling water can use a few products that protect skin, dietary respect also needs much attention, so what does autumn filling water protect wet measure to have? Is autumn skin protected wet what error is there?

What does autumn filling water protect wet measure to have? Is autumn skin protected wet what error is there? (1)

1, autumn filling water defends wet small strategy

Filling water defends wet move one: Anthology taste to clean face sheet

Skin nurses clean area has been done, beautiful flesh also wins an in part first. Protect to help skin increase wet moist degree, suggest the sheet with simple and gentle effect of clean face choice tastes everybody. No matter discharge makeup or clean face, touch with skin after cleanness will judge: Tactility lubricates to cross oil on behalf of quality of a material, after the likelihood remains to be washed in skin; , work stretch tight, even desquamate, state cleanness is excessive, neither is comfortable clean is tasted.

Filling water defends wet move 2: The choice fights oxygen elite

Sunshine broil is hot as before, daytime is prevented bask in should take seriously all the more, cannot lax! The Buddhist nun but the elite fluid that the elder brother suggests you join skin of a bottle of help to fight oxidation in maintain, flesh inviting the beauty gets safe and effective shelter! Exposed to the open air is in the fresh apple in air, from fresh and tender turn to become ash for An Huang Zaihua black, the reason is " oxidation " ! Because the difference in temperature of inside and outside of the room in summer is exciting,skin also is met, oxidize quickly, this is why the skin always feels microgroove increases, color becomes poor advocate because of. With fight oxidation elite fluid to maintain, wrap with respect to skin resembling a side on last film, filter major ageing factor, slow down water distributes prediction of a person's luck in a given year. Fight oxidation recipe, sort has been jumped over more more, for example vitamin C, E, the plant such as seed of tie-in tomato red element, green tea, grape is much more phenolic. So from this angle for besides fight oxidation elite, use beautiful Bai Jinghua to also be become, because have surely in bases of beautiful white cream,refuse oxidation class status.

Filling water defends wet move 3: Piece shape Facial mask right amount

Face film is the optimal cordial of skin, save skin dry, recommend main attack to keep wet, character relatively a shape Facial mask of moist (cream shape Facial mask slants moist, suit Qiu Dong season to use) more, can replace elite fluid, concentrate supply skin energy, moisture and nutrition seal up for keeping with cream after Facial mask enough. Optimal before sleeping namely into filling opportunity, the gold time with tie-in skin fast second birth, play maintains the biggest effect. Take filling a week 2, 3 can, overmuch too too moist, cause blain instead.

Filling water defends wet move 4: Water should be not drunk before sleeping in the evening

Pledge besides facial features and skin, want to let person eye shine, face honest too important (which come to otherwise so much person goes making fleshy poison thin face) perfect V line, often wanton because of overnight belly-worship is defeated result, rise early thin face of emergency treatment of ability make effort at the last moment is absolutely and insufficient force. The proposal forms a habit, a platoon poison is banned to turn on the water first before sleeping everyday, force gram dropsy declines appearance, mental vigorous goes out.

2, area of autumn skin filling mine

Mine field one, the skin of spirit of expectation fresh and juicy, every day apply protects wet area film

The water profit that maintains wet noodle film to be able to raise skin is spent, but use too often can let skin become dark sink and lose defend ability, the skin also cannot bear such burden, apply protects wet noodle film to need proper, 2-3 of a week apply second.

Mine field 2, spray to the skin at any time nod water to be able to alleviate dry skin

Every other sprinkles bit of water a few hours to the skin, make the skin temporary be in wet condition, either one gush finishs sth, and skin Tu Shangbao must give wet latex after spray, chain water is divided.

Mine field 3, oily skin need not protect wet

The water content that should know cutaneous gives oily quantity and corneous layer above all is to do not have absolutely relation, the person is not short of oily cutaneous certainly water, need fibrous root occupies him skin condition is timely adjust protect wet nurse method, or very be necessary.

Mine field 4, the many skin that drink water gets protecting wet

Rely on to drink water to alleviate in great quantities dry skin, it is the action of very little only, adult is daily enough of 2000 milliliter water provides metabolic demand. Pass to absorb moisture more instead, impose burden of kidney of centre of gravity, be just the opposite to what one wished. The skin of normal health should make sure moisture is achieved only 30% can, drink water to want measurable, adult everyday 8 cups of water satisfy body need with respect to enough.

Mine field 5, high oily class status maintains taste can arrive more defend the wet action that lock up water

Tall oily protect skin to taste a likelihood to increase facial grease to secrete, block breaks skin to obtain the moisture in air, and the function of the natural oneself that lock up water that abate skin itself has. Proper understanding is oily the advantage that protects skin to taste and use method, have the protective effect of film of skin skin fat, reduce what water divides to evaporate.

3, filling water keeps wet food

, Lu Hui

Beautiful flesh effect: Protect wet, calm skin, fight allergy

Aloe pulp but direct apply face, after extracting juice, also can serve as protect wet sparge, at basking in hind apply is used have favorable effect.

2, lettuce

Beautiful flesh effect: Convergent pore, fight consenescence, anti-creasing

After lettuce extracts juice but apply face is used, can serve as after dilute make up water, can send pore closely, moist skin.

3, cucumber

Beautiful flesh effect: The United States is white, composed, protect wet, antiphlogistic

After cucumber extracts juice but apply face, also can serve as make up water is used, can composed skin, antiphlogistic beauty is white.

4, watermelon

Beautiful flesh effect: The United States is composed skin, white, protect wet

Extract the white pulp of watermelon juice to be able to serve as make up water, after knead dough pink is harmonic but present film is used, can make skin water tender smooth.

5, lemon

Beautiful flesh effect: The United States is white, except knit, fight blain

After lemon extracts juice but with its he feeds material to mediate apply is used, avoid direct apply to be on the face, beautiful white effect exceeds actor.

6, grape

Beautiful flesh effect: Eliminate dark the United States is heavy, white, fight ageing

Reach grape gross pulp one case dolly, join a few delicacy to suckle apply to be in facial ministry, can prevent skin ageing.

7, celery

Beautiful flesh effect: Fight skin of old, anti-creasing, activation

After celery extracts juice but apply face, can serve as after dilute make up water is used, can prevent skin ageing.

Less than is raised outside, begin to recuperate skin from interior, believe you can make the fall this year most most that girl of water embellish!